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  • Youshi clan/ Kokugen Shin bloodline WIP

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    Youshi clan/ Kokugen Shin bloodline WIP

    Clan Info

    Clan Name:Youshi

    History/Legend of the Clan:The Youshi clan was not always a clan they were once a warring tribe or group of people they first learned of their abilities exactly fifty three years ago when the clan founder Serinia Youshi started to gather people with powers like her own but many were reluctant to join her and some out right refused and declared they would strike down the arrogant woman Serinia Youshi welcomed all challenges she defeated and killed any and all who opposed her will many thought her a tyrannical power hungry killer she was not though she was a loving person with a family of her own and she just wanted peace between her people so she set out and defeated all the known Youshi's that is until he ran into Seijuro Youshi he was unrivaled under the heavens or so they said he was the last to oppose Serinia Youshi and he killed her with a blow to the heart

    But this was not the end of Serinia she supposedly came back from the dead they say after making a deal with a shinigami or death god her hair went from a fiery red to a snow white she said she would give the shingami her soul when she died again if he would grant her life once more the shinigami agreed but also declared that her descendants would be marked as only half souls with silver or white hair as Serinia was revived Seijuro could not believe it he was terrified now and was quickly killed as he tried to flee after the death of Seijuro all other Youshi's gave up they could not defeat an undead woman they thought as such Serinia was able to force the Youshi clan together and bring peace to it's people they moved from village to village each shunned them because of their clan's story most thought of them as evil spirits in the forms of humans it wasn't until they reached the village of (read when i said village) that they were accepted although some disagreed and many thought and said things behind the clan's back they had found a place to settle down and live peacefully

    Clan Powers and Summonings:
    the Kokugen Shin bloodline is not well known to many outside of the clan but they are born with a different body structure their bones are harder and the muscles are tougher then most from birth (note this doesn't mean they are super strong or anything its just how they are born to handle the bloodline's effects) but the biggest difference within the clan is the hearts their hearts are genetically modified to beat fifty times faster this causes the amount of adrenaline to rise drastically within the body it cases increased speed and strength by twenty five percent more then the average person would be able also through the eyes of someone holding this bloodline time will seem to slow down in reality it is not but through their eyes it has allowing for a faster reaction time due to this the Youshi clan is known for their speed in combat

    There is a second stage in which the speed and strength of a user of the bloodline increases by seventy five percent more then their best but as a result being in such a state damages the muscles severely meaning the user only has four to five minutes in this stage (6-7 posts) any farther then that and they may cripple themselves forever

    The third and final Stage of the Youshi bloodline is considered to be the perfect form unlike in the second stage the user's speed and strength actually go back to their original level of power the user's limits are pushed to their fullest by the heart accelerating even more this pushes the user into a supreme state of awareness completely demolishing their reaction time to 0.0 seconds as a result the hyper intuition is pushed to it's fullest as it combines the brain directly to the eyes sensing and disabling the brain's ability to see, hear, smell, or feel the illusions

    most people who hold the Kokugen Shin bloodline are born with white or silver hair another trait which not many even within the Youshi clan have had are the shinigami eyes due to the massive amount of adrenaline rushing through the system and the perspective of time slowing down through the eyes a person may actually receive hyper intuition their eyes will go completely black allowing the user to sense illusions or genjutsu not break but to realize they are illusions making them easier to break

    Clan Village:(will pick when i pick my village)

    Clan Member Appearance:all Youshi have silver or white hair other then that nothing else really stands out

    Clan's General Personality: (optional) If your clan has a general personality post it here (this can have exceptions)

    Clan Leader:there is no known leader at this time

    Open clan? Is your clan able for new members to join without your permission?

    Clan Members Your clan members.

    Clan Bonuses

    Does your Clan give any bonuses?

    Off. Nin:

    Off. Gen:

    Off. Tai:

    Off. Ken:

    Def. Nin:

    Def. Gen:

    Def. Tai:

    Def. Ken:










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