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  • Yakate Sukishiro

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    Yakate Sukishiro Empty Yakate Sukishiro

    Post by Yakate on Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:34 am


    Name: Yakate Sukishiro

    Age: 12

    Height: 5"6'
    Weight: 110 lbs

    Ninja ID: N/A

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: None

    Ninja Type: Off. Weap.

    Occupation: None


    "See me...? I doubt it."

    Upon that cold, starlit sky... shining bright, dark blue; in the middle of two grand mountains, well known to the rest of the world; a fragment of the moon; almost a tear, fell over on the ground, into a noisy little house, snug in-between those two mountains. In that valley; a valley where only that one house stood; and only to those who basked in the silence of that house; a tiny fragment fell, tumbling, stirring, shining brighter than the North Star. Light shone brightly in the house, but they were not even comparable to the moonlight; moonlight, a drop of moonlight falling through the sky. Was that what we call a shooting star? Or maybe... a crying moon?

    The huge white orb in the sky, shining with it's fullest fury, lost it's brightest fragment to the earth upon which it shone the most. That one fragment fell straight into that tranquil home; ignored, unnoticed, for all the commotion within. A little embryo of a human child; yes, a child began to grow from that fragment, that shining star. A fragment, placed well perfectly beside an opening of the house; through broken glass; upon stiff wood. Year after year, that child grew. The boy; yes a male child; learnt human speech. Human customs. From that dark corner of his, beneath a window. Other humans would walk past him, neglecting his very presence. Neglect? Rather, not see. He was a brightest fragment of the moon; why was he not seen?


    More years passed. That boy spent a lifetime sitting in that corner of his. All the humans in the house were... dead. No, he hadn't the bravery to kill. They aged, became older, wilted away to mother gaia. The house? That comfortable contraption of wood rusted away like a piece of wet iron. But the boy was still, the brightest moon, the darkest soul.

    The boy was then blessed with knowledge; he finally got out of that lonely corridor, murky walls greeted him, a dark place. It was midnight; but his father wasn't there. The moon, lost it's light. It was the beginning of a new moon... Two moons. Birth to a new moon; a new moon had just risen.

    ... The boy began scooting through all corner of the house, observing every single area with as much interest as the young child he was. According to earth years, he was now six years old. Lunar years; about seven. All these years without a single bite of food; now he was hungry. He had more human-like traits now. And he also gained the marvelous skill to read; how, he did not know.

    After another year passed, he began to learn how to live on his own. How to cook, read, entertain himself, everything. Occasionally, he would fix up patched in the house, taking as much joy in it as if he were playing a game. Those brown creatures; rats and mice were always there, but they began disappearing after the house was fully fixed; fixed, meaning it was possible to be called the residence of a living being. That seven year old child had fixed a house... He had learned a lot more, of course. He knew that there were people known as "ninja" in this world. People who used weapons in battle. People who used this energy in their bodies, what they called "chakra", to perform amazing feats. Was it chakra that let him do all his tasks easily?

    These thoughts began intriguing him. He found a single knife, which he now realized to be a "kunai", in one of the drawers of the musty closets. This was his first weapon, with which he practised so many things; throwwing, stabbing, aiming, attacking, ripping, shredding... even killing. Years of training just like this; now he was ten years old.

    With no incentive at all, he broke out of the house; taking as many possessions as he could; during another dark night; another new moon. This time, it wasn't the birth of a second moon; it was the evolution of one. Despite the darkness of the light; the boy could actually "see" light on the ground in front of him, making a sort of pathway. Luminous skin. This virtual light led him miles and miles away from the place; far, far away from that moonlit valley. He ran without end for days; not stopping once for food, but he did stop occasionally for rest, mind you.

    This long path, after many days and nights, led him to a building. A "ninja academy"; this was what he read from the wooden boards with writing on them. His new future begun now; who knows what may follow? Given the new name of "Yakate Sukishiro", the fallen moon had begun it's new legacy; as a ninja.

    Description: Yakate Sukishiro Kakashi__s_Kid_by_Neoninja2

    Yakate is pale skinned, somewhat tall, white haired, and wore black clothes. His hair was untidy, rough, messy. His pale skin looked even luminous in the moonlight, for some reason. He wore a netted overshirt, covered by a normal black ninja-shirt, with white insides. Furtherly on top, he wears a X-shaped strap to keep them in place. His arms are bandaged; shoulder to elbow. Elbow to hand, he wears a black-cloth arm-pad, with normal ninja gloves; a metal pad on top; all of this on both arms. His legs are enwrapped by a normal set of ninja black pants; made out of the same fabric as his shirt. Finally, he wears ninja sandals at his feet. He also has a convenient pouch for storing kunai and shuriken at his right hip.

