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    Ikazuchi Kumori Empty Ikazuchi Kumori


    Name: Ikazuchi Kumori

    Age: 11

    Height: 4'6

    Weight: 109

    Ninja ID: -


    Rank: Academy Year 2

    -Main: Sound [Oton]

    Ninja Type:
    -Main: Ninjutsu Exp


    Character Information


    Pre-Academy Arc
    Kumori Ikazuchi was born into the slowly dying clan residing within Kumogakure, known as the Kumori Clan. Ikazuchi was born on the day the first attack on the village since the Great Shinobi War. His father and other clansmen all fought to keep out the beast. The Raikage ordered all non-ninja to stay underground while the fight went on outside. This attack was not like others. A Beast that only could be Discribed as one of the Sudo-Bijuu. By the looks of it this was the first of the several more. The Raikage took action and went to join the battle as well. Different men like Kuro Ishiba went head on with the beast and had there limbs torn off. Other men like John Kiske head captain of the ANBU Black ops. tried to ambush the Demon, but were sucked into the massive winds the Bijuu was producing. The Raikage spoke with Ikazuchi's Father and spoke to him about the power of this Demon and how he could engulf the village in a storm with one foul swoop. Kazaharku couldn't let that happen to his family he didn't want it to end in such a terrible manner. Kazaharku watched as others gave there lives for the Kumo village and how others fled from the village only to be sucked into the Demon's massive power. Kazaharku spoke to the Raikage of how they could end this madness. The Raikage spoke on the conditions it would take and who it would take the lives of both Kazaharku and Ikazuchi. Kazaharku agreed to the terms and went back home to get his son.

    Back at his residential building his wife and kids were waiting. His wife hated the idea of cursing her own child with a demon. She obliged to the idea and gave her child to the father. Naito was already gone and she was about to loose one more. The pain she felt was unmatched to that of death. Kazaharku brought back his new baby boy, and he and the Raikage both set out for the Bijuu. They found it and caugth the Demon's attention. Kazaharku performed the first sealing method Sealing of Body and Soul Technique [Reiniku no Chouin Jutsu] After performing the needed set of hand seals, the Kazaharku will began to use his chakra to pull the spirit of the Demon creature into Ikazuchi. This process lasts a few hours to perform, but this time Kazaharhu put all his chakra into the seal and would be able to get it done in the next 10 min. Thus, it is an exhausting technique. The Demon was led into the center of a trigram, that was drawn on the ground, Once the spirit that is being imprisoned has been 20% sealed, the body becomes too weak, so know it was the Raikage turn to finish the job. The Raikage performed a string of hand seals and began to work on his jutsu, Shishou Fuuin - Four Image Seal. Now with the first seal finished he performed The Hakke no Fuuin Shiki jutsu which was used to make the two Shishou Fuuin allow the escape of the Demon's chakra back into Ikazuich's own chakra. This allows Ikazuchi to draw on the chakra of the Demon and still keep the Demon itself imprisoned. Ikazuchi can access this chakra whenever he experiences heightened emotions or when his own chakra is drained.

    The Raikage was starting to become weak so he thought he would end it rigth know. The Raikage performed his last jutsu. The end was near the spirit of the Demon was going to sealed and locked away in the belly of Ikazuchi. The Raikage Called out his final words "Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake, Shiki Fuujin - Corpse Spirit Sealing Method." Kazaharku knew knew that jutsu and he quickle ran to the Raikage and begged him to stop. " Its not worth it please stop!," He yelled with tears coming down his face. His last words before his death was for Kazaharku to send Ikazuchi to Konoha with a letter which explains what happened there he would be safe. After calling forth the Shinigami (Death God) with the proper hand seals, the Raikage handed over his soul in exchange for the Death God removing the soul from the Demon. The ultimate sacrificial jutsu, but the Death God will still remove the original caster's soul. With this know done the beast was finally sealed away into Ikazuchi who was sleeping at the time. The Soul of bothe the demon and the Raikage were ripped out and the Demon was sealed inside of Ikazuchi while the Raikage gave his soul for his village. Kazaharku went on to Leaf Village and he did the orders that the The Raikage gave him. He set his child in front of a house knocked on the door and left. When he returned back to the village he told the people of the Raikage sacrifice but not about his son.

