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  • Kamui Shaka

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    Kamui Shaka


    Name: Kamui, Shaka (Last name is Kamui, FYI)

    Age: 11

    Height: 5ft

    Weight: 80lbs

    Rank: Academy Student; year 1

    Element: Wind

    Ninja Type: Taijutsu Expert

    Character Information

    Shaka was born in the Marsh country as a child to a simple black smith, his father, Gakupo Kamui, and a kendo teacher, his mother, Lilith Kamui. Gakupo sometimes even forged the swords for Lilith to wield in some of her "self given missions", where she developed her swordplay with bamboo canes, rocks, or some spars with real metal swords, to get used with them as the role of "defending" the kamui's family was on her shoulders.

    All of that pressured Shaka, somewhat, into being a sword master, maybe wield one of his father's masterpieces to battle with his mother's techniques, or maybe even suceed the school, but he basically decided not too. He, despite what his mother told him about the ninjas, wanted to be a Ninja instead of only a black smither or a teacher in a kendo school. This "hype" of his started when he was about 9 and a half months old.

    After two months of nagging his mother with it, she finally decided to let him go to the ninja academy, and as such, she iniciated him a bit into various sword and hand to hand combat techniques, but purposedly didn't end the techniques she was teaching, as he had to develop his own style.

    When he became 11, he finally was to be transfered to the grain country to train into what he always wanted, a ninja. As a parting gift, her mother gave him a shinai that was slightly bigger than Shaka was, but she thought that he would grow into something that could wield it in due time.

    Description: Kamui Shaka is one messed up ninja, and as such, he wears a golden coloured woolen shirt, whenever it is cold, warm or hot, as well as a golden colored pair of pants. He also wields some kind of bright yellow sandals, and a pair of bright yellow colored, leather gloves, and also carries a blue bag with what would a shinai (wooden sword used to practice Kendo) inside. Shaka also has green colored eyes and blonde, somewhat long hair that reaches his neck, and is also considerably short and lightweight for his age, sometimes even being picked on due to such.

    Personality: Shaka's a calm, laid back and relaxed person, he sometimes has the idea to say things that make no sense at all. Although he is calm and laid back, he is also somewhat flashy every now and then. He is also really connected with the gods and nature, also belives in karma, so he mostly stays quiet, waiting for the other to atack first, if it ever comes to such.


    Random Male NPC (Nicknamed Gakupo) - Father
    Random Female NPC (Nicknamed Lilith) - Mother


    Academy Teachers: (to be actually added up)


    RP Sample: RP Sample:
    Kamui Shaka was in his standard golden uniform, sitting in the bus with his blue bag. He had yet to open it, yet he already felt around it. It seemed to be a shinai. He remembers what his mother said about this "bag".

    "Remember shaka... You can only open this up at the academy or if you get in trouble in the bus, never before, ok?"

    For now, he was keeping his promise to his mother, but it is possible that he won't be able to withstand it anymore, as he was listening that, in the same bus, there was some kind of "bully" annoying people in the front rows of said bus.


    "E-Exactly that, s-sir, I don't h-have no m-money!"

    Shaka shaked his head and got up, aproaching the front rows. The "bully" was taller, considerably more well built than Shaka, as well as somewhat fatter, dressed in an obvious shirt that screamed "Thug" or "Douche" to anyone that desired watched it at a close range. He also had a set of pants that is obviously ragged at multiple points in the knees. It was possible he was also older than him. Shaka coughed somewhat, and the bully, as a response, turned towards him, looking down, revealing his dark brown eyes, which somewhat matched his short, dark brown gelled-like hair.

    "... And what do YOU Want, pigmy?"

    "... I don't want nothing really, but I would prefer that you stoped with all the ruckus your causing. I can't examine the view outside if you keep shouting about wanting money. Also to warn you Karma may get pissed about your way of being."

    As shaka talked with the bully, the victim swiftly got away, aiming for another seat, whispering a "thank you" as he ran past shaka. The bully cracked his massive knuckles, a buldge appearing on his forehead, accompanied by a smirk

    "So you were only here to let him run away, huh... You want me to tell you what I think about karma?"

    "Sure, I'm expecting something that will allow me to laugh for a while."

    The bully's smirk throws a punch downwards, and Shaka, clearly ready for such, side stepped to the left, and grabbed his "gift", shoving it up on the stomach of the bully. The bully seemed to back away, somewhat dazed by that, as he wasn't expecting such counter, if it could be called that. The bully then whistled, and four thugs that looked similar to the main bully have surrounded Shaka.

    "So you think your an hero... only because you landed a hit on me? Oh don't worry... your going to be... My bi-"

    Something appeared to have knocked out the bully in mid sentence, and also his friends that surrounded Shaka. He blinked, and turned around, facing the back of what would appear to be the bus driver. Shaka's eyes widdened, and he looked to the driver's seat, but the driver was still there. He then blinked, tilting his head in confusion.

    "Don't be confused, grasshoper. You'll be able to do the same, someday. But this scum won't have such a privilege while I'm a bus driver. Picking on someone that seems weak and the such isn't our way."

    The bus driver made what it was rumoured to be "handseals", and the bus seemed to gain holes in five spots under the underlings and the bully, dumping them on the road.

    "... well, guess I was right about karma..."

    The bus driver snickered somewhat, and nodded.

    "That you were, lad... That you were..."
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