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  • Komi Yononoke (Done)

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    Komi Yononoke (Done)

    Post by Komi Yononoke on Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:15 pm


    Name: Komi Yononoke

    Age: 10

    Height: 129.54cm (4'3")

    Weight: 31.9kg (70.4lbs)

    Ninja ID: N/A

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Year 1 Academy Student

    Element: (Will be water)

    Ninja Type: (Def. Nin. Expert)

    Occupation: N/A

    Character Information


    Komi was born 5 years before the formation of Tanigakure no Sato. Her parents were refugee's from the village hidden in the mountains. When the war between the Shadow Knight Regime and Sawagakure no Sato was over, her father helped create the Sun country. Thanks to his help in the creation, he was appointed Shodaime Tanikage. Komi enjoyed the peace that followed her father's appointment. She and her family soon moved into a modest Kage home that they had helped in constructing. By the time Komi was 8, the village had most of it's essential buildings up and running. Then when she turned 10, her father enrolled her in school.


    Komi is the average 10 year-old when it comes to her height and weight. She has long, honey blonde hair and large, blue-grey eyes. Her skin is pale with pink undertones.

    Clothing wise, she's almost always seen wearing royal blue. Her current favorite outfit consists of a short-sleeve hiking jacket, grey shorts, royal blue elbow and knee protectors, and black ninja shoes. She also never wears skirts unless her mother insists upon it.


    Komi's personality tends to be described as tomboyish and opinionated. She's not one to let other people make decisions for her. This is caused by her lack of independence at home.

    She never backs down from a challenge she has a good chance of winning. She'll never let a boy tell her she's not a good as them.


    Ryouma Yononoke - Father, Tanikage
    Kaiya Yononoke - Mother, Tanikage's Wife
    Kei Yononoke - Older Sister, Tanikage's Elder Daughter


    Academy Teachers
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A
    4. N/A

    Jounin Sensei

    • N/A

    Students: :N/A

    Squad Name
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A

    Team: N/A:

    Name of Genin Squad: N/A
    1. Squad Leader: N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A

    Name of Chuunin Squad: N/A
    1. Squad Leader: N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A


    • Bushin no Jutsu
    • Kawarimi no Jutsu
    • Henge no Jutsu

    RP Sample:

    Early one morning, Komi Yononoke awoke to the sound of a beautiful voice accompanied by a two marvelous musical instruments. She jumped out of her bed and ran as fast as her 8 year old feet could carry her. She turned a corner too fast and slid straight into a decorative table. She uttered a silent, childish curse as she rubbed her cheek. As she got up, she noticed that the music had stopped. Crying quietly to herself, she desperately tried to find the source of the sound again.

    "Komi dear, what in the world are you doing?" Komi froze as she recognized the voice. Her mother would certainly be angry if she knew she had been running in the house. She turned to look at her mother who was peeking out of a room she had just passed.

    "Uh . . . I was just looking for the nice music. I didn't mean to run in the house Mama," the child uttered, not quite looking Kaiya in the eye. Her mother smiled and ushered the girl into the room she had just come out of. Komi was confused. She looked around the room to find her father and her older sister. Both of them had a different instrument in front of them.

    "We were waiting for you to wake up, little one," her father said, tuning his tonkori a tad.

    "I thought you'd never come down here," Kei, her sister muttered. Her komabue fue laid in her lap.
    Komi looked back to her mother who guided her to an unoccupied cushion on the tatami mats. Her mother took her seat and repositioned her koto. She began to play a familiar tune. Soon her father, and then her sister joined into the instrumental beginning of the song.
    After a little while her mother started to sing the vocals. Her father looked a Komi, urging her to harmonize with her mother. Komi nervously looked at her mother and softly started to sing the high melody of the song. As she gained confidence in her singing abilities, she grew louder until her voice was no longer quivering with nervousness.
    A little while later, the song ended and the family sat in the room smiling at each other. Komi would remember this day forever.

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    Komi Yononoke
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    Re: Komi Yononoke (Done)

    Post by Reido Ryoushi on Fri Jan 01, 2010 10:20 pm

    Approved just put what year you are in the academy.
    Reido Ryoushi
    Reido Ryoushi

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