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  • Setoshi Sōichiro

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    Setoshi Sōichiro Empty Setoshi Sōichiro


    Name: Setoshi Sōichiro
    - Japanese Style: Sōichiro, Setoshi

    Age: 9

    Height: 4'10

    Weight: 73 lbs

    Ninja ID: 7089-133T-SA3B-9NKO

    Village: Time

    Rank: Academy Student; Year 2


    Ninja Type: Balanced Offensive/Defensive/Medical/Support/Ninjutsu Expert Ninja

    Etc. (Same with the other points of ninjadom)

    Character Information


    Due to a surgery in his Jounin days Setoshi has failed to remember anything from his past, all he is left with are a decayed Demonic Arm and the memory of his operation. . . . This is the story of what happened after the operation

    Two years. For two years, Setoshi, or better known as Bliss, has been missing from Konohagakure no Sato. Two years ago, he was sent out on a mission by his beloved Arkianna, a mission he had given his all to complete. Two years ago, that mission went awry, and took Seto to places he had never before dared dream. Though little is left in Setoshi's mind of these dark times, he remembers clearly the face of his tormentors, and the fresh scars that he carries now. This is not all that was left on him though, the mark of those who held him captive is also forever scarred into his flesh -- Directly on Setoshi's chest, he has a scar that is shaped like a half-moon with a scratch through the left, right, and bottom sections of it -- all connecting to a dot in the middle of his chest, which has a line going from it upwards to just below his throat -- the scar is deep, and looks like it took some time to heal.

    During the long year of his capture, he was tortured both physically and mentally. Placed in mind-wrenching illusions, and his body torn only to be made whole again, he was slowly destroyed from the inside out. The truth, though he would never know, was that this was a set up for something even larger to come. He was merely a guinea pig, and during these long sessions of pain, something.. sinister.. was implanted within him.

    Whatever reasons Setoshi was tortured are beyond him now, but throughout it all he had a reason to keep consciousness, or to keep alive. So as to not betray the trust of his love, and the secrets of his love... Arkianna, the Foundation, Root. It was the thoughts of her that lay searing in his brain that allowed him to remain alive, and allowed him to plot the escape that he eventually made. Now, he is hunted. Now, he is prey. After he escaped, he had no idea as to where he was. He could not get his bearings at all... The experiments that had been performed on him had left him... empty inside, but for Arkianna... And so, he set off, attempting to return to his rightful home.

    For a year he had been gone from the world, and now he returned to it unsure. Half-healing, half-searching, he spent a good bit of a year merely searching for civilization, trying to remember fully who he truly was. Eventually, he discovered the way back to his home and began the long and painful journey back to Konohagakure. Along the way, he discovered that his captors were not about to let him go easily and was forced to defend himself again and again, proving his strength even if he did not remember his title as 'Master of Bodies' in Konohagakure.... only to find himself, injured, back at the doorstep of his home...

    After weeks of rehabilitation, it was discovered that Setoshi had been implanted with non-human DNA in a scientific experiment by the Nara nukeninja known as Kichigai. Working for Orochimaru, he had been trying to recreate specific abilities desirable by the snake, but to no success -- having used both himself and Setoshi as guinea pigs.

    With the help of a Yamanaka member Setoshi was able to recover a deep part of his memory which was trapped.


