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  • Aloide's Weapons

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    Aloide's Weapons Empty Aloide's Weapons

    Name of Weapon or Item:Senoki

    Location: On his back.

    Description: The ability of this sword encases the whole area in a flood damaging the opponent and submerging us both underwater but enabling me to breathe under the water for a very long time and able to swim as fast as a dolphin and send sound waves under the water to locate my enemy or ally.Can also summon the Sea Serpent Dragon call "Neo Drakenis" to aid user or friend but must in water at all times.The blade also has sealed jutsu from past Xzenos that made them and contributed it.

    Xzeno Seal 1: (Xzeno Wrap): Xzeno seals are summoned to wrap around the opponent and stop their movement temporarily.

    Xzeno Seal 2: (Thunder Impulse): A lightning voltwave is summoned, shooting towards the opponent. If hit, the opponent is shocked badly enough that he/she is unable to hold a weapon.

    Xzeno Seal 3: (Xzeno Illusion): Makes the illusion that an attack is completely blocked without flaw, and reverses it back at the opponent 10x stronger.

    Xzeno Seal 4: (Titans Age): Five Xzeno Titans are summoned to block and protect their master. They are able to take a great deal of damage without being harmed.

    Xzeno Seal 5: (Winters Curse): Ice is summoned all around the user. Then it is sent out in a shockwave freezing nearly everything that lands in it's path around a 100 meter radius.

    Xzeno Seal 6: (Holy): A beam of holy energy emanates from seemingly nowhere and engulfs the enemy. While the enemy is engulfed, it starts to collapse in upon itself. The pressure eventually crushes the enemy if he/she is unable to escape.

    Xzeno Seal 7: (Judgement): Xzeno seals engulf the enemy and "judge" the enemy. It takes only a few seconds but depending on the enemy's past and how bad this person is, the seals electrocute him/her. If bad enough of a person, the seals can electrocute to the point of death.

    Xzeno Seal 8: (Flowing Earth): Magma spews all over the field from the ground, encircling the enemy and flowing towards him/her at nearly 100 miles per hour making it hard to avoid.

    Xzeno Seal 9: (Dragon's Wrath): Ten, 20ft tall element dragons are summoned to protect the user. They can be commanded to attack the enemy with multiple element-based attacks too. They are heavily armored and very hard to kill.

    Xzeno Seal 10: (Shockwave): An electrical tsunami is created 1/2 miles away from the battle. It speeds towards the battlefield at over 100mph, engulfing the surrounding land in water + electricity.

    Xzeno Seal 11: (Dust Storm): A whirlwind kicks up dust and debris to create obstacles and poor visibility on the battlefield.

    Xzeno Seal 12: (Heat Wave): Xzeno seals create the illusion that the sun seems to beat onto the battlefield, rising the temperature to nearly 110 degrees for the remainder of the battle.

    Xzeno Seal 13: (Shimi Demon): A horrible monkey-like creature is summoned to protect its master. If the opponent gets too close, the demon lashes its arms out to poison the enemy.

    Xzeno Seal 14: (Deceptive Mirrors): Mirrors appear all around the opponent and the battlefield. Every time he/she looks into one of the mirrors, he/she feels like he's being stabbed in the chest. Over time, internal bleeding will start from the brain believing that the body is actually being stabbed.

    Xzeno Seal 15: (Poisoned Landscape): The air over the entire battlefield becomes engulfed in a cloud of poisonous gas, though the user is unharmed because of a built-up immunity. The poison is called Black Shade, and kills very slowly and painfully after it is inhaled. The body starts to bleed from the inside out.

    Xzeno Seal 16: (Blooming): Small, pink flowers grow all around the opponent. Then, they bloom. When they bloom they shoot hundreds of small needles covered in a paralyzing poison at the enemy.

    Xzeno Seal 17: (Ice Bombs): Small bombs of ice cover the area. They work like landmines. If touched, they explode.

    Xzeno Seal 18: (Eerie Soundwave): A sonic boom is sent outward from where the user is standing. The soundwave causes horrible headaches, ringing in the ears, and the equilibrium can be messed up, throwing off the center of balance of anyone caught in the wave.

    Xzeno Seal 19: (Dragon Dance): Shadows of the user appear to dance all around the battlefield after the user disappears into thin air. The shadows seem to be humming a song, though the enemy can't quite make it out. This song brings forth 5 huge tornadoes, each with a giant dragon inside causing it to rotate. While the user is still "vanished," the dragons all fire at the enemy at once, while making their tornadoes chase after him/her.

    Xzeno Seal 21: (Deadweight): Xzeno seals cover the user's weapon. When their weapon clashes with the enemy or enemy's weapon, his/her weapn becomes magnetized to the earth and seems to grow heavier and heavier every second due to it being drawn downward.

    Xzeno Seals
    Xzeno Seal 22: (Tendrils of Darkness): Tendrils of darkness erupt from the ground and lash out at the enemy. If the enemy is caught in the tendrils, it is nearly impossible to escape. Over a small amount of time, they will crush whomever they are holding captive.

