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  • Shinigami Kazeshini

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    Shinigami Kazeshini Empty Shinigami Kazeshini


    Name: Shinigami Kazeshini

    Age: 14

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 145 lbs (base)

    Ninja ID: 4561-819J-OK3R-8EST

    Village: Sawagakure

    Rank: Chuunin

    Element: Fuuton

    Occupation: none

    at a young age, shinigami was introduced to the kazeshini weapon. many felt that it may have been too soon as his persona marked one of chaotic qualities. the kazeshini remain unnamed until their natured is configured. once they configured his, they named him shinigami, the death deity, for how carelessly his is for life and what poor values he thinks they have.

    as a young academy student, shinigami wasn't restricted to killing as his clan embraced it but often worried if he would turn upon his own or his fellow nin. when ever shinigami came about a challenge, he always accepted it without hesitation or any second mind about it. and when ever this challenge was done, it was only half the battle for him because soon after he would try and take the life of the challenger. frustration followed as he was never allowed to. the only way shinigami thought he could kill freely was to climb to the higher ranks to be able to take on harder missions that called for death. shinigami's new mission was to climb to the next rank of genin.

    shinigami easy achieved the genin rank but was majorly disappointed soon after as it called for no bloodshed once so ever. but all was not loss for there where more ahead. almost as soon as shinigami went genin, he wanted to try out for chuunin as the time occurring for the exams were near. going so soon to enter, shinigami didnt even have a sensei but one was needed to enter as the sensei was responsible for his genin team. shinigami tried lying, saying his sensei sent him here by himself as a last resort for his sickness. the chuunin examiners didn't take the lies. it was time to perform and shinigami wasn't taking no for an answer... as evening fell upon the village, shinigami was no where to be found. shinigami went on a mission to retrieve the papers and legal documents for the entries, using his clan's permanent shadowy form as camouflage. as shinigami got nearer to the building while avoiding the guards, he seen the same man from earlier within a building withholding the documents.
    shinigami performed a transformation jutsu and impersonated a chuunin officer to get close the the door of the person's location. the officer that shinigami was impersonating came into view as shinigami quickly hid within the shadows. the guard passed on without noticing shinigami. shinigami's eyes began to glow as he gnarled evilly. reaching the door without any obstacles, shinigami leaked a smokescreen beneath the crack of the door to smoke out the chuunin. and as hoped for, the chuunin left the papers where they were after leaving in a panic and shinigami rushed in to write down his name under the entrees. after performing a transformation jutsu, shinigami crawled out the building as a harmless beetle until he reached the darkness, changing back into his original form in which he perfectly camouflaged into the shadows. shinigami awaited the exams the next day. passing the test, the forest of death with ease, and his first battle, shinigami was ready for whatever headed his way without any doubt of his victory. shinigami's opponent was as strong as him, if not stronger. as the battle drug on shinigami became more and more jealous of his strength as he constantly gained the upper hand. after nearly losing, shinigami and his opponent were both battle tattered but shinigami won by default as shinigami's berserker like mind state allowed him to go on as his opponent could not, and had it not been for this, shinigami thought he would have soon lost before this time had come. shinigami walked away as mad and envious as he had ever been in his life, so much that his eyes began to glow heavily as a cloud of demon like chakra began to leak out. a storm was occurring soon after. shinigami had gained knowledge of the hospital records by stealth and espionage, learning about his previous foe whereabouts. the electricity of the building was knocked off by the storm which put shinigami in a great advantage. he crept into the building completely undetected and made it toward his foe's room. as the lightning struck, blood spattered upon the hospital windows as shinigami had killed his foe in his hospital bed. as the angst and the angry soon left, all the pain that was ignored to this point had come twofold. shinigami retreated to the bogs toward his clan's healer.

    Feeling more accomplished than ever, shinigami had become chuunin. his trails and adventures were about to unfold.


    Family: n/a

    Sensei: n/a

    Students: none

    Team: ?

    Weaknesses: (Bloodline weakness)

    --High Tolerance to pain
    --Great speed
    --Great chakra control
    --Great strength

    Jutsu: (separate post)

    Bloodline: Kazeshini

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    Shinigami Kazeshini :: Comments


    Post on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:25 am by Guest

    kazeshini~Wind Death
    Type: Weapon, Offensive, Defensive, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Damage: 10%-40% (legs) 10%-35% (arms) 50%-100% (head) 20%-80% (vitals)
    Wielder: Kazeshini Clan
    The kazeshini are kusarigama like weapons, each with two sickle blades, with one inverted, giving it the resemblance of a fan. The blades are connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain. the kazeshini responds to their chakra and can be easy controlled by the wielder as they are able to shift the direction in which it is going by channeling their chakra within the chains and or pulling upon them. the Kazeshini can be swung by its chains in large circles, allowing the bladed portion to spin like a fan and used as projectiles that can be controlled at range by moving its chains, making Kazeshini's paths unpredictable. the weapon gains power the more kills that is performed with them. the kazeshini can easily combine their wind affinity to this weapon to perform great feats of devastation.