    Childhood Arc. 20 Years ago a young ,Grey haired tanned skin, boy awaited the arrival of his father. His father working as one of Konohagakure Root Foundation Leaders, despite living in Kumogakure. The boy's mother lay on the floor behind him, gagged and tied up, as he looked out the big pane window, watching as his father drew nearer and nearer to his own death. A man by the name of Jacques Petegrew lay crouched on the floor behind the boy, stroking his back with a unique dagger type weapon, known through the ninja world as a kunai. Jacques commanded the boy to wait on the stairs as he crouched low against the ground, in a blind spot behind the door. As his father walked in he immediately could tell something was odd or maybe even wrong with the situation, the boy stood there shocked with fear as Jacques wrestled his father to the ground. In the end Jacques came out victor, thus tying the boys father in a way where escape was inevitable. The man quickly went upstairs to retrieve the mother of the boy followed by his younger sister, who also was tied up in the same manner. Jacques tied the boy up to a chair facing the family, tears streaming down the boys face as Fate Dealt it's Hand against his family and himself. The boy watched as Jacques performed a ninja technique, known as a Jutsu in the Ninja World, in this technique the man specialized in creating a very flammable substance, almost resembling gasoline. He streamed this gasoline like substance all over the boys family, as the boy remained untouched. Jacques then performed another technique and began laughing, the most horrible thing a boy of his age had ever heard, this last and final technique created a flame to produce in the mans palm. He slowly moved it closer and closer to the family until all three members of the boys family where lit ablaze. The boy sat in horror as he watched his family slowly and very painfully burn alive, and to add to his misery Jacques slowly unraveled a wire coat hanger and placed it in the fire of the boys loved ones. As it finally started to glow with the same orange as the flames that danced around the boys family, he pulled it off. He slowly crept over to the boy and withdrew his arm, slowly and painfully the man carved on phrase or maybe even incantation into the arm of this unlucky boy. ~"Eternally Bonded within the Eyes of which I can't See~ After righting such a horrid phrase into the boys arm, Jacques fled the area of Kumogakure, never to be seen again. This was the unlucky life that Fate dealt against for the young Setoshi Sōichirō

    For Seven whole days, one week, the boy sat in his house, the decayed and charred stench of his loved ones filling his nostrils every waking second and the pain of the dreaded incantation that lay scorched into his left arm. The pain of hunger and thirst rolled over the boy, as a ball rolls downhill, to surpass his needs of food and beverage he attempted to make some since of what his families killer marked him for life with. Nothing, absolutely nothing, the boy couldn't decode this message, and every time it did he relived the events of his families capture and death. Finally on the Seventh day, a young patrolling Root member stopped by the house to check if everything was fine with his squad leader, little did he know he was in for a big surprise. As he walked threw the stench infested house, he immediately knew that a struggle was cause just by looking at the floor, streaks of blood painted the floors. As he made his way into the living room there he found the family, almost immediately he pronounced the whole family dead until the boy's tears streamed off his face, hitting the ground with a force of chakra. The Root Anbu member heard this, with his enhanced ninja hearing, and proceeded to rescue the boy, taking him from that dreaded house and rushing him to a nearby Hospital in Kumogakure.

    There at the hospital workers found the boy: his clothing and body infused with smell of his dead family, his hair untidy and beginning to turn a shade of Grey and his skin, now slightly dark with the flakes of ash and dead skin of his family. The surgeons and doctors couldn't and didn't want to believe the Root Anbu member when he spoke of the scene, but did what they could to clean the boy up. Even with there best Medical Ninjutsu specialist, could they not change the boys arm back to what it once was. They even went as far as to name the weapon and jutsu used as Kinjutsu, or in The Ninja World: Forbidden Arts. After a day of nourishment and rest the boy finally awoke, his Left arm laced together in a cast and him sitting in a hospital bed. In fear that his families killer was somewhere within the area he tried to flee the hospital, ye he didn't even make it outside of the room, what he failed to realize was that his savior sat next to his bed side in a chair, he stopped him before he could even leave the room. Out of fear the boy started breaking down in tears, he thought the face behind the mask, that the Root Anbu Member wore ,was the face of his killer. Recognizing this quickly the Root Anbu Member removed his mask, thus revealing golden locks of hair accompanied by a face that should have been placed on an angel, this was the Second Squads Captain, Kushina Hatake. As the boy saw her he knew then and there that she was a person of good heart and trust. Over the next course of weeks the two opened up to each other, both reliving their pasts with one another. When the matter came of speaking of his parent's and sisters death, Setoshi found that he couldn't even speak of it. He was confused and puzzled why, but then he realized that the Kinjutsu placed upon him stopped of ever speaking of that incident. All anyone would know of the matter was that this boy was the lone survivor of his family and all he had to show from it was a dreaded incantation. Kushina under stood somewhat, but it was hard to get the full value that was coming from the mind of a four year old, a genius even at that. Finally, the hospital workers allowed him to leave, where was uncertain all that was known was that his time there was up, Kushina offered him to stay with her for a while, at least until he was the right age where he could protect and shelter himself.

