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  • Tsuna Youshi

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    Tsuna Youshi


    Name: Tsuna midori Youshi

    Age: 13
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 152

    Ninja ID: 1234-556A-BH8D-9JFO

    Village: This is the village you reside in.

    Rank: Academy Student; Year 3

    Element: fire and earth

    Ninja Type: Offensive taijutsu

    Occupation: Occupations will be given to gain money and experience:

    ANBU: Must atleast be chuunin and pass the ANBU selection exams that your village is hosting.
    Earn: 2,000 per mission/ Missions: C-A

    ANBU Squad Leader: Must be in ANBU and be voted into the position by the other ANBU
    Earn: 2,500 per mission/Missions: B-A

    ANBU Black Ops: Must atleast be jounin and been in ANBU previously.
    Earn: Unknown, Depends on village/ A-S

    Hunter Nin: Must atleast be Jounin with atleast 3 kills under their belt
    Earn: Earnings Based on bounty

    Bounty Hunter: Must be atleast an A-Ranked Nin with atleast 5 kills under their belt
    Earn: Earnings Based on bounty

    Medic Nin: Must be atleast chuunin with some medical education
    Earn: 500 per healing

    Academy Teacher: Must atleast be chuunin with basic knowledge of all parts of being a ninja
    Earn: 1,000 per class

    Character Information

    Tsuna was not originally a shinobi child he was the son of a samurai and the son of a normal woman upon this time the Youshi clan was not none to any of them as Tsuna was truly his father's child he was the result of a Youshi male having an affair with his mother. This was not known to Tsuna until he was much older thirteen to be exact as such Tsuna considered the nameless samurai to be his father he worshipped him as many sons did with their fathers. He was a kind and cowardly child though he wasn’t suited for the life of a samurai or shinobi his father and mother would always tell him one day Tsuna's samurai father left to a great battle as he was ordered to Tsuna didn’t want him to go but his samurai father had to Tsuna cried for many hours that day he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. he told his father that and his father knelt down and put the knotted black string necklace he always wore to battle as it was his lucky charm as he said often and promised Tsuna he would come back.

    he left and Tsuna was calmed but his mother was not little was it known but Tsuna's mother had heard from other shinobi in the teashop that the mission was a near suicide mission no one was going to make it back alive that’s why they were sending the samurai in so the shinobi could retreat when the time came the battle took place three days after Tsuna's father left he went into battle proud and strong but at the end of the battle which lasted only a few minutes he was crushed and battered he walked all the way back to the village with only one arm his other had been severed his left eye had been pierced by a shuriken he should have bled out in hours but he lasted four days to get back to Tsuna and then smiled as he fell dead in front of him Tsuna overcome with grief and rage activated his latent Youshi bloodline his eyes went completely black and everything seemed to slow down to him Tsuna was content to discover this new power lone but it was not meant to be.

    As Tsuna walked along on his own the rumors began to spread people had noticed his back eyes and white hair only one type of shinobi had these kind of eyes and hair together before when his eyes were a dark blue almost purple people thought it was just luck that he had been born with white hair now it made sense they thought. the Youshi clan hearing of the boy's power went to go check upon the boy in the woods where he looked at nothing Tsuna was unaware that he was being watched. by the other children who thought him to be weird and scary they had banded together and thought with their numbers they could make the demon child go away they rushed at Tsuna wildly with sticks and rocks. But Tsuna saw them easily and moved behind them suddenly he smiled cruelly and went to go attack the children. But before he could take a step he was slammed in the stomach by a black hilted katana and sent backwards to the ground as he looked up he saw a woman with snow white hair like his own and dark green eyes staring down at him with contempt he gasped when her eyes went black like his own.

    From that day Tsuna was taken from his mother who he learned had an affair with a Youshi clan male whom they did not know yet. none came forward to claim Tsuna as their own as such Tsuna was shunned by everyone within the clan he was trained harshly and punished severely when he could not complete the training. He learned to control his powers quickly and smoothed through the easy classes at the academy he made no friends there as his only thought was to pass to get away from the Youshi clan who called themselves his family.