    Shojoke~Maidens' Hair
    Type: Weapon, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary , Short to Long range (0-10m+)
    Damage: 25%-60%
    Wielder: Shinigami Kazeshini
    long ago these where created by a young maiden when she cut her vastly long hair or steel and used it to defend the man she loved. the Shojoke are metal wires (said to be made of a holy women's hair) that are relatively easy to control by the user due to the process of gaining them and are strengthen by a foreign chakra, making them tough and able to cut through incredible substances. these have a wide range of offense and a variety of uses including using them to cut through stone or momentarily bind an opponent. the amount of these wires are seemingly endless and can be constantly retracted within an instant to lunge a multitude of attacks. these are used with the hands of the user in the same way a puppeteer would use them but have no definite location upon the body as it is controlled by the hands and appears from many places outside the body; usually wrapped around the forearms or other places. (i.e. beneath clothing) the wires have the same look as organic webbing as to not to be seen by the naked eye so quickly, giving this the properties of a spider's hunting method. the wires are usually completely concealed.

    Kitsuake Wakizashi~Fox Blood Side Arm
    Type: Weapon, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    Damage: 15%-45%+10% per post if poisoned
    Wielder: Shinigami Kazeshini
    Kitsuake Wakizashi is a 24 inch side arm blade made of a special steel that gives of a slight red sheen whenever the light hits it. it is light weight than most, can be easily concealed making it made for quick, timeless assassinations. the blade act like a needle as when anything injected within it will act as a concealed poison.
    the center of the blade, from hilt to the tip, has hollow center. the blade possesses a small hole near the hilt of the blade that has a small rise in it that can easily draw the blood of the user. using the Keiri blood line, a keiri can use this blade and treat it as a needle, using the hollow needle like blade and the rise created before the hole leading to the point, to draw their own blood and inject it within the blade to make every stab, slash, and jab with this weapon dangerous due to the acidic properties the blood of a keiri has. in truth, this blade act more like a scorpion due to it injection like properties into a foe's body, yet, the trickery itself can be said to be as cunning as a fox. this is on shinigami constantly as a safety measure for if he were to lose possession of his Kazeshini.

    Kitsuake Kureimoa~Fox Blood Claymore
    Type: Weapon, Offensive, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Damage: 35%-80%
    Wielder: Shinigami Kazeshini
    The Kitsuake Kureimoa is a very large blade being in the same class as a great sword and is meant to be wielded with two hands. the blade has tribal etchings of a fox in red along this black blade with one tribal line leading all the way to the guard. the blade is said to be demonic as if almost having a kitsune spirit within it. but it also has a myth that it's gained its strength by killing many kitsune and has gained each of their power after defeat, granting it the nick name of "kitsune killer". the blade is approximately 66 inches. the blade has a unique ability and a intricate design both fit for a person of strength and those willing to sacrifice. the blade's ability works in a major adaption to the user. by taking a large amount of the user's chakra, the blade compresses it heavily and begins to weigh as much as the wielder so that the wielder is literally swinging his own weight at a foe. using the rune like fox etchings within the blade, the user can "sacrifice" a bit of blood to awaken the true nature of the weapon. upon doing so, the blades etchings glow a constant red as the blade is reinforced with a demonic aura that can cut through anything. the blade is able to cast out this aura in a large mighty wave of negative energy that can temporarily shut down an opponents ability to generate spiritual energy for chakra, making them unable to perform any jutsu. although once discharged, this cannot be done without sacrificing a larger quantity or a more potency of blood. it would take about three years of training to achieve the amount of power during that state. this is sealed within a small scroll that always lies within shinigami's possession as a major safety for if he were to lose his weapon.

    Ohzume Sabaki~Final Judgment
    Type: Hiden, Supplementary
    Effect: Suppresses 40% chakra|Suppresses 55% Great Strength|Suppresses 40% demon power
    Removal: Gives back 100%+40% chakra|100%+55% Great strength|100%+40% demon power
    Barer: Kazeshini clan
    The Ohzume Sabaki is a mask that Kazeshini clan created and wears constantly to suppress their chakra, most of his demon power, and their very great strength as a heavy training method. the mask in return grants him great depth perception of battle situations by controlling chakra that courses through the brain and minor genjutsu immunity. (by D rank and little C rank genjutsu) although it suppresses their power, removing it will return it tenfold on the cause of gaining much skill without their full power.