    Ikazuchi was found in a filthy blanket in Konoha. He was rasied there by two laoners. He was found with a Kanta and a Note reviling his Name, Age, Clan, and why he was there.They wanted a son so very badly but his wife wasn't able to conscide. When they found Ikazuchi they thought it was a blessing from the gods. He was brougth to the attention oh the Hokage and was put in the books as an official leaf civilan. They enrolled him when he was 7 into the ninja academy so they he would grow up to be a great ninja like is father before him. Ikazuchi was a great ninja it came natural to him. He was a big success to his parents Shibi and Kiba Lores.

    As he grew Ikazuchi began training alone by himself during his time away from the Ninja Academy, so that he could someday achieve a higher level than in the stories his father told him about his father. However, the most he did when he trained at such a young age was mainly just shuriken throwing. It wasn’t until a year had passed when he was Eight years old, that he came to his senses and asked his older cousin, Yasuto, to train him. At this time, Lores Yasuto was Seventeen years old, and a Chuunin ranked shinobi.Yasuto was the son and only child of Lores Ganduro, who was Kiba’s younger brother, and only other sibling. Ganduro was a Jounin; however, he died on a mission when Yasuto was at the age of Four years.


    Ikazuchi Kumori 2lk35zt


    Kumori Ikazuchi has orange hair about four inches long, and has eyes colored blue. He ranges exactly five feet tall in height, and about 155 lbs. in weight. He wears a teal colored shirt, with separated sleeves running down both arms, which are teal colored as well. He wears a pair of black colored pants that are fastened tightly by black colored bandages to the lower portion of each leg; this helps prevent his pants from having too much slack. As for footwear, Ikazuchi wears the common pair of shoes; his are colored black, with the top part cut out revealing his toes. On the back of his waist, he wears a white colored weapon pouch, which inside of it he stores; kunai knifes, shuriken, paper bombs, metallic coil, and bandages for injuries. He wears a white and blue cloak around his waist and always has a grin on his face.

    Hanging on his back, with the handle baring over his left shoulder, he carries his sword. This sword was entirely customized by Ikazuchi when his father created it at a younger age. Using certain minerals, he made this weapon to where it is now practically indestructible, thus making it an ideal weapon for a Kumori. Unique to most other swords, inside of this lives the spirit of a demonic bird. While on a mission, Ikazuchi's Father fused the spirit of the bird with the sword, in order to save a small village from certain destruction because of the creature. when his father passed away he was given this has a reminder of his father. After a short time had passed, Ikazuchi discovered that because of the bird’s spirit, his spiritually possessed sword was able to return to his hand on his command. Ikazuchi later named his sword, “Onitori”, which meant, “Demon Bird.”



    Naito Kumori


    Academy Teachers

    1. etc.

    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad

    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad

    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader


    RP Sample:

    Three Man Rp

    -FLY (Me)

    reflection would drop to the ground and go through a short series of
    hand seals and held its hand over the wound. The wound would heal over
    quickly, sealing itself as it stared over at the other man and motioned
    him over. The reflection would switch back with Emanyeru as he stood
    there watching the moon sat darkened in the sky. He would turn to the
    boy and motioned towards the girl, "Take her to base", his voice
    relayed no emotion, nor did it show how he knew the boy. He only knew
    that the boy was not hostile nor was he a random civilian. He also knew
    that the boy was part of his org and knew that the boy knew where to
    take her.

