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  • Mizore Clan - Ice Soul

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    Mizore Clan - Ice Soul

    Post by Koori Mizore on Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:33 am

    Clan Name: Mizore

    History/Legend of the Clan: It all started 300 years ago after a major war with the nations war, when a group of snow ninjas fled to the mountains because the snow was falling and failing in killing of their enemies and because of that they were missing ninjas, they stayed on the top of coldest mountain 10 miles away from the village for a while to figure out where to go, but in time they got used to the cold and the thin air and wearied less clothes and less until the cold effected them no more, they built ice huts and the group settled down for many months. The leader of the group whose name was Mizore was indeed very smart and thought that the whole group would become the new generation of the snow ninjas, he studied for months on how they were better then the villagers, when he came up with a plan. The other group members slowly hated the village so they helped Mizore in this new plan of his and some forgot about the revenge and liked this new life they had so the y wanted to settle. After a while Mizore came up with the manipulation of liquid Nitrogen, which was a trump card for them taken over the village, liquid Nitrogen was very cold that can freeze any thing it touches and with chakra pump into it they can used it any how they want. Some members thought this was a great idea and listen to Mizore on when to attack snow, when some members who forgot about the revenge wanted to be the only ones to know this element and live their lives in peace and one day start their own village, so they officially called the group which was now a clan called Mizore, half stayed hidden in the mountains as a small clan which settled down in peace while the other half led by Mizore who were still full of rage and anger went to attack snow, the attack wasn’t successful because they just learnt the element and never mastered it, and after that, the other half of the clan learned how to use this element and focus it into the jutsu art, their resources was running out and the mountains was very scare for food and the things they need, they survived for years and the clan grew bigger so they all packed and headed back to the village which they tried to overtake which was the snow, they became allies with snow who agree to take them and set them a small place in the village which was enough to hold them, The snow villagers didn’t know what was happening and didn’t like it, they grew suspicious of the new people and one night attacked their clan killing a huge amount clan members nearly wiping them out, this news spread all over the village and the Mizore clan grew cold hearted thinking it was the Kage who sent people to wipe them out, maybe they learn the Mizore had the element which they wanted to learn, so they kept to themselves mastering the hidden element, later on the new element was exposed in the light of the village and snow welcome it and knew this could be the element to help in major wars to help the village, their lives were peaceful from then on but still most villagers still didn’t like them. Mizore kept the secret element with them. There was a deeper secret on how Mizore actually attained the element....

    While Mizore was first learning this new element he went to the top of the mountain one night, thinking very hard and then it hit him, he slowly became mad because of the cold and lack of food and was seeing illusions, then a demon of ice appeared to him, Mizore thought it was just an illusion but in reality it was, they had a long talk and the demon said to Mizore that his people where living where he was sealed and that he needs him to untie him, The one that sealed him in the ice was another demon his older brother… Tsumetai, Mizore heard all this and was shocked inside because of the murderous intention and planned on helping the demon become free, the demon promised to help these people out as he could sense Mizore had hatred for the snow, 2 weeks and the ice demon was free from the seal and entered Mizore with out warning, Mizore felt power surge through his veins as he headed back to the village. Mizore was now a change guy, everyone the village respected him because they could sense the cold murderous intent that left his body, in time people died mysteriously in the clan which made Mizore stronger, because anyone that dies on the demons mountain would be eaten by the snow and transferred to the demon’s host as chakra, the demon was getting stronger, his chakra was now equal to 5 jounins and now claimed Mizores people as his followers, This clan was now cursed by the demon but in return were able to use his element, Liquid Nitrogen and the abilities of the demon known as Aisu hitogoroshi.

    Mizore clan members were also known around the world for their random killing spree, when their heart becomes too cold they need to kill and feel the warmness of the blood they just killed which was the curse that the demon gave to them, mothers usually killed babies and children and the fathers would kill family friends, that’s why Mizore clan can never become too big because of the killings, it always keeps the clan near extinct, most members just commit suicide because they cant keep up with the killing spree and lose their mind, they have been doing this since the demon took over the clan, most members think the people that died mysteriously in the mountains was because of this…

    Clan Powers and Summonings:

    1) All members are immune to the cold.
    2) Water, Wind, Ice, or Liquid Nitrogen wouldn’t hurt the members much. (Would take 50% of the damage)
    3) Can breathe normally in very thin air which would be impossible for normal ninjas.
    4) All members emit a constant very cold aura that keeps them cool, it could form ice if they touch anything for too long or stay in one place for a while.
    5) When their hearts become too cold they would go on a killing spree, to feel normal again because of the curse of Aisu hitogoroshi.

    Clan Village: Aurora

    Clan Member Appearence: They have white hair and light blue eyes normally, Some even have extremly pircing eyes.

    Clan's General Personality: Very cold towards others because of there cold hearts, they dont like the heat like the sun.

    Open clan? No

    Clan Leader: Died
    Koori Mizore

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    Re: Mizore Clan - Ice Soul

    Post by Ayame Kouhei on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:44 pm

    Approved~! Very nice work through be sure you don't god mod your powers Very Happy.
    Ayame Kouhei

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