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  • Ayamaru's Weapon Stash

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    Ayamaru's Weapon Stash

    Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:04 am

    Name of Weapon or Item: Tei Kunai

    Location: In small pounces around Ayamaru's legs. x20 each leg.

    Description: This a triple prong kunai knife. It is small and storable in any pouch or pocket.

    Damage 1%

    History: This type of kunai was orginated in the ancient village of lighting. It's design repesents a spliting lighting bolt.



    Name of Weapon or Item: YinYung Pole

    Location: On the lower back held by a two straps that extend from the shoulder line.

    Description: This is a small 4 foot pole with two blade hidden inside. The middle detaches and each end becomes a handle for a new sword. The blades are 2 foot long like the handles.

    Damage Slashes (2% per slash x 2[or 1]), Lunges (4% per lunge x 2[or 1])

    History: This is a specially made weapon made by Ayamaru. It represents his dual mind working in unison with one another.



    Name of Weapon or Item: Chakra Control Doll: Momo

    Location: In a small carryin bag on my back.

    Description: This doll is like the puppet used by Sasori, Chiyo, and Kankuro. The difference is, with enough chakra pumped into it, their is no need for chakra strings. When a good amount of chakra is set into it, it will have a mental connection with the person and will be able to perform the masters wishes on command.

    Damage No Damage (plushies can't hurt you O.o)

    History: This is an old toy that Ayamaru used to play with in his room when the labs weren't testing on him. Ayamaru started to perfect the art of controling this doll around a young age. The main purpose of using this Doll was to steal cookies out of the kitchen. :3



    Name of Weapon or Item: Demon Shuriken Style: Yuffie

    Location: Strapped on the back, behind carrying bags.

    Description: This is a weapon personally made by and for Ayamaru's counterpart, Uramaya. It has a special seal on the blades that is used in a jutsu to call the weapon back to it's owner. Their is also an etachable chain that goes to it that is hidden under Ayamaru's sash. The chain and shuriken combine together to create a deadly whirling machine. It's length is about 2.45 feet and weighs around .87 pounds.

    Damage Slashes (3% per slash)

    History: This shuriken is a reflection of Uramaya's killer attitude and impossiblity to be tamed.



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    Re: Ayamaru's Weapon Stash

    Post by Guest on Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:30 pm


    lol, a doll named Momo?


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