    He turned away from the womans body as he sat down on
    the ledge overlooking the village. His thoughts swirled slowly in his
    head as he pondered the recent events, wondering what would happen next
    now that he had captured a goddess. He didn't really fear the gods, nor
    did he envy them, he only worried that this would turn into a holy war
    which would mean that other demons would join the fray and get in the
    way. And that would be so tiring to deal with.

    wind blew gently over the ridge of the Hokage Mountain, the cliff
    that showed the faces of the past Hokage worn on the massive rock. The
    wind was gentle and kind, kissing anyone who lightly walked along the
    top of the Hokage Mountain. Such was Ikazuchi. Ikazuchi had gone
    through a lot of the late. He had to face the daunting experience of
    becoming a kage. He was practically tortured with the idea of war in
    the villages. Then, the Unknown ninja accepted him to become a member
    of a new team led by the he himself and three others. Things were in
    fast-forward. Life was accelerating too quickly to handle. That was why
    he stopped to take the time to relax with nature. The wind blew
    gingerly across the terrain. His clothes were not particularly
    different. He wore his regular clothes and wore his personal kage rob.
    He was a little more free in this village, a little more open, just
    like the wind. He looked over the edge of the massive monument, seeing
    all of the capital of Konohagakure no Sato. It was marvelous, the sun
    bathing the city in a warm glow. He snickered & laughed, the very
    essence of the village then being practically perfect though it didn't
    match his own village. Over looking the village he witnessed some
    outstanding events as 3 powerful people where having a dispute on the
    other edge of the mountain. He watched as blood spwed out of the female
    counter part, only to be healed, concerned about his own life he hid in
    secretciy. Being unnoticed, concelaing his chakra pressure he waited
    for the right time to strike. Scoutting out the surrounding.

    Danzo hovered above Maya he listened to Eman talk to him "Take her to
    the base." Is what he told Danzo to do, he wasn't happy with his
    decision about him taking her to the base because he wanted to be here
    once it was ready to begin the damage. The Gelel stone located in his
    chest as he began to fall down from the air, he landed besides maya
    with his right foot on the ground and his left knee stabbing into her
    back. Just from danzo putting on off his weight on he back it made he
    head poop out along with his feet. Danzo quickly grabbed her hair as he
    pulled it towards him causing her whole neck to arc back. He bent his
    head down as he vampire fangs began to show, he also began to smell her
    neck as he slightly laughed. "Hmmm smells so good. I haven't had any
    food today you might be my next meal." Danzo said as he spoke to the
    women passed out under him. He reached into his pocket, then pulled
    something out. Danzo slapped the back of his neck sticking the thing
    onto it, he then stood up whole holding her hair as he Gelel Stone
    activated and began to glow green. He and the girl became ghostly and
    began to float, if the girl wasn't passed out then she was now due to
    the seal. They both began to slowly emerge into the ground as danzo
    took one last look at Eman before leaving and allowed his voice to be
    heard. "Watch out someone is close. This person is not to be
    underestimated his chakra is great so be care full. See ya when i See
    ya." Danzo said as he was now gone.

    nodded to the young nin as he disappeared shortly and focused his gaze in the direction of the other presence. He knew the boy had been there
    for sometime as his sphere alerted him of all living things in the vicinity. He smiled softly when the boy tried to hide himself by concealing his chakra as that officially gave him the okay that this was a hostile. He kept his reflection world open as he turned away pretending that he hadn't noticed the boy. He sat down on the edge of the cliff and marveled as the night wore on. Dawn came quickly for him as his body automatically kept track of time. It seemed that it was almost as if he were a fortuneteller when he stood up to greet the
    morning sun. He stretched out his back calmly keeping track of the boy
    and his position, noting that he was still watching him. That was a good thought for him as he leaped from the mountain face onto the roof of the hokage building. He dropped down to one of the side ledges slowly and slipped into the office through the window and sat down in a chair silently.