    Xzeno Seal 23: (Echo): The user vanishes, and rose petals swarm around the enemy. The enemy then hears echoes of their opponent’s voice.. no. It sounds like a small child laughing. Then without warning, small cuts appear all over the enemy’s body. The cuts become deeper as the echoes of laughing become stronger and louder.

    Xzeno Seal 24: (Useless): The Xzeno seals surround the area to create an illusion. The enemy is standing back and they see someone they love (insert the name of someone they care about) being tortured and slowly killed. The death of this person can be anything that the user thinks of. This seal makes the enemy feel utterly useless so they don’t have the drive to fight anymore.

    Xzeno Seal 25: (Sky Rain): Xzeno seals outreach aura into space, drawing in asteroids to plummet towards the earth. The user vanishes, and the battlefield is soon pummeled by asteroids and space rocks of all sizes.

    Xzeno Seal 26: (The Great “X”): The Xzeno seals seem to slide off of the user’s body and onto the ground. They flow all around the area and seem to grow bigger. Covering the battlefield, it looks like the seals have arranged themselves into a gigantic “X” the size of a football field. With a snap of the user’s fingers, the “X” lights up and shoots cosmic energy towards space. Anyone or anything caught in this energy beam is instantly incinerated.

    Xzeno Seal 27: (All Seeing Eye): The Xzeno seals create what looks to be like a giant eyeball up in the sky overlooking the battle field. What the enemy doesn’t know is this eye is actually a summoning. It is an All-Seeing-Eye that can literally see everything going on the battlefield. Whatever the eye sees, it is able to telepathically tell the user what it’s seeing and what to do. [Ex: if the enemy is hiding in a tree, the eye tells the user this so he/she can blow the tree up.]

    Xzeno Seal 28: (Searing Heat): [insert name]’s body appears to be on fire to the enemy. The flames crawl up the legs, torso, arms, and engulf the head of the Xzeno. Then, he/she turns around to face the enemy. The user’s body is completely engulfed in either red, blue, white, or orange flames. If the enemy touches the user throughout any time in the battle, their clothes can be started on fire or they may be severely burned. The landscape is now easily lit up due to a simple touch can make something go ablaze.

    Xzeno seals 29: Booming Voice: When this seal activates a gray aura comes over the user's mouth. Any and all sounds that come from the users mouth are trasmitted in a large godlike voice. The pure force of it, is able to uproot trees, blow away houses, even destroy a boulder. When used on a person the vibrations move through their body damaging if not destorying the internal organs.

    Xzeno Seals 30: Shattering Blades: This seal sets up incredibly thin blades in the air, hundreds of them just floating. Then with the slightest breeze they would shatter sending thousands if not millions of razor sharp blade falling on the enemy slashing them to shreads with incredible ease.

    Xzeno Seals 31:Destruction's mind: With this seal all of the desctruction cause by the battle so far would become a trap for the enemy. If they got within five meters of the debris it would move to attack them with jounin like skill and speed. If nessecary the user can increase the speed to Sannin level when using their hands as a guide.

    Xzeno Seal 32: Sword And Body: This Seal secretly transfers the vitals of the user into thier sword. Making the sword extremely frail and able to be broken. If the sword breaks the user dies. But with this seal comes the sharpness of a sword with every strike. The entire body has been turned into a blade able to cut steel.

    Xzeno seal 33: Death holds no binds: This seal brings to life one long dead warrior of the users choice to fight on their side with all of the skill they once held in their bodys.

    Xzeno Seal 34: Round Table Summon: This Seal summons up the Round table of the days of old. On the table were carvings, Acient xzeno summons that held great power. Around the table were a multitude of blades stuck in front of the chairs that would have held knights. If the user uses these blades they gain the skills of the knight who wielded the sword.

    Xzeno seal 35:Sky's the Limit: With this seal it acts as a transporting loop, that transports the enemy and user into the sky, and keeps them there falling for the rest of the match. It will also teleport the user out of harms way as long as they are in the air.

    Damage: 5-20% depending on the attack used.

    History: Aloide recevied this blade from his Xzeno teacher a couple of years ago when he first join the clan Xzeno .It was his insignia blade and a sort of badge for joining it.

    Appearance: The sword has a blue blade and a blade and grey hilt on it.The blade part as alot of silver dots onto it that sparkles when light hits it.

    Name of Weapon or Item:Kansho and Bakuya

    Location: Both sides of his waist.

    Description: The user can take both Kansho and Bakuya and combine them both into a double bladed sword.He can also separate them at will if he needs too.When separated he is able to throw them at a target which will act as a boomerang and return to the thrower as long as he is holding the other blade in hand.When the are both combined into a double blade it will resemble the sun and moon.The blade of the sun will be goldish-orangish which will be able to charge Solar chakra directly from the Sun.It will have the properties of Light and Fire.The blade of the Moon will turn whiteish-grayish as it will have the power to charge Moonlight chakra.It will have the properties of Darkness and Wind.Of course the blades abilites will be in use as well even when they are separated.

    Damage: 5-22%

    History:Was found off of a dead swordsman man nicknamed archered and then claimed them as his own and refined them to add on new abilities.

    Appearance: Aloide's Weapons Kansho_and_Bakuya_by_Servant_Archer

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