    Life with another person is difficult to adjust to, especially with that of a tom-boyish women working for a secret organization in Konohagakure. The boy found it ok and challenging, but he got over it quickly, especially if he ever went outside. He found that life and culture was different in Konohagakure than in Kumogakure, there where so many trees around and he realized that being in the high altitudes of the Kumogakure mountains had given him speed and strength that was normal for a child even for that of a ninja. But, living here also almost proved fatal, opposed to his high altitude air he now had to surpass breathing in all the oxygen in the air, this once even cause him to pass out due to hyperventilating. Yet, he found it peaceful here in his new home, the Home of Konohagakure no sato.

    Time seemed to pass very rapidly down in Konoha, before he knew it his birthday had come around, and as a gift, Kushina gave him a special Three Daggered Kunai. She told him that with instrument, she wouldn't be to far behind, and at the moment the boy embarked on the life of a ninja.

    Academy Arc. Unlike regular and most shinobi, this little boy had big dreams, but not the normal ones. The reason for him to become a Shinobi of the leaf was mere Vengeance, pain and hatred had bottled up within him and when it was time to release would be the day that the world knew the wrath of this child. The day after laughter and joy set in within the boy, his next day marked the rigorous training that was set in for him. Seeing as his partial training as a younger child in Kumogakure benefited him,

    Setoshi Sōichiro 09a07824
    Setoshi Sōichiro Fdb73970
    (Click the boxes for the pictures)

    (Note* All in all, everything that Setoshi wears adds an extra 15 lbs to his own 73 lbs, yet he has been training with this for over two years so this is like carrying his own weight now)

    Body: As can be seen in the images above, Setoshi has a very slender body that is slightly muscular. He has a fairly tanned skin tone that seems to radiate in both the shining sun and shadowing moon. He has no visible scars or markings when his clothing are on, but all of that changes when they are off. On dead center in his chest there is a marking of a Crescent Moon with two circles on the outside, all three markings are slightly black with a hint of red and brown, similar to the coat of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Burned or Carved or maybe even both, Setoshi doesn't know, is an encantation on his Left Arm, "Eternally Bonded Within the Eyes of which I Can't See". Nothing is really known about this except that once spoken outloud Setoshi gains access to the Raiton chakra that surges out of his Right Arm.

    His Right Arm is something that he likes to call a gift, but at the same time he calls a curse. This because his left Arm is the result of a demons power clashing within it, the Power of a demon known as the Akujin. As a result of this his right arm has turned into a demonic form, it's mass has slightly increased, and at the end where his elbow should be now lay a type of point or dagger shaped object that has the sharpness of a Katana. His fingers are still upon his hands and they are as hard as the rest of his arm. This and the scars on his body are the only things that are not his regular tanned shade of skin. This arm seems to be created from his skin being burned, but having a hardness like steel. It still is able to be cut into and he still will be able to bleed, but it would take the force of chakra behind the attack. His whole arm has a shade of charcoal grey color to it, besides the lines running from each of his fingers connecting to form two chakra lines on his arm, these glow a yellowish color with the Raiton chakra stored within them.

    Head:Unlike most people within the Ninja World, Setoshi has a unique hairstyle; It's messy and light grey with darker grey highlights mostly toward the bottom where it's visible to the public, but it's usually worn-down in his face covering his eyes. Yet, at times due to the Akujin's unstable power, his hair somehow changes pigment(Color) when angered or sent through a series of emotions at a quick pace. Usually the colors vary from Black, To Dirty Red, and Sometimes brown, but within minutes his hair will eventually turn back to it's regular Grey color. While on the subject his regular eyes are an Emerald Green color that when reflected off of the sun may seem a bit turquoise. He has no facial hair or atleast none that can be seen because he wears a light grey face mask that starts around his neck and travels all the way up covering his nose.


    - Ninja-Suit: Setoshi stands about 4 feet,10 inches in height, weighing only 73bs. Underneath his regular clothing, Setoshi wears a sort of ninja athletic suit. This includes: a fitted V-neck black shirt that snug’s at the sides so to have the minimum amount of loose clothing on the body, while underneath that a fishnet shirt that falls right underneath the black shirt, but tightly fitted on the biceps. On his legs he wears slightly thick black tights that fall a little above the ankle. Covering the shin he wears metal plates that are fitted for him, although they're metal an enhanced jab or strike directly into them from a blade would pierce straight through them, but it would need to be backed up by chakra. Under his forearms he has two plates just like on his shins with the exact density as the shin plates. Last but not least Setoshi's kunai pouch, this happens to be the complete opposite of what a normal person thinks of. This happens to be a removable bag-like pouch with many places for kunai, scrolls, shuriken, etc; this is wrapped around both of his legs. Setoshi also has two head bands, one from Kumogakure, it's placed around his waist, and the other, from Konohagakure, embroidered on his right shoulder similar to Shikamaru's. On his chest is a low densitized armor. (Note* This whole suit is made with wind and weight resistance, so moving around in this suit is like running around naked)