    The Hokage, startled turned to greet him calmly as he wondered how this stranger got in without releasing a sound and waved down the ANBU who were planning on striking him. "So to what or who do I owe this visit Mr...?" His question stopped short as Emanyeru lifted up his hand with a smile, "You already know me, Mr. Hokage...who do you think killed...your predecessor...", his grin turned into a bloodthirsty chuckle as the ANBU bristled with rage at the remarks. The Hokage brought his hands up to his desk as he bent forward slightly, eyes squinting as he studied Emanyeru, "You...". That was the only word his spoke as Emanyeru smiled and stood up from his seat before striding up to the mans desk, "Yes me...now I'll give you my ultimatum...place Konoha under me...or watch it burn to the ground..." He stepped back as the ANBU seemingly melded out of their shadows and held their weapons at a ready, poised to strike when their leader gave the order. The Hokage pondered it briefly as he smiled and stood up while turning his
    back to Emanyeru. He pulled out a long thin box that held an unknown
    package as he chuckled, "You know whats best about being Hokage...?" he
    asked simply. "I don't have to wait for orders to kill threats to my

    He whipped around quickly as the sound of metal clashing against itself rang out around the room and watched as the ANBU fought to overpower the man who seemed to be holding them off with a simple kunai. "Crude...but efficient..." He chuckled softly as he stepped from behind his desk, in his hands was a bright red, blazing O-Katana, its sheath was a dark blood red with several sealing kanji etched into it. The hand guard was wrapped in alternating red and white strips of cloth that tapered off into a knot at the end. He held the hand guard in one hand and the sheath in another as he slid the blade loose, taking his sweet time as Emanyeru held off the guards with both hands. Emanyeru knew that if he didn't think of something he would most likely be injured, and the thought of nursing a wound wasn't exactly a
    good thought in his mind. He backed up suddenly as a seal on the back
    of his hands activated. It glowed brightly distracting the guards long
    enough for him to push them back from him and unseal his clawed
    gauntlets. They slipped on his hands snugly as he clenched his fists
    and looked at the five nin with the expression, 'who's first?' The ANBU
    on the left took that as a challenge as he briefly skidded to the side
    dodging the downward slash as another rushed at him from the opposite

    His reaction time was instantaneous as he twirled on his feet softly coming around to face the nin who held his blade out ready to impale Emanyeru. Emanyeru quickly skimmed by the blade, only having the upper part of his vest slit as the blade slashed through the air beside him. The ANBU didn't have enough time to register what happened as a clawed gauntlet grabbed his head and picked him up from the ground with just his neck supporting his body weight. His left eye stared down a empty cylinder and watched as it began to glow softly as energy flowed into it. Finally it glowed a soft pink as he felt heat and power radiate through it, his partners backing away as he screamed and wailed terribly. Emanyeru grunted deeply as he grabbed his arm to brace itself as he released a bright blast of energy from the hole. The
    man's body shook as the blast ripped through his skull blowing his
    brain matter out the back seconds before it was disintegrated.

    other nin in the room watched as the body simply went limp before
    dropping to the ground with finality. The head no longer existing as
    its bodily mole
    cules had been blasted into the air behind it. The
    Hokage stood wide eyed as one of his personal guards grabbed him and
    jumped out the room. The other two stood firm as Emanyeru knelt down
    and grabbed the arm of the man he just killed and yanked it up pulling
    his body with it. He sniffed the arm finding that the heat from the
    attack had cooked the muscles inside. He bit into the cooked flesh
    inhaling the sweet scent of human through his nostrils as he savored
    the flavor of the meat. He ripped it from the bone and chewed softly as
    the ANBU before him gagged roughly watching their teammate be devoured
    by this...thing. He smiled at their expression and waved softly as his
    body disappeared along with his meal. Before he left he made sure to
    make a small snapping noise alerting the ANBU that he left.

    men only had a moments warning before the explosions ripped through the Hokage building killing them instantly. He reappeared back where he had
    originally left, noting that the sun was low in the horizon signalling
    that the meeting only took about twenty five minutes of time. He knelt
    down over the body as similar explosions erupted all over the village,
    weakening and, or completely destroying the ANBU station, Hospital, and
    Academy. The Market District bulged slightly upwards before exploding
    as though several tones of TNT were buried under it shadowing the
    village in a grand dust and ash cloud. Emanyeru smirked as his work as
    the fires raged around the village, chaos ran amock as evacuation plans
    faltered. The villagers stood trapped between mayhem and destruction as
    Emanyeru flashed through one more set of handseals. His lungs inflated
    suddenly as he inhaled deeply taking his time to gather his air. His
    finger tips burned brightly with a blazing fire as his fire elemented
    chakra mixed in with the air, saturating it, heating it before helping
    to expel it violently from his body.

