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  • Vasuka Azumi Ahihcu

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    Vasuka Azumi Ahihcu


    Name:Vasuka Azumi Ahihcu

    Age: 15 years

    Height: 5’1”
    Weight:106 LBS

    Ninja ID: Ex: 1276-368A-ZU3I-0DAR

    Village: Shadow Knight Empire

    Rank: A-Rank Missing Ninja

    Element (Main) Wind, (others) Fire, Lighting

    Occupation: None

    BIO (this will more than likely go on the second post)


    Family: Kwa and Myiakuarto (Dead)

    Sensei: Cayikuro

    Students: Moonlight, Silverfang, Shadow

    Team: Chuunin (Although They weren’t In The Village, They Trainned outside Village)

    Weaknesses: Hates Heights, Being Tricked with her Loyalty, Thinking of Those who she loves that are dead, Afraid on the One Person who Created her, Afraid to Fall in Love, Doesn’t have Strenght to Send Punches or kicks.(If She gains enough speed, then it will hit hard)

    Strengths: Good at Taijutsu Only by Speed Wise. Balance and also not afraid to kill her next victim.

    Jutsu: Techniques/Jutus-
    Basic Academy Taught techniques and jutsu
    Transformation Jutus
    Chidori (One Thousand Birds)
    Bunshin no Jutsu
    Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
    Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
    Hidden Shadow Snake Hand
    Ninja Art : __*insert different kinds here*__ (Ex: Tile Shurriken)

    Own Jutus/Summon-

    Name:Epoglithous (Eh-Pif-E-glod-is)
    Rank: D/C
    Chakra/Stamina Drain: Counts on How Long She plans to use it. 5 Mins= 20 Chakra/25 Stamina , 10 Mins= 30 Chakra/50 Stamina, etc.
    Damage: No Damage, If Used in Fight All Attacks only become 5 Damage From seprate partners
    Description: This is basicly her ying yang necklace. She can transfer herself into two different people (almost like shadow clone) yet one is a Ying and the Other is a yang. But she may only use this jutus for 2 times a day since it wasit's most of her energy to move.Increases her chance at Dying. These two Clones have Split personalities , arguing with each other what’s right and wrong, what to do next. Like Twin Sisters.

    Name: White Eye Sharingan
    Rank: A
    Chakra/Stamina Drain:Uses 50% of Chakra. 20% Stamina
    Damage: No Damage In Use.
    Description: Her left eye is the only one that is stuck in that state(while other can change back to normal) and she is the only one that can do that since it's her bloodline. She is the only one that possesses this weird sharigun. Her whole eye goes black, her purpil white with light blue rim. Yet when it's in use, It makes her go blind in battle. It senses chakra, also she can tell apart of who‘s who from a trick(disguises). She'll only see Black and White. Plus if the opponet looks within the eyes, She can trap then and do as she wills, It Erases memories at her command of what she would like to erase, or add on memory, like a hypnosis thing. Yet it can't fully earse a memory, Just 'lock it' away. Click For Preview

    (Non-Jutsu)Princess Vision: This happens to many princesses besides Vasuka. Although instead of purple, Vasuka’s eye will go blue as white lettering yet seen as dots goes down her eyes in the blueness, it gives her future vision of who will die, those who die is because they save her, it’s a symbol of her possibly nearby Death.

    Bloodline: Ahihcu Clan

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    Vasuka Azumi Ahihcu :: Comments


    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:02 am by Guest

    Bio:Vasuka was born within the Shadow Knight Empire. Yet her Past was Long and hard for her family decided as they had left the village to travel else where with the child. And Her past began as so. Her family used to be members of the Uchiha clan years back, although problems accured.

    They were known as the ’Ahihcu’, Uchiha backwards. The Ahihcu Clan was nothing more then an experiment. The people there were all Uchiha's before, yet were used to the Uchiha's will years back by the willpower of Madara Uchiha. He controled those and when he experimented on his own people, there were some problems and some successful things. He wanted to use the clan as a weapon mostly. That was it. To Become known as the Most Powerful Clan(Uchiha Clan) with their most powerful creation. They wished to destroy Villages, staring with Konohagakure, a close allied village. Before they would wish to launch an attack, something happened.There was a Diease, more of a virus that erupted out of the genetic material creating a virus that would spread across the bodies of the Ahihcu members and kill them if they forced themself to over do it or fight too long. White Eye sharingun was rare now a days for the Ahihcu clan didn’t really have many member’s to start off with since they were truly experiments. So basicly not able to master this type of sharingun many had died from it. Although suddenly there was a day where the Ahihcu noticed the Uchiha was turning on them. The Uchiha believed that they had too much of a great power and should be destroyed, noticing their ’lab rats’ are already a failure. The Uchiha felt that the only way to waste them was bombing the village. So They did so, Yet after a few Ahihcu Members already had escaped. Madara Uchiha become a most hated person to the Ahihcu members.When a Disease had been spread throughout the Ahihcu clan, all died over the years and years before they slowly were unknown. Some were known as Regular citizens.As they barely survived yet then it only came down to two adultswho were Vasuka’s parent’s. The Disease can not be cured truthfully and it will spread throughout the body of the victum if they battle/push themselves to the limit, if they calm down it will slowly decrease but not disoppear. Yet before that time, Every Ahihcu was only half Ahihcu and still half Uchiha. They had a AB Bloodline like the Uchiha’s. Yet soon was a Child, Vasuka who was born and came out different, she was a success for her blood was pure Ahihcu. She was Type AA, more of Royalty and a Princess of the Clan.

