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  • Silent Chains- Part One

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    Silent Chains- Part One Empty Silent Chains- Part One


    Name: Sherlock Holmes

    Age: 11

    Height: 5’ 1”
    Weight: 80 pounds

    Ninja ID: None

    Village: None

    Rank: Academy Student, Year 2

    Element: Sound

    Ninja Type: Offensive

    Occupation: Student

    Character Information

    Biography Born to unassuming, middle-class parents, Holmes had a problem with his mind since the day of his birth. It was not that he was slow, or had some defect; it was that his mind was too fast. Holmes’ mind could process information faster then any adult he knew and thus scared his parents who were not gifted with such brilliance. Holmes had no friends, not even associates; he shunned the ninja academy of Otogakure, believing it to be inferior for his brilliance. Though it was a true statement, his family and their friends were frightened that this child was some demon. Being a product of ignorance, these adults did not have open minds about their children and concepts about normal.

    The fear of the demon child soon grew to encompass the entire neighborhood. Holmes himself did not notice or care about what others thought of him, but his parents did and so their concern for their child grew and grew to frightening proportions. Their concern blew off the lid after another incident when Holmes had been attacked by a group of children his own age who were in the ninja academy and as most people would agree, Holmes should’ve been beaten pretty badly, but instead as a witness said, Holmes had identified the leader of the group and took him out with a single punch, scattering the rest of the group. This incident compounded the fears of the child and parents of other children came over and spoke to Holmes’ parents.

    Their words built on Holmes’ parents’ fears and concern. Seeing no other choice, they took their child and brought him to the mental hospital, where he was to be treated for insanity. Holmes knew full well he was not insane, but everyone else did and he recognized the fact that he had to be locked up within an asylum full of children who actually had mental problems or so he thought. This was where he met his partner and his best friend. Neither knew each other names, but that did not matter. The screaming, gibbering, and howls of mentally impaired children banged on the door of their sanity. Their only comfort was their shared misery. By the end of two months confinement, Holmes had devised away to escape from this horror filled hospital. It would require cunning, swift movement, and luck. Holmes’ first step to escape was to create chaos in the main room. A flaming bottle of rubbing alcohol on a cart fill with rubbing alcohol was pushed into the room by his best friend. The cart went at high speeds to the other side of the room the jostling tipping over the flaming bottle and catching the entire cart on fire. It crashed into the wall with a great whoosh of fire, causing everyone to scatter within the room. Fire alarms went off, staff rushed into the room to put out the fire, leaving the doors unlocked behind them. Holmes and his friend ran, screaming their heads off in fake horror. Incoming firemen took them outside and left them there as they rushed in to help combat the flames. Seeing their opportunity, the two children took off on the road running as fast as they could, till they collapsed in exhaustion miles away from the hospital.


    A rather tall and wiry fellow, there seems to be very little strength to his frame which looks to be composed of mostly thin cords of muscle. His thinness is mostly because his clan’s abilities require a lightness of step which the average weight of a man does not allow. He observes and analyzes the word through dark green eyes underneath a mop of untamable chocolate brown hair. Kanji symbols have been etched into his inner ears; these symbols prevent any chakra to enter through his ear and are very effective neutralizing sound genjutsu.

    Holmes wears a large grey cloak, over his black tunic and black pants. This grey cloak enhances his clan’s abilities, due to its sound dampening effects; it also hides the various weaponry he has concealed on his person. He also wears pitch black, circular sunglasses with a reflective surface which prevents most genjutsu which use the eyes. His most distinctive attire are his boots, which have an abnormally thick and deep sole. The purpose of this unique is twofold, one to prevent sound from coming from his steps and two, which is unknown.

    Personality: Holmes has a distinct personality corresponding with having one of the greatest analytical minds in history comes a supreme amount of confidence, borderline on arrogance, in his deductive abilities. Not surprising that with a few “small” details he can deduce certain habits of a person or the person themselves. Every move, stance, the way you stand, talk, and sit; everything that you do gives him more information about you. He seemingly comes across these details by some sort of supernatural ability, but is simply a highly trained series of observations.

    With such an active mind, it requires keeping itself in constant usage otherwise it leaves Holmes in a state of lethargy which only a serious problem can revive him out of. He must be constantly fed with problems or work; work being experimenting with chemicals or solving the identities of strangers which he passes on the street for idle amusement. Holmes’ other hobbies which keep him occupied is the playing of the violin, collecting folders of information on anyone and everyone, and boxing.


    Family: Brother- Kouen

    Academy Teachers N/A

    Sensei: None

    Students: None

    Team: None

    Bunshin No Jutsu - Replication Technique
    Henge No Jutsu - Transformation Technique
    Kawarimi No Jutsu - Body Replacement Technique

    Bloodline: Art of Silence

    RP Sample: What was that about not terrorizing the locals, that the elders said to us before we left? The question was sent via telepathy to Holmes’ partner. I don’t remember, oh well. The reply was sent back in the same way. Two young men stood side by side, identical in every way, except they were not from the same family or even related by blood. They looked at a bunch of local thugs, with their dark green eyes. Holmes saw more than what a normal person would observe from looking at these unruly ruffians. The ragged clothes that hung loose suggested bad crops, the dark mud on their feet suggested that they just been through a swamp. All this was due to simple observation and he could have gone into even more detail, but that was unnecessary at the moment.

    Their weapons were a motley collection of clubs, swords, home-made spears, and farming implements. Those that were made of metal had rust on them due to the owners being lazy and other such things, their eyes gleamed with thoughts of greed at the two young men. Surely these two must have money, was a common train of thought amongst the bandits. The bandits encircled the twins, snickering and small mutterings of such crudeness that they will not be mentioned here. All of the sudden the twins seemed to have disappeared amidst the bandits. The ruffians looked within their circle with great shock. They rushed in, unprepared, believing that their quarry had somehow made their mistake.

    The partners were actually still within the circle; their motionless activated their ability to blend into their surroundings. Unknowing amongst the bandits, the grey cloak which the twins were wearing hid a deadly weapon. The twins used a claw and bladed chain combination, the tips of their claws had a special neurotoxin on it, as well as the blades of the chain. They moved as soon as the bandits were a few feet away, they unleashed their chains which hooked together and suddenly all you could see was blood, guts, and limbs flying every where. The twins stood in the middle of a pile of bodies with various limbs missing, stomachs ripped wide open and the odd twitching limb from the poison. Not a speck of blood got on their clothes. We’ll call it self-defense. Sent Holmes to his partner; his partner nodded in agreement.

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