    It rushed out in a fury as
    a dragon head formed almost instantly from the flames. It streamed upwards as four more dragons split from the main one, looping softly in the air below before rushing downwards towards the village. The dragons impacted in random places though two were aimed purposefully at the village gates, halting any escape. He finally stopped exhaling as the
    dragons imploded on themselves continuing to help spread the fires as
    screams echoed from the village below. He kept his attention on the boy
    watching him as he knelt down to enjoy his meal, tearing, and ripping
    at the flesh. He smacked his lips in content as he gulped down the body
    quickly cleaning the arm he had started on and began to start on the
    opposite limb. The fire's blazed brightly as the remains of his
    technique ravaged the village leaving nothing but burning buildings and
    the echo's of horror.

    Kumori, stared wide eyed at the enemy as his, in his eyes, apprentice
    exited the village carrying his noted prize. The look in his eyes
    enraged him, though he thought to himself, "Patience is the only thing
    that keeps me from death." Staring oddly into the outer brims off the
    city he imagined if the Hokage knew of the threat, happening only a few
    yards away from his own quarters. Though his imagination was going to
    be realized as the threat proceeded on into the Hokage's Office. Only
    time would tell, if the man would return dead or alive. Watching him
    thoroughly he followed him, only a few yards behind, towards the
    Office. Listening in on the conversation as time passed. His heart
    racing as the even concluded with the Hokage bursting right pass him.
    Not evening acknowledging his presence he scurried off into the
    horizon. Ikazuchi faced the Office ounce more, listening harder than he
    expected. He heard the daunting laugh & screeches of both parties
    in the event. As he heard the sounds of relentless gagging, and the
    rough devouring type noise only made by true beast.

    Fleeing towards the edge of the northern border of the village, he failed to
    regroup with his counter parts. As a large blast ripped through the
    center of Konohagakure, he covered his hears and dropped to the ground
    as the blast impacted. Instanously killing hundreds, maybe even
    thousands, of people. As the dust and ash were accumulated on the
    inside, a large cloud of fumes emitted from the village. Causing mass
    hysteria the screams could be heard from the inside of the village.
    Ikazuchi hurried to the gates of the village, only to find them
    consumed in a vicious fire. The threat caused so much damage with no
    remorse what so ever. Ikazuchi reacted to this unlawful homicide by
    letting an innocent tear drop from his eye. As he shuttered his eyes
    and wiped them desperately, he tried to at least show an ounce of

    Usually, he is mostly calm, but in this type of environment it was hard to keep thing together. As anger enraged him, he fell to the floor as Twin Tails formed around his body. Granting him an orange-reddish tone of aura that surrounded the body in utter minutes, taking the shape of two chakra tails that resemble the shape of a dog tail. The chakra aura about the hands becomes condensed into
    'claw' like figures. With ones hands, they can block weak physical
    blows or normal attacks such as kunai, shuriken, or normal sword
    swings, with ones hands alone. Ones physical strength will be increase
    20% and the power of any technique or jutsu that lack an element will
    be increase 25%. If the surroundings in which the battle is taking
    place is desert, sandy, rocky or any other sort of arid climate, ones
    speed will be increased 15%.

    The host can also now control their tails, though they cannot grab and lack dexterity, they can be used to attack a foe. The chakra that makes up the tail is considered poisonous. Ikazuchi also gains access to the jutsu of Houkou. As his
    body transformed he stilled was capable of keeping his normal mind set.
    Taming the very beast the dwelled inside him. As one tailed blistered
    in the intense energy, the lightning tail, covering the tail in a veil
    of electricity glowing slightly yellow though his aura was engulfed
    with orange. The tail next to it had a lush appearance, smooth and
    demanding it severed through the air as Ikazuchi stood from his assumed
    beast position. Leaping above the very essence of the village he spit a
    powerful beam of boiling water, strong enough to push down to cause
    physical damage. Spitting three beams consecutively directly above the
    village, spitting the in an upward position. Creating somewhat of a man
    made rain, the beams splattered across the village showering the
    village in a blanket of water.