    Although after Vasuka’s birth, she didn't live with her family her whole life. She was taken away after her birth from them into the forest from a missing ninja named Cayikuro. He was Ordered by vasuka's father who didn't wish for her exsistance. Since Vasuka's mother died from the brith, soon Her father had died from heartache, dying naturally. So as vasuka was taken, the man noticed her a speical ninja of the Ahihcu clan since she was the last alive. When she would get older, Cayikuro would explain to her about her clan past, which made her upset and HATE uchihas Giving her middle name as Azumi for her Ninja name.

    He trainned her at the age of 2 under 7 other childern that were all boys , they were all 8 years older than her. Yet one became her best friend, almost like a brother, his name was Dementus(She truly did love him as he got older). At the age of 6, it was her and the other boy's first mission ever. They all had to pick a partner thought that was their bestest friend to fight with. Vasuka and Dementus were teamed up together as they were both the best two in the group, Vasuka was fast for her body shape and Dementus was just strong.

    Their first mission; before they could contiune in life...the first lesson of life....They had to kill their best friend...If they failed to do so or do not wish to, both will die from their sensei. Scared to death to think about dying at her young age, Vasuka was surprised and taken back from when her ‘Brother‘ Dementus had declared “Must follow orders” charging at her not paying attention to her position. Without hesitation the young child closed her eyes quickly sending her sword at Dementus’s heart easily, Winning ,Dementus gave her his ying yang necklace as a gift of congratulations as he died there infront of her. Of cosre revenge went on into the young ones mind yet tried to control it, for now her mission was like the other Three boys that had survived; Their never ending mission is to assassinate the War Lords(like Kage’s or non-Kage’s), to bring peace within the world. Although as days went by, the necklace she wore always teased her and finnaly brought her into determiation for revenage, with that she had burned down the hideout, running away as Cayikuaro and the other three boys, Moonlight, Shadow and SliverFang look for her. From there she knew an Assassin had to have 4 things on their mind. Have a mind of steel, heart of stone, purpose is to kill, dying isn't an option. Yet to Die was Her dream.

    As she ran in the forest alone, Running for 2 days straight without food or water. She was just wanting to get away although soon she had ran into two of her soon to be, fellow friends, two of the 12 legendary Clan Protectors which were animal‘s with different kind of clan blood, almost like a guardain angel. These two turned to be accual Guardian‘s for Vasuka. They were both true Mutant like animal‘s. One was a serouis father like guardian of the Ahihcu clan, name was Razor who was a black and green stripped Tiger, then the hyper one was Kinexx, a fox boy who was the guardian of the Uchiha Clan thought.She didn't mind that much.Giving their trust within the two creatures she left with them, feeling them closer as family.As Vasuka went on for a few yeras, she was now 8 years old, she had noticed Razor and Kinexx being really suspicious about keeping her out of certain area’s thinking something was suitable else where, yet arguing with Razor one evening Vasuka had rushed off to a nearby Waterfall to calm down, although soon she found herself shaking, her right arm started to turn black with red lettering over it. The Virus was starting to activate while it cause much pain within her blood. She Saw Things she didn‘t mean to see. She saw past events that weren‘t even soppost to be there, yet, they were more of future events to come. A few mins later Razor and Kinexx and rushed over finding Vasuka on the ground shaking terribly scared, she was in a daydream daze sort of. The Days contuined as Kinexx complained to Razor how they should get her to a neighboring village and tell her of her past. Yet Razor always kept refusing fearing that Madara may still be alive somewhere in this world. If He got ahold of her, twisted her thoughts, then she could be almost his own Apprentice. Yet worse, with her Blood Pure Royalty, she may be given to a village in need of a princess or some sort like that. Soon Vasuka‘s virus was going out of Control, it started to spread more after she had just fought her way with a Gennin child that was from a nearby village, killing him and forcing herself to fight it was making her die as well, Yet before so, Razor had sarificed his life within vasuka to calming the virus for now, leaving a trademark of his death on Vasuka, leaving her his ears and tail .(not a real Neko Fully/at all) Kinexx was later on killed tring to keep her safe from her 'family' that found her at first then lost. (moonlight, cayikuro, etc) At the age of 9, She soon found herself in theShadow Knight Empire Since it wasn't as far. She was full of revenge, She took care of herself, even though people were tring to put her up for adoption or as an orphan. She Despised any who were Uchihas, or anything like that. She before more harsh, quiet. Yet her mind never laid off the fact of her Goal, what she needed to do. Yet being around some guys, It made her feel embressed if they were Cute.

    Although as years went by, she kept low about her Ahihcu and Princess Blood Status before she found herself betraying the village she grew up in, becoming an Missing Ninja at the age of 13 years old desciding to hunt down those who could help her find Madara Uchiha, to see if he could help her with a cure(Even though he would know no cure) or ask why she was created as this Ahihcu member. Anything. Yet she didn‘t wish to make friends back in her vilage it was too risky for her mission status. She turned to look for People like the Akatsuki, Orochimaru, or even more. She became blind within her left eye at the age of 14, having the purpil fully black with a rare white eye sharingun which was different for the normal accual one. Soon her other eye was able to possess it although it can be changed back to her eye color. Since she’s the last member of ‘Ahihcu’, she’s the only one to possess it. It’s covered most of the time by a heart shaped eye patch.

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    NG Admin

    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:28 am by NG Admin

    Villages and time period are different. Please update your village and bio so it matches the time frame.

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    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:25 pm by Guest


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    NG Admin

    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:43 pm by NG Admin

    approved but i need an actual rank like e-rank missing nin, d-rank missing nin etc etc.

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    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:27 pm by Guest

    There, Sorry for the Trouble. If There is something You Still don't like, Tell me.:3

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    NG Admin

    Post on Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:57 pm by NG Admin

    alright fully approved

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    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Post on Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:32 am by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Alright because of the new updates i'm going to need you to update this or state that it needs to be deleted.

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