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  • Tsumi's weapons and Items

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    Tsumi's weapons and Items

    Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:33 am

    Name of Weapon or Item:Kuroi Ryuu (Black Dragon)

    Location: On Tsumi's back

    Description: The blade is made of a special chakra that absorbs chakra easily for chakra based attacks (like Asuma's nuckel busters)

    Damage 20 per slash

    History: Kuroi Ryuu was a blade made in the Time village about 10 years ago while Tsumi was in hell training with demons. When tsumi faught the kage of time, the kage used none other then this blade. after a long battle Tsumi had finally killed the Hitotokikage and took his sword to show the ninja that he was truly the new kage of this village and acts ageist him would not be tolerated



    Name of Weapon or Item: Ninja scroll

    Location: a pocket

    Description: a simple ninja summoning scroll that has one of Tsumi's weapons in it

    Damage --

    History: while tsumi was in hell he was given a special blade that he could only use while in his Demon form. that sword was sealed in this scroll for safe keeping.



    Name of Weapon or Item: Oni Blade

    Location: In a summoning scroll

    Description: The blade is a blade made in the depths of hell. it was forged with a unknown metal only found in hell. The blade has an acidic nature to it which burns the area of a cut.

    Damage 15 per slash (+ 5 a post for 5 posts)

    This blade was made in the depths of hell by one of the best sword makers that ever lived. It was made because he was sick of the boreingness and decided to torture those still alive. The blade currently has a mind of its own and needs blood in order to stay sharp. Tsumi came apon this blade while in hell. He was given the sword do to the fact both him and the sword seamed to have a strong lust for blood. but the sword was to powerfull for him while in his human form so he could only use it while in his demonic form. His 'father' informed him on his leaving of hell that if he was ever to use the sword while in his human form it would most likely kill him.



    Advantages: This blade gives the user increased speed,chakra, and stamina while the blade is in the hands of the user. Once the blade has become in tuned with its "masters" chakra it will let no one else use it.

    Disadvantages: The sword has a very needy blood lust that causes the "master" of this blade to need to kill very oft ion in order to keep it happy and to keep the sword from dulling.


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    Re: Tsumi's weapons and Items

    Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:53 am



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