    As the fire was put out, Ikazuchi noticed something had been left undone. Waiting for a sense of the enemy he eyed him in the same spot he original spotted this spawn of sin. Watching it smack down on the limbs of another human being,
    greedily filling himself with another bite of the arm. In disgust he
    ventured towards the bodily presence halting in his actions as sparks
    of electricity darted out from his left tail. An extremely horrifying
    Raiton attack was about to be performed, that requires the pinnacle of
    chakra control from Houkou to perform. Ikazuchi gathers massive amounts
    of chakra into his palms and flattens it out into a disc extending over
    each hand that absorb any ambient electricity. Once the discs have
    collected enough ambient energy, the user smashes his palms together,
    creating a deafening thunderclap accompanied by a hemispherical
    electric shockwave that travels outward from the hands. With all of
    this occurring within a few seconds, it is clear to see why the utmost
    of chakra control is required.

    The jutsu ratified the point Ikazuchi wanted to make, to all that opposed the thought of Freedom. Though he feared his enemies he could stand in fight with great passion. Climax, the only thought that was raised repeatedly through
    his mind. As the shockwave traveled further into the area heading
    towards the enemy, only taking a matter of seconds. He waited for his
    own enemies death, because ounce the wave hit the body was supposedly
    turn to ruble, though that speculation was hard to believe. Ikazuchi
    knew ounce the wave hit the mans body, it would only be that ‘his
    body‘, the remains of that body would be scattered in every possible

    Wanting for this obscure meeting of 'enemy v. hero' to come to a final conclusion, though Ikazuchi had a feeling the beginning has just ended, and the middle has just yet to come to this unbelievable story-book day.

    hunger peaked as he dug in the man's chest searching for organs that could be consumed. He had already consumed both arms and half of the mans legs
    in a matter of minutes while the village burned away. His was
    interrupted however when water began to drop all around him and the
    village slowly putting out the flames. He scowled dangerously as the
    flames doused themselves and dug a hole for the body and buried it,
    leaving it there for a later meal. He looked in the general direction
    of the village, searching for whatever caused it before realizing that
    the boy had changed positions. He now flew just above the village
    obviously using a powerful leap to keep him afloat long enough to fire
    the water in the air.

    As the downpour ceased he heard a large crack as though someone had unleashed a bag of thunder right beside him causing him to look in the direction of the boy. He watched as a hemisphere of electricity began to spread outwards flowing towards him in a relatively quickened pace. He frowned at the notion of the boy as his mind automatically went through a string of hand seals as he stood up and walked to the front of the kage face and held out his clawed gauntlet. He held it in a prepared form as the dome reached his outstretched hand. The lightning would automatically flow into the metallic gauntlets but would also unknowingly be stopped and absorbed
    by Emanyeru. He whispered softly the name of the technique as the
    lightning slowly lost power before dissipating into nothingness.

    He kept his gauntlets trained on the boy as the cylinder in the center
    glowed brightly with energy. He kept his aim true and clear as he went
    through a small stream of handseals behind his back causing the energy
    to turn a dark deep purple. It bubbled and hissed dangerously as he
    fired it out of the gauntlet with an extreme amount of force almost as
    if he had fired off a 35 mm gun from a cruiser. The concussive shock
    wave shook the ground and through up a small dust cloud as a small
    projectile flew at the demon. Emanyeru himself knew that the projectile
    was practically useless, but with its youkai cancelling properties it
    would be practically useful.

    He smiled as the last of the lightning he had absorbed had been converted into chakra and through his Shadow Gate Seal even more youkai as he leaped into the air. The air held him softly for a few second before a concussive thump was heard. It was almost as if there were a large dragon or bird nearby but alas it wasn't. The noise grew louder and louder as something on
    Emanyeru's back became slightly visible to everyday human sight. His
    wings were grayish in color and held an almost regal appearance. He
    looked almost holy if it weren't for the nine demonic fox tails
    protruding from his backside.