    Description: avi (with details)

    Tsuna is often considered a dark looking person even though he wears white kimono's often to match his snow white hair which marks him as part of the youshi clan and holder of the bloodline (if its approved) his eyes are a deep blue almost purple color. they seem out of place with his snow white hair his skin is pale like his hair but not nearly as white it is smooth to the touch, only one blemish marks it four claw marks fall from his right eyebrow down to the bottom of his right eye.

    On his neck Tsuna wears a simple knotted black string given to him by his father on the black string is a solid silver ring given to him by his mother. On his wrists he wears one beaded bracelet the beads on the bracelets are jade along with a jade ring on each hand, unlike most shinobi Tsuna wears wooden geta on his feet on the bottom of his geta Tsuna has installed metal plating capable of blocking kunai shuriken and even swords. (assuming the user is of normal strength and doesn’t hold a super cutting blade lol)

    Personality: Tsuna is very odd some say he is very carefree and often likes to eat sweets of any kind really but this is merely a mask he erects to stop others from realizing how he truly feels if pushed Tsuna can snap and suddenly his mask will crumble away revealing all the anger and sadness he has kept deep inside of him all these years

    in battle Tsuna manages to keep his aloof and odd style of fighting going without people suspecting he isn’t really trying his hardest by doing so Tsuna manages to keep out of the way of others. And it helps make sure they do not bother him in anyway very few have seen through Tsuna's act as he is very adept at it


    Family: all dead

    Sensei: Please list the academy teachers you've had and the jounin sensei's you've had:

    Academy Teachers


    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad

    Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad

    Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Jutsu: none

    Please put all Jutsu in link form for space reasons.

    Genin: 5

    Chuunin: 10

    Jounin: 20

    Kage: 40

    Sannin: 80

    Ninja God: 160

    Bloodline: Youshi/ Kokugen shin

    RP Sample:

    Tsuna awoke as the morning sun rose above the tree's allowing the sunlight through the gaps in the tree's and leaves. He moved from the hollow base in one of the many humongous tree's in he forest which he had found on the first day earlier to sleep in as he did not want to sleep in the open in this forest. He yawned lightly as he stretched out his muscles he didn't get so much sleep due to the noises of the forest at night it seemed everything came to life at night he thought. The morning was a bit chilly and caused a dew to settle on the leaves and the ground as the sunlight hit the dew it seemed to sparkle and turn the forest into something magical.

    Tsuna stared at the sparkling within the forest through his pitch black eyes ad took no real note of it as he began to walk slowly towards the rising sun. Normally Tsuna would never keep his bloodline activated for so long he rarely liked to use it but this time he needed it if something great was going to happen here which Tsuna thought it would this time. He continued walking towards the sun in the hopes of finding the stream he had found the other Day when he was exploring the forest after defeating the snake. He needed something to drink and something to wash his face with and the stream would work although it was more of a river he thought to himself as he walked past a group of trees he recognized.

    Tsuna was feeling a multitude of emotions right now as he found the river one as a bit of joy the other a bit of relief to find he wasn't lost. But the other two feelings would be shock and surprise as all along the banks of this clear river were thirty or so huge wolves all together in one spot he didn't know what to think really. Some of the wolves were drinking from the river others were resting in patches of sunlight none of the wolves seemed to notice Tsuna had walked right into the place so far except one. Upon a massive boulder a pair of sickly yet alluring eyes stared at Tsuna who had suddenly just stopped and watched the wolves. The pair of eyes belonged to the pack leader who was by far the largest of the wolves at one hundred and twenty feet all and who knew how much he weighed Tsuna thought to himself.

    The pack leader was a solid black wolf with countless scars on his muzzle due to all the fights he had done to maintain the order of the pack. The pack leader stood lazily and looked down from his massive perch at Tsuna before jumping down across the entire river only twenty feet or so from Tsuna the rest of the pack took notice of this. Tsuna could feel the malice and blood lust as every other wolf but the pack leader looked upon him and let out a loud growl as a warning to tell him he was in their territory like he didn't know already. A simple look back from the pack leader and all the other wolves quieted down quickly the pack leader looked back to Tsuna and lowered his head a bit before letting out a low growl this wasn't a warning or threat it was a challenge.

