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  • Kai Kouseitan'i

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    Kai Kouseitan'i

    Name: Kai Kouseitan'i

    Age: 9

    Height: 5'3ft

    Weight: 87lb

    Ninja ID: 1457-529J-LS7F-2KVG

    Village: Island Academy

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: Katon - Fire

    Ninja Type: Offensive

    Occupation: -

    Character Information


    Birth Arc:
    It was the beginning of Kai’s life. He was exiting the womb of his mother, Hayataro Senju, letting out the first cry of his life. His father Emanyeru Kouseitan’i, standing there beside the wall holding Kizmaru in his arms, watched in happiness as his son let out tears and cries of life after birth. The doctors had done a well job, Kai was a healthy boy. His older brother, who was born just three months before Kai, rested in his father’s arms. From the beginning, Emanyeru knew that these two children would be great shinobi. At least he would make sure that they would be…..

    Early Life Arc:
    Kai was only five years old when he started learning about his clan and its techniques. His father would often hold training lessons for both Kai and his older brother when he had the spare time. The boy had learned quite a handful of fighting techniques at the age of five, learning how to take down an opponent using Jujutsu techniques. The boy was now a fighting machine. This was a reason why the Kouseitan’i was such a feared clan.

    Academy Student Arc:
    . When four years passed, Emanyeru decided to enroll both Kai and his brother Kizmaru in the Academy of Yamigakure. However, Kai, his brother, and his cousin Sairento Kouseitan’i, did not take normal classes. They took different classes, far more advanced than the normal classes. The three students would learn the three basic ninjutsu techniques years earlier than the average Academy Students. Not only that, but they were introduced to their elements. Kai had fire, the basic Kouseitan’i element. He learned how to use it and manipulate it using his Kekkei Genkai. His brother and cousin did the same as well.

    Description: Avitar


    Personality: Kai Kouseitan'i, unlike many of his other Kouseitan'i clan members, seems to be the carefree type. He doesn’t like doing too much, but often accepts it when it must be done. The boy never seems to get serious during missions, joking around and ignoring the squad captains. However, he doesn’t fool around as much when working with his father, Emanyeru Kouseitan’i, and his brother, Kizmaru Kouseitan’i. This is probably because they are older, meaning that they wouldn’t tolerate such behavior. Even though others dislike the fact that Kai fools around, the boy thinks that he brings some joy to his dark village.


    Family: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i (Father) Aloide Kouseitan'i (Brother)

    Sensei: -

    Jutsu: -

    Bloodline: Kouseitan'i

    RP Sample:

    Kai couldn’t help but listen to what he feared he had to hear. He watched the two superiors conversing with each other, mostly watching female dog fill Emanyeru in with some satisfying news. Feeling a little useless, his head dropped down, his eyes were not staring at the elevator floor. The fact that he and Sairento had to retreat bothered him greatly. ”Yea, we were going to destroy Sunagakure just as ordered until some guy stopped us. He’s the one who gave us the letter. I swear I could have handled the jerk pops. He didn’t look that strong.” Slowly raising his head, Kai kicked the air out of his anger. ”I swear…If I see that guy again, he’s mine!” His frustration had got to him.

    After throwing his little fit, Kai returned to his normal state. Only the thought of killing the man was in Kai’s head right now, nothing else. The elevator had opened up, and his superiors along with his partner had exited the elevator, heading into the office. Kai followed, staying as silent as he possibly could. Both of his eyes rested on his father, who was now opening the envelope, which contained a disk. The sight of such an object had made Kai curious. ”What is that pops?” Crack! Small pieces of the disk had dropped on the carpet; Emanyeru had crushed it, leaving Kai to wonder why

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    Kai T. Kouseitan'i
    Kai T. Kouseitan'i

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    Kai Kouseitan'i :: Comments


    Post on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:24 am by Jasui

    Good though there is no Yamigakure training academy, there is an Island academy. xD So please change that. Please put your avatar picture in the description. Also your a pretty tall 9 yr old. 0.0 Overall approved.

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    Kai T. Kouseitan'i

    Post on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:41 am by Kai T. Kouseitan'i

    Yea it runs in the family. xD
    Oh there's an Island Academy? lol I'll fix that.

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