    His smirk grew as he planned out this fight slowly, he wouldn't attack forwardly, only observe from a distance. He figured that he would draw his opponent to depend even more heavily on its bijuu forcing him to tire even more quickly. Once his opponent was completely tired he would swoop down for the kill and end it, or capture the intriguing boy and extract the demon inside him for it was his strict belief that no demon should be someone's slave.

    day started out not like any other, now he was in a predicament that he
    couldn't dream of. He had resorted to using Houkou, or so he though, as
    he shoot out a blistering shockwave of electricity with a thunderous
    hand clap. His opponent seemed to magically appear before him, keeping
    his gauntlets trained on him, as the enemy sent a cylinder in the
    center glowed brightly with energy. Firing it with extreme amounts of
    speed, though he only awkwardly stared at the cylinder as he quickly
    dropped from his position to the ground. Enforcing gravity by diving
    into the ground, crushing the pavement and sending debris flying around
    the area.

    Manipulating his Bijuu power, he formed the jutsu"Kage Bunshin." The Jounin level Ninjutsu technique, which created several 'five' copies of the ninja that lacks any substance. The shadow clone distributed Houkou's chakra evenly among the clones and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clone itself can also utilize
    any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones. Moving across the the forsaken terrain villages fled in terror as hi clones depressed from he area. Going around the area, the outer brims of the village, in a circular formation.

    Ikazuchi had formed several scenarios throughout his mind, though they were a little bit off point, he continued to pursue his plans. Containing Houkou with little effort, he leaked out more chakra as another tail formed. The third tail gave Ikazuchi a Jade Aura that surrounds his form including three chakra 'tail' that take the shape of a dogs tail. Ikazuchi's condense chakra aura will protect him,
    and will not be effected by any jutsu that is aimed towards him. Any
    justu can be used as if the rank was downgraded one, with the same
    desired effect, increasing efficiency of attacks.

    Continuing the leak chakra he down shifted into his beast position ounce more. As
    chakra emitted from his body. As his body transformed he stilled was
    capable of keeping his normal mind set. Taming the very beast the
    dwelled inside him. As one tailed blistered in the intense energy, the
    lightning tail, covering the tail in a veil of electricity glowing
    slightly yellow though his aura was engulfed with orange. The tail next
    to it had a lush appearance, smooth and demanding it severed through
    the air. As his newest tail was just now beginning introduced into the
    battle, it appeared with a burst of energy, as it went a blaze with a
    reddish veil surrounding it. Standing mid way upward- his back slouched
    as he took a demonic appearance.

    "Houkou give me your power", he said with a beastly voice. His hair sizzled while the chakra was pushed around his body in the Jade Aura. He quickly glanced at his enemy noticing his very essence churned his blood. His heart pounding, it
    felt as if it was slowly shifting vertically across his body. The anger
    which dwelled in his heart only gave him consent to complete
    sensitization of the enemy’s existence. His mind was dangerously going
    through a down-shift as Houkou was slowly but surely taking over. His
    mind set staid though formulating complex plans to get out of the
    situation. He stood up awkwardly as his back twisted a little, as if a
    wrench was beginning drawn out, he walked cautiously through the
    western border of the village making his way towards the enemy.

    Maliciously but shockingly his tailed appearance changed dramatically. His lush and
    demanding tail was now smooth and calm. It twirled evenly through the
    air has some would say Ikazuchi had switched tails to, 'The wind tail'.
    As the passage of time was went on and on, his body moved forward
    towards the enemy. The burst of speed either on ground or in air by
    forcing Chakra out of Ikazuchi. At this stage, the technique is crude
    however, and only allows a burst five feet in one direction. In the
    air, it is communally used to avoid incoming projectiles or blows that
    the normal lack of mobility in the air would not allow. Not only does
    this require Chakra 'Houkou's Chakra, however, it also causes some pain
    as the Chakra is forced out of Ikazuchi.

    Making his way towards the enemy he heeled five yards away, "Death is Upon You..." He hissed secretly in a whisper.

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