    - American Wear?: When not performing heroic deeds or taking place on a mission, Setoshi has a separate attire that seems to be all his own. Occupying his upper body region, above his Ninja-Suit, he wears a white V-Neck T-Shirt which is longer than the black one. Meanwhile, this is underneath a light (In Weight) red Hooded - Jacket, nothing is special about this except that when it was created, it was created with chakra threads, so to cut this another chakra based weapon would be used. Occupying his lower region setoshi wears something that is not seen in the Ninja World, Grey Denim jeans, but on the inside a silk lie material is used so there is no friction and the speed is not reduced. On his feet he wears shoes similar to that of Kakashi Hatake, but in a Red and Grey Fashion.

    Other Appearance Information's:

    - Casual
    For casual wear, Setoshi contains a variety of T shirts, jeans, button up shirts, coats, suit pants, boots, shoes, dress shoes, and other civilian-esquire wear from whence he chooses as he pleases. There is no set standard for his dress when casual.

    Setoshi is a very quiet young ninja, never staying in one spot, this mainly because of mixed emotions that run through him. To most he seems as if he is made up of three people each one with there own remarks toward the world and people that he meets, also at times a fourth person is seen within him. He unwillingly gave the other two besides his names:

    Setoshi [Sarobi]: One noticeable personality trait he displays is an apparent dislike for children, this was first seen when he attempted to beat up his younger siblings for running into him. This carries over to many of his interactions with other people, as he is noticeably irritated when in the presence of someone younger than him. This is most evident when he is seen with Sarobi, who Setoshi was forced to put up with due to the fear his younger brother had for him. Despite their apparent differences when changed, Setoshi and Sarobi are similar except Setoshi gains thin lines along the sides of his nose like Itachi. As such, Setoshi (Sarobi) has become very protective of Setoshi's body, willing to challenge anyone who puts Setoshi down in his presence.

    Quick to be angered and annoyed, Setoshi (Sarobi) is very hot-headed. Something of a sadistic arsonist, he is not above relishing a good fight, and he often dices up his opponents in a very brutal fashion, leaving blood trails in the opponents name. Sarobi's most distinctive trait, however, is his love of Blood. He would respect any form of it, even if it wasn't his own. Sarobi also has a habit of ending his sentences with nasal-like grunts, roughly translated as "yeah" or "hmmm".

    Setoshi [Taskidara]: Taskidara exhibits a very calm and serious personality. He speaks with less formal diction, such as not using honorifics. He speaks down to people he deems not worthy (going so far as to refer to them as a "Trash, Worthless"). He has great faith in his own abilities, to the point of acting arrogant on occasion, only acting polite to Women, though. Taskidara will abandon his normal personality in favor of the Sarobi personality when the situation calls for it. He is also well-versed in rhetoric and is capable of gaining others' trust without revealing his goals to them. Taskidara has shown great ability in manipulating others to do his work for him.

    Setoshi [Hiruko]: Hiruko projects a calm, stoic demeanor in stressful situations. Despite this, he can also be quite laid back when not on duty, and is not above using his Wood Release techniques for creating comforts, such as making a house to "camp out" in. While he has been good-natured so far, Hiruko claims to be a different sort of leader than other, he prefers to lead on the side. He uses people, but aides them in the final cut, thus sending them information to guide them.

    His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.

    Setoshi's Actual Personality: Setoshi is a cool, collected, and solitary person, who is quite mysterious. He is portrayed as being somewhere between being merely stoic and matter-of-fact, rarely ever smiling or showing emotion at all. He also has a tendency of holding grudges and being rather intimidating.