    The pack leader didn't know why but he felt this little creature was a threat to his pack it gave off such a dangerous aura or intention that it was baffling to him. Tsuna looked dead at the pack leaders sickly yet alluring yellow eyes and lowered his stance the pack leader took this as an agreement to the challenge which it was. Tsuna made one simple handsign as the pack leader jumped at him he rotate his entire lower body and threw up his left fist in and overhead punch to meet he pack leader's attack head on but it was not meant to be. The pack leader must have sensed something was amiss and changed his attack course and retreated to the side cautiously as Tsuna followed through with his punch striking nothing but air. Suddenly the air where the pack leader had been was filled with disturbing cutting sounds and the ground under the air was torn apart severely by the high pressured winds fired from Tsuna's fist.

    The pack leader began to circle Tsuna and stared to him with cunning in his eyes he had seen little creatures do things like this before he would not rush in recklessly again. Tsuna noted that the pack leader was watching him very carefully now and was a bit surprised that it had actually had the ability to move out of the way before he even started the jutsu. Tsuna drew his fist back into a defensive position and began to hop from foot to foot lightly while watching the pack leader right back as he brought his hands up. Tsuna went to go make a set of handsigns the pack leader seeing this sprung forward and opened it's massive jaws to bite down on Tsuna's arms who had to jump back to avoid having on or both arms bitten off. But the pack leader wasn't foolish he swept his tail forward now as Tsuna was in midair and smacked him full in the face as he could not dodge in midair Tsuna fell to his knee's his hands on his eyes which had been hit directly.

    "Agh bastard" Tsuna yelled in pain as he held his eyes he couldn't see anything Right now and the pack leader knew it so he sprung forward once more. Tsuna felt a weight on his left arm and was suddenly flipped onto his back where he stared up at the pack leader who seemed to be grinning down at Tsuna. The paw which pinned Tsuna's left arm was incredibly heavy and was slowly crushing his arm he could feel immense pain coming from it already the pack leader feeling confident in his victory raised his head to howl triumphantly at the sky. Tsuna saw his chace and clenched his free hand into a fist and slammed it into one of the toes on the paw holding his left arm down. The howl of victory turned into a howl of pain as a sickening crunch noise could be heard from the paw the pack leader took a step back allowing Tsuna to free his arm.

    Tsuna jumped to his feet his left arm hung limp against his side it was dislocated from the shoulder and probably bruised beyond belief. But he could not let this chance escape he thought as he lowered his waist and knee's to jump as high as he could and slam a viscous uppercut into the jawbone of the pack leader. The only reason Tsuna even reached the pack leader's jaw was due to his limping and lowered head to sniff at his wounded paw.Tsuna sent a powerful blast of chakra through his fist into the head of the pack leader shaking his brain up with the powerful blow he landed on the ground and grimaced in pain as his left arm was moved around. The pack leader seemed to be unsteady on his feet as he moved backwards then forwards and then finally fell to the ground on his side trying to make his body work properly but no matter how hard he tried it wouldn't.

    Tsuna stopped moving when he heard a growl or to be more exact about thirty growls of fury all pointed at him. The rest of the pack while silent during the match was now furious with malice and rage their fur bristled and their fangs were showing as they bared them they were ready to kill and Tsuna knew it. Tsuna jumped to the side as a wolf leaped at him but he was too slow and felt the claws rip into his right shoulder a bit deeply he could feel the blood flowing down his right arm slowly now. He looked at the wolves as they closed in the pack leader was still limp upon the ground but watched them and Tsuna with his eyes as the wolves moved in slowly. Tsuna pulled out a single smoke bomb kunai and threw it to the ground to cover him as he turned and ran as fast as he could he zig zagged through the tree's to keep the wolves at bay if any followed. And flow they did right behind him though some were surprised by the smoke bomb it wasn't nearly enough to stop them but it did hold them for a few seconds "what a shitty day....".

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