    Yominami Kusari~Hell Wave Chains
    Type: Hiden, Supplementary
    Wielder: Kazeshini Clan
    Two linked chains consisting of two large hooks at the end of each end. the chains glow a crimson red and although the hooks look intimidating, they are not meant for offense. the hooks work like a summoning tool. by throwing and hooking the chain into any surface, the user can summon things of a hellish nature to come and fall under the command of the summoner. what ever appears will depend on several things: the user power and chakra level, what surface was the hooks on (i.e water= water demon or earth=earth demon), and the user's will power. (the summonings are only as strong as the user and their rank)

    Oni Hadou~Demon Surge
    Type: Hiden, C rank, Offensive, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 5%/0
    Damage: 35%
    User: Kazeshini Clan
    by channeling wind chakra within the chain and blades of the kazeshini, the user is able create great slashes of wind to sweep across the area in the same manor that the kazeshini travels. with practice the user becomes able to send of multiple shots of these in rapid succession. the damage comes from the wind nature's property to cut violently.

    Kazeshini Kage bunshin no Jutsu~Wind Death Shadow Clone Technique
    Type: Hiden, B rank, Supplementary
    Chk/Sta:4% per clone
    User: Kazeshini Clan
    After forming a cross fromthe tiger seal of the left and right hand, the user creates a sinister clone made of darkness. these beings take on the user in a all black shadowy form (or just like the kazeshini) and are made to embrace the darkness. they possess a equally good amount of chakra from the user and attack the foe relentlessly. they are capable of forming jutsu, can bleed and even sustain damage before dispersing. being as they are, they're able to camouflage in dark, woodland, and forestry areas.

    Kazeshini Kage Bunshin Haretsu~Wind Death Shadow Clone Rupture
    Type: Hiden, B rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    Damage: 55%+5% corrosive damage per post
    User: Shinigami Kazeshini
    The jutsu works using kazeshini kage bunshin in a combination. the user creates a clone and on command, the clone's chakra will churn turning a dark crimson inside and will explode releasing a corrosive chakra that will continuously eat away at the foe. the explosion alone could be able to kill the opponent but isnt reassured as the opponent was be weaken first which is why the corrosive chakra was developed.

    Kousoku: Kan~Binding: Rods
    Type: Hiden, D rank, Supplementary, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 2%/0
    Damage: 5%
    User: Kazeshini Clan
    after performing the needed handseal, A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disengages into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile. because it is meant to bind the opponent, it doesnt harm them much, unless by chance one of these rods where to catch the opponent's eye. the rod may be used as a spring loaded trap to be set up around areas.

    Kousoku: Hashira~Binding: Pillars
    Type: Hiden, C rank, Supplementary, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 8%/0
    Damage: 35%
    User: Kazeshini Clan
    after the needed handseals are performed, the user creates five incredibly tall and thick pillars which are connected to each other by chains to pin a target to the ground from above. due to its weight, it causes considerable damage to the foes although it's meant for binding.

    Kousoku: Onitou~Binding: Demon light
    Type: Hiden, B rank, Supplementary,Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 15%/0
    User: Kazeshini Clan
    after perform 3 handseals, the user uses their chakra to create a crimson light that is emitted upon the opponent and forces a heavy amount of weight upon the foe's body, causing paralysis. the jutsu works best at night as the light shine brighter and more efficiently.

    Kazekizu~Wind Scar
    Type: Hiden, C rank, Offensive, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 5% per 2 post
    User: Shinigami Kazeshini
    by channeling chakra into the kazeshini weapon, the user imbues the weapon with great wind properties, increasing it's striking range and is able to launch circular wind blades and or torrents of ripping wind toward the foe.

    Hayate Kirikizu~Gale Incision
    Type: Hiden, B rank, Offensive, Defensive, Short to Mid range (0-10m)
    Chk/Sta: 10%/0
    User: Shinigami Kazeshini
    the user channels wind chakra at their feet while spinning, increasing their speed rapidly while handling the kazeshini. the user turn into a raging torrent of blades that can easily drill, crush and shatter stone with ease. while in this state, the user can use the wind at the feet to launch off and home their self at the opponents with bladed fury constantly to cut and crush the foe with ferocious speed and brute force.

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    Post on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:17 pm by Guest

    Ok everything is fine expected for the Kazeshini Kage Bunshin Haretsu~Wind Death Shadow Clone Rupture jutsu- either raise the rank or lower the damage =/

    Change that and then I'll approve this profile.

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    Post on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:24 pm by Guest

    Ok then ^-^

    Approved unless someone else says otherwise

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    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Post on Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:34 am by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Because of the new updates and change to forum's version, I need you to update this, also all canon clans are banned.

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