    Personality: Secluded, sadist, and keeping to himself, Yakate tends to not talk at all, mostly. He only replies; that is, opens his mouth, when spoken to first. This means he rarely provokes anyone, or falls victim to provocation, for that matter. Emotionally-Barely feels feelings for anyone at all.

    In important situations, like a genin exam conference (example!), he would try and stay hidden as much as possible. He dislikes speaking to elders; avoids younger children as well. Neither does he really enjoy speaking to those of equal age. Which proves a huge problem if he would be interviewed.

    In terms of love and hate; he would still, rarely feel anything. Facing the horror of knowing no one in his past life, he doesn't know how to be sensitive, or be a general jerk. Didn't learn how to feel love or hate. Or feel any emotions at all. Neither to hate or to love; this instability causes confusion in his mind when questioned, or interrogated, about such things.


    Family: Deceased

    Sensei: N/A

    Students: N/A

    Team: N/A

    • Bad smells
    • Over-sized people
    • Low durability
    • Low physical prowess
    • Terrible decision maker
    • Easily falls victim to genjutsu
    • Terrible at performing elemental jutsus other than darkness/light

    • Remarkably fast
    • Adept with weapons
    • Calm, clear thinking
    • Good reflexes
    • High resistance towards poisonous substances
    • Can go for days without food
    • Luminous skin


    Bloodline: N/A

    RP Sample:

    The night-sky was pitch black; the moon was hidden behind it's own light. The surface of the earth looked bleak and dull, only artificial lighting provided the dimly visible ground surface for people to walk on. And yet, on the dull brown earth, no one was making a sound; but nothing is what it seems to be.

    Upon that lonely crevice, between a mountain valley, stood one tall, poorly built house. The dim light shut out most of it's features, but an obvious fact was that it was rusty, dusty, and extremely old. It was wooden, with occasional broken planks here and there, broken glass at the windows. The insides were dark; dead. Or was it?

    Take a look into the windows; right beneath it to be exact. A pale white figure was hiding beneath it. With rough, white hair, fragile body, black clothes; nothing less than a ninja. Or soon-to-be ninja. That young boy, hiding under this house's window... what was he doing? ...

    He was whimpering. Oh so gently, so pitifully. Barely making a sound, in that small corner of his. A brown streak flashed through the floor in front of him, disappearing behind a torn curtain, to his right. To his left was a simple, arched doorway. He only had about two meters space in front of him; that was how wide the corridor was. While he hid himself from the outisde world, while staying as close to it as possible. Raise his head once, and he would see everything out there; shame how the beautiful moon was hiding it's light, just like the boy...?

    The moon and the boy. Both hiding their light.... this signified nothing of course. To him; this was as sentimentally moving as... anything. In that beaten up house of his, shut up all day. The young boy started shivering in the cold. How long had he been sitting there... weeks, days... all his life? If he was to be compared to the moon... no wait. He never revealed his face. Ever. Always snug in that little house of his. His house? Rather, his old house. Where he grew up... that musty little ol' good for nothing wooden house; where the moon showed it's beauty greater than ever, everyday day of the month; save that one day when it's light was gone.

    ... If he was a son of the moon, what would make him any different? What should make him any different? And if so, why was he not any different? ...

    He stopped shivering, and bit his lips, painfully closing his eyes. A small trickle of blood fell off his mouth, trailing beneath his chin, over to his neck. His blood felt warm, comforting. He clenched his fingers together, forming rough, knobbly balls with his fists. Violently, the white-haired young boy stood up, glaring at the wall in front of him. He spun around, and looked at the world outside. That young boy, the size of a midget, looked at the moonless sky with the intensity of an astronomer. He bit his lips harder, shutting his eyes with equally as much force; tear drops began trickling down his face as well. He then suddenly grabbed a ninja weapon; a kunai to be exact, that was formerly hidden for the lack of light; he bent down to retrieve it from the ground beneath him. It had a red ribbon attached to it; otherwise, a normal kunai. With a jerky, swift movement, he slit his arm, beneath his shoulder and above his elbow. A fat stream of blood began pouring down his arm, slowly, while his tear-drops began heavier, hotter. Why was he doing this...? The birth of the new moon...

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    Yakate Sukishiro Empty Re: Yakate Sukishiro

    Post by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i on Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:43 pm

    approved, welcome to Naruto NG 3.0 We hope you enjoy your stay.
    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i
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