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  • Jasui Chitaiga(Ninja)

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    Jasui Chitaiga(Ninja)


    Name: Jasui Chitaiga

    Age: 12

    Height: 5'4''

    Weight: 110 lbs.

    Ninja ID:


    Rank: Academy Student Year 3

    Element: Lightening at Genin, Water at Chuunin.

    Ninja Type: Nin. Expert

    Offensive: 25%

    Defensive: 25%%

    Medical: 5%

    Support: 5%

    Nin Expert: 40%%

    Etc. (Same with the other points of ninjadom)

    Academy Student

    Character Information


    He grew up in a small clan house by a mountain side, not very well known, this clan house has a well, and other things, though they are independent and this is not located in any village. He is the first person from his clan in this new century to go into the ninja academy, do to his relatives not wanting violence, though he really wants to become a shinobi.

    Description: Black haired, bright green eyes, tall, wears shinobi sandal boots, blak shorts, and a tight checkered long sleeved shirt, with a black collared shirt over it.

    Personality: Smart, funny, goofs around, though tries to do good on exams at the same time. Never gives up, and it is his dream to be a shinobi.


    Family: He has a mother named Susan Chitaiga, a father named Jeffrey Chitaiga, a younger brother that is 8 named Bob Chitaiga. He has a grandfather, that lived in the old world and was one of the few survivors from are clan. He has younger cousins, and aunts and uncles.

    Sensei: None Yet:

    Academy Teachers

    1. etc.

    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Weaknesses: Please list at least 3 mental and physical weakness:


    1. Threaten of a death of a team mate.
    2. Threaten of a death of someone he cares about.


    1. Only a academy student, so not good in battle against higher ranks.
    2. Fast but not as fast as higher ranks

    Strengths: Please list at least 3 mental and physical strengths:


    1. Determination to never give up
    2. His goal of becoming a powerful shinobi.


    1. Faster than most people of his rank
    2. Better with jutsu than most of his rank


    Three academy jutsu so far.

    • [size=12]Genin: 5
    • Chuunin: 20
    • Jounin: 45
    • Kage: Limitless
    • Sannin: Limitless
    • Ninja God: Limitless

    Bloodline: Please put the name of the bloodline and the link to it.
    Kekkai Genkai jutsu in link above.

    RP Sample:

    His hand moved fast, from his waist, to the front of him. It swiped through the air, as his arm reached forward, he released a spiraling ninja tool. The small shuriken flew out of his hand, going fast. As it was halfway from the target, it went from its diagonal line away from the target into a curve, the shuriken leaning, as it curved it flew straight for the middle of the target. It than hit perfectly in the middle as the whissing stopped and a sound of wood being struck rang. The release of the shuriken took two seconds of flawless accuracy. When it struck the middle Jastro relaxed.
    "Very good." His instructor said.
    Jastro was relieved that his training had payed off and now he could successfully hit a bulls eye with a shuriken.

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