    Setoshi claims to have lost everyone who was close to him, causing some reluctance to allow others to get close to him. In battle, Setoshi is able to take great use of his intelligence, being able to use his analytical and observational skills to make shrewd judgments with pinpoint reasoning. Like Shikamaru Nara, Setoshi prevails in battles by systematically staying several steps ahead of the enemy, as well as keeping a good distance away to avoid enemy attacks. Because of this, Setoshi is fairly confident in his abilities and that he will win a battle, and tends to try to communicate this to an opponent for their own well-being. Still, Setoshi enjoys fighting, and dislikes being denied a chance to battle a skilled opponent.

    Setoshi outwardly portrays himself as a laid back individual, almost lazy while being exceedingly graceful. He is a multifaceted individual, aware of his surroundings at all times while having an air of ease about him. One doesn't look at him and expect a shinobi, but in combat that is all one sees. Unfortunately, or fortunately in some cases, being around his wife tends to have an effect on him, making him far more amorous than is typical. His favorite food is any and all types of pasta and rice dishes.

    With the adaptation to his demonic arm, Setoshi's personality has recently become underscored with a slightly darker nature. While his general personality remains the same, there are moments where he radiates malevolence and evil. This is the inevitable taint the demon in his arm has on all of it's hosts, but fortunately due to Setoshi's immense will power it hasn't progressed as far as it did with it's previous host, Akujin.


    Weaknesses: Please list at least 3 mental and physical weakness:

    1. Insomnia
    2. Split Personality
    3. Split Personality Override

    1. Constant Shock from Right Arm
    2. Demon Locked Within the Body
    3. Split Personality Destruction

    Strengths: Please list at least 3 mental and physical strengths:

    1. Split Personalities
    2. Constant Vigilance
    3. Analytical Fighter

    1. Kekke Genkai's
    2. Crescent Moon Scar
    3. Demonic Raiton Arm



    The Chouzetsugan

    RP Sample:

    As the light of the delighted sun illuminated the grounds of the lands within the Lightning Country the winds blew gently from the East, Cherry Blossom petals gracefully floated to the ground as an eerie silence hung in the air. Within a quick flourish of the wind, some Cherry Blossom petals began to swirl around in a min-tornado, then before the old Cherry Blossom tree stood a young man. His short Grey hair slid spiked up in the front, but laying loosely toward the back of his head, a long black sheath strapped to his back, this almost nearly meaning this was a ninja of some sort. A Red hooded jacket placed underneath the man's black trench coat which hung to about his ankles, this occupying his upper region of his body, as the lower region being occupied with Deep Grey Jeans.

    The man looked around the area, his Deep Grey eyes piercing the surroundings as if he was looking through and at each and every object within the lands. He turned his attention to his right arm, this Arm of his not being of normal stature, this being the result of experimentation gone wrong mixed with the Demonic powers of the Demon it's self. As he spread his demonic fingers a series of sparks emitting from them, quickly he clenched his hand into a fist, instantly his whole arm started to course with Electricity. A broad smile spread across his face, but it quickly vanished as he grabbed his arm with his left. An expression of pain now on his face, but as quickly as it came it vanished. The man giving out short gasps as he tried to gather air throughout his body, "Damn this arm, with the power it brings, it also brings pain. . ." Says the man trailing off as he leaned back against the tree, releasing his right arm.

    The man closed his eyes, although this would be seen as a stupefying action within the Ninja world, but this ninja knowing this all to well, him allowing his chakra to flow at an increased rate to his Ears, Nose, and Hair amongst his body. This amplifying all of his other senses so that it painted a sort of picture within his mind of his surroundings. "Hmm, seems like people just cant stay in home to long. . .The man said in a low voice, speaking to himself, as it may have seemed. In his boredom the man sent a steady flow of electricity to his Demonic Arm, this causing them to heat to a very hot degree, the man then proceeded to carve the letters "S & A" into the bark of the young Cherry Blossom Tree.

    In a flash the mans eyes sprung open, but not being of the same appearance as before: His Iris had been changed from it's normal Emerald Green color to a now Turquoise Blue color. Three black blocks connected to three black tomoe surrounding one lone Tomoe, each of the Tomoe connected by a triangle. The Man's eyes scanned the area, then slowly he put his right hand in the Ram position, instantly he sunk through the tree and appeared on the other side. There he found another man, one he had seen before. "Hello Uchiha, Zero". Setoshi said with a slight bow.

    Reference Picture of Eye:Setoshi Sōichiro Mn2ouf

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