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  • Ibby Ookami

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    Ibby Ookami


    Name: Ibby Ookami

    Age: 11

    Height: 4'4"

    Weight: 70lb

    Ninja ID: 1738-557Z-BA8Y-9LCB

    Village: This is the village you reside in.

    Rank: 2

    Element: Fire, Wind

    Ninja Type: Offensive

    Occupation: Occupations will be given to gain money and experience:

    Character Information


    Anzu was born as a normal Ookami, though she was much smaller then the rest of her village members, and slightly weaker. Anzu lived in her own, small nameless village, with those of her kind until she was 4. After becoming what is considered an Adult in her village, by the age of 11, she traveled out, in order to become a ninja. She arrived at an academy, where one of the teachers found her making a mess, digging through the trash, of one of the trash cans outside. She looked like nothing but a strange, small white dog, with strange markings, and features, until she suddenly transformed into a small girl, right before he managed to catch her. Since then, she was placed in the academy, though at times, she can be troublesome.


    Ibby has long, beautiful white hair, and wolf like ears on the top of her head, though she still has normal human ears. The wolf ears on her head look as if they are simply two sections of her hair sticking up, though they are really ears, allowing her to hear even the quietest noises. Her bare skin is beautiful, and smooth, with no marks or scars, besides the marks she was born with. The red marks, on different sections of her skin resemble her clan, the Ookami. The first mark, on her forehead, directly in the center, takes the form of an egg, or oval, with a hollow center, and at the top, is a line going up, and disappearing under her hair, as well as one on the bottom, which is simply a short spike that goes about halfway down her nose, and stops. Under her eyes are 2 more spiked shape marks as well, that bend un from the sides of her face, behind her hair, as well as two extra marks at the end of her eyes, that are small, but connect from the ends of her eyes, back to her hair. Around the rest of her body are various marks as well, Ibby has a small, white wolf like tail, that most of the time hides under her skirt, though if she were ever to get excited, it could start wagging, and become noticeable.

    Clothing: The clothing she wears varies from day to day. Most of the time, she will wear her clans outfit, which is a white, sleeveless shirt, that has a fold that goes from one shoulder, to her waist. On her waist is a light blue sash, that is neatly tied around her, with the loose ends hanging in the pack. Connected to the main shirt of the outfit, is a skirt that comes out from underneath the sash, that is white as well, and goes down to the middle of Ibbys thighs. On her hands are white, soft wrist guard/gloves, that are fingerless, and on her feet are tall white boots with many buckles, and each has a white chain that hangs loosely, from top to bottom, though they do not touch the ground.

    Personality: Ibbys personality is slightly the same as a child's, except for the effect her Kekkei Genkai holds on it. Ibby is sometimes looked to as a puppy, due to her Kekkei Genkai ability, and the way she sometimes acts to those she likes, or those who excite her. Ibby is kind at heart, though her wolf like ways can get the best of her, and cause her to run off chasing a flock of sheep, or any animal really. She often gets in trouble as well, or sticks her nose in where she doesn't belong.


    Family: No one for miles, as her type is rare

    Sensei: none

    Academy Teachers

    1. etc.

    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Jutsu: none

    Please put all Jutsu in link form for space reasons.

    • Genin: 5
    • Chuunin: 10
    • Jounin: 20
    • Kage: 40
    • Sannin: 80
    • Ninja God: 160

    Bloodline: Ookami


    RP Sample:

    Tousou swung the sword around a bit, fast, making it cut through the air, and make a fast swish sound each time. She was a little surprised on how light the sword was, and the power it held, for being so light. She liked the color of it, because of it being all black. The cannon, she examined a little, as it rested on the ground, then she stuck her hand in the back of it, where the handle was located, a little far in the cannon, and held it straight to the air with a single hand. It was a little heavy, but so heavy at all. Concentrating her Raietsu to the cannon, a long, and powerful beam of Raietsu was shot from it, heading directly to the skies. The raietsu took a blackish color, with a mixture of a purple, and blue outline. By the force of which the cannon shot at, Tousou knew it was a powerful weapon indeed. She swung the cannon around a little, trying to get use to the extra weight, then immediately flash stepped off into the distance moving at an incredibly fast speed, though she was still holding the cannon in her hand. Each time she reappeared from the flash steps, she placed a single foot on the ground, and disappeared, due to the cannon heavy weight, which shortened the length of which she could move at. Finally beginning to usen up to the cannons weight, she examined it a little more, making sure there was no secret powers behind it. As she was looking at the cannon her Zanpakuto, in her other hand began forming a black fog like substance, that circled around it, and dispersed onto the ground, creating a large amount of it. Tousou looked over, and saw a silhouette of Izanagi, the manifestation of her Zanpakuto standing in it. Standing as perfectly as ever, in his normal position he always stood in, he glared at Tousou, with his bloody red eye, and the black, of which the mask was covering his other eye. "So...you finally have obtained your Bankai..congratulations.." he said to her, in his normal toned voice. Tousou nodded her head, and thanked him. "You don't look that bad at all in your bankai Tousou..it was as if..it was meant for you, all this time.." he said to her, as he began fading away, and began appearing slowly behind her. He lowered his head, so his mouth was next to her ear. "I'd even go as far as saying..you look cute, then wearing my armor.." he said quietly in her ear, which caused her to quickly turn around, and jump back a little, with a line of red going across her nose, and under her eyes. "Well, lets get down to the basics, shall we? first off, that large machine on your arm, it is known as a Raietsu cannon. It is unique for its accuracy, its power, and its ability to penetrate, nearly anything. It is a heavy weapon, but you will get completely use to it in no time. As for the black sword in your hand, it is very similar to a old heros sword..you may have heard of him, Kurosaki Ichigo. The bankai i have resembles his slightly, as both you, and him have human manifestations inside of your Zanpakuto, instead of beasts, like most people. The blade is built for speed, but mainly for use when you de materialize that cannon you are holding, so it doesn't slow you down" he said to her, before stopping to take a quick breather. Tousou concentrated a little bit of Reiryoku into the cannon, a different way, then the way she used to fire it, and it immediately began de materializing, at a very fast rate, freeing Tousous arm from its tight grasp. Izanagi turned around, and looked back at her over his shoulder, with his masked, black eye. "Try and follow me if you can..lets see how good you can use that Bakkai of yours.." he said as he immediately disappeared in thin air, along with Tousou, who disappeared only half a second after he did. They were both moving at a really fast pace, Izanagi in front, and Tousou right behind. Izanagi came to a quick stop, appearing right above the ground, and landing one foot first. Tousou did the same, right behind him. "You are pretty good with speed huh..theirs one more thing i need to tell you...as you battle, you will notice your Raietsu is a slightly different color then it is when your not in Bankai..it is because when in Bankai, it is much more powerful, and your amount of Raietsu you can throw out at once, has tremendously increased..." He said once more, as he stared Tousou down. Seeing her in her bankai made Izanagi a bit proud, that he has an owner that can use him to his fullest. "But heed my warning...When entering bankai..you may notice..a sudden urge flowing through your body..an evil one...do not let it out, or take over you at all..." Izanagi stated, right before vanishing, with a slight static sound. Tousou stood there for a moment, wondering what he meant by that, though she didn't have mucdh time to think about it, and had to head back to her room at the Seiritei fast, to get some rest before tomorrow.
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