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  • Shunsuke Uchiha

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    Shunsuke Uchiha

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:40 am


    Name: Shunsuke Uchiha

    Age: 12

    Height: 1.51m

    Ninja ID: 5555-221M-AR9I-5EOG

    Village: Swamp

    Rank: Genin

    Element: Fire
    Occupation: None


    Shunsuke Uchiha was born to Raigetsu Uchiha and a mother that the name would not be specified, Raigetsu is the son of Shisui Uchiha and is the one who survived of the two twins Shisui and his wife had, fearing the Uchihas would envy the twins he had Shisui did good to give them to the mother and sent her away far to the Land of Iron the safest place ever but as soon as Shisui was killed by Itachi the other Uchihas took Shisui’s knowledge and quickly left to find the born Uchihas who were taken away they quickly tracked down the mother on her way to the Land of Iron they fought a long battle but the mother wasn’t strong enough against three Uchihas and they were able to kill the mother and the other twin and as they were going to kill the other one out of the bushes a samurai jumped in the way cutting the arms and chopping off the heads of the three surprised Uchihas, the samurai checked if the mother was alive but no she was dead with one of her sons the other one who was saved was Raigetsu Uchiha who was taken to the Land of Iron by the samurai and where he grew, but since he was a ninja he was sent to the nearest village to train in the ninja arts…

    The village was Sawagakure no Sato usually that village didn’t accept so easily newcomers but by the will of the leader of the Land of Iron they accepted, at first the young Raigetsu wasn’t really accepted nor acknowledged by the others and was called a foreigner except by a shy girl which liked him they were together in a team and kept their friendship a secret until they were Jounin and were old enough when they were caught with a baby together the village quickly knew about it and despised both of them even more, the parents of the wife of Raigetsu demanded the Uchiha to be executed and their kid burnt, when the woman heard that she commited suicide leaving Raigetsu silent forever he could never talk and his emotions had disappeared with that the tricky kage used that attitude to use him as a weapon and hoped that Shunsuke would also grow as one so he adopted him and the weapon had started…

    As the weapon was used perfectly and worked perfectly the Kage became richer then the feudal lord and planned a coup d’etat and planned to take the eyes of Raigetsu when he became older, the Kage gather army of mercenaries either which planned to kill later on and was ready to march, the villain called Raigetsu to his chambers and started operation to get his eyes even without putting him to sleep but for his unfortune Shunsuke had opened the door to his chambers and saw the hideous operation, as the kid was held away from the father in order Raigetsu won’t remember his past life and become emotional again, the emotionless Uchiha looked at the boy and woke from his cold sleep and with his last strength he whispered enough the child to hear him:

    Somehow that triggered Shunsuke’s brain and his memories were rewinded so quickly but he was focused so much that he understood everything.
    “You bastard you killed my father!” The young kid yelled as he took out a kunai from his pouch.
    “RUINED MY PLAN BRAT!!!!!!!!!” The villain yelled as his face started changing into somekind of a monster…no wonder he was an experiment…” NOW DIE MY RUINED WEAPON!!.” The horrid kage lunged forward with his killing intent which stunned the young boy…but there was another man planning a coup d’etat rather then the Kage it was the hidden group of Sendohiru Uchiha which planned to overtake this village and create a new home for the Uchiha…and right at that moment from the door blasted inside the young Future Kage with his Mangekyo Sharingan activated and jumped right infront of Shunsuke as his eyes were angrily directed at the monster infront of him and with the power of the Sharingan the brave Sendohiru burnt to ash the monster and to prevent anything in the future he warped away the ash from this office and sighed but then raised his head and proudly yelled from the balcony of the office.


    The people who gathered around yelled in agreement tossing their headbands in their air and the proud of himself Sendohiru turned his back with a smile his sharingan deactivated and ordered to the two ANBU which entered with him to take Raigetsu and burry him traditionally and create a tomb for him.
    “The kid though stays with me…” Sendohiru said to the very young Shunsuke. “I think we resemble by blood..brat…and don’t try challenging me just yet.”
    The tears of Shunsuke were washed away replaced with a smile from that day on he looked up to his idol and to his mentor the young but brave,strong and proud Sendohiru Uchiha decendant of the great Sasuke Uchiha.

    From that day on the young Uchiha was taught many arts by the new Kage and learned that he had a strong bloodline from the words of the Kage…
    …”Those eyes that I have…there is a chance you may have them too.”
    This motivated Shunsuke more to train and read and to learn and study from day to night without a stop and he showed great talent too and it seemed his specialization was mostly genjutsu and Ninjutsu while his taijutsu was only good mostly at defence, Shunsuke entered the academy and always returned with good grades and after he returned he always helped Sendohiru with his paperwork and that way he gained lots of experience and a big brain and usually they played a lot of shogi and logical games. Shunsuke wished that someday he would become a Kage but not any Kage but a Kage like Sendohiru Uchiha. After years in the academy he graduated at the age of 12 and now serves as a genin to the Swamp village and lives with the Kage.

    Description: White skin with nice, smooth features making him very handsome he has a laid down black hair that rests down to the length of his chin unlike his brother which is a bit longer and is shot backwards people say he resembles a lot an old legend who was called the hawk man having features like those of a hawk yet in a more human way but the boy also has the profamed hawk eyes look where he makes them and even the opponent might feel that he looks deep in the soul of the opponent this effect increases with Sharingan. He wears a black t-shirt with the clan's symbol on his back and black trousers where on his right leg on his black short trousers is bandaged and has long ninja-boots which also are jet black. Later on he would use an armor resembling an ANBU armor but red. Told to resemble an Uchiha going by the name of Izuna Uchiha

    Personality: Shunsuke has a history since very young which taught him to keep moving on whatever it takes to meet his goals, he has a thirst for power but unlike his twin it's less. He cares a lot about his friends and family and would die for them especially for his twin, he often might have an attitude towards certain people that are not his friends he doesn't hesitate to kill but he always chooses if he should spare his opponent or kill him in cold blood like his twin. Shunsuke feels very proud of his clan and that could be seen on his attitude towards others and sometimes speaks very highly of his clan but never of himself, he likes promoting the bloodline of the Uchiha, the sharingan infront of others speaking about his might. He can be described by the following: Naive, Ambitious, Silent, Outgoing.


    Family: Sendohiru Uchiha ~cousin~, Fuko Uchiha ~cousin~, Manda Uchiha ~twin~

    Sensei: Sendohiru Uchiha when not busy

    Students: Myself.

    Team: Myself and Manda =D

    Weaknesses: Physical: Not really Good at Taijutsu offence. Mental: Tries to convice people a lot rather then killing them instead.

    Strengths: Big chakra pool, speed (this includes also handseal mastery), perceptive mind.


    Name: Crow Clone Technique (烏分身の術, Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu)
    Type: C-rank, Supplementary[1]
    User: Shunsuke Uchiha
    This jutsu appears to be similar to the Water Clone Technique, with the exception that after the clone has been destroyed the body will disperse into a flock of crows, which can continue to speak and maintain a physical form. The capabilities of the crow form is unknown. However, Itachi was able to cast his Sharingan Genjutsu while in clone form, so it is likely no more limited than other such clone techniques.
    Chakra Drain: 3% per clone Can be replaced with the user which costs additional 3% chakra.

    Name: Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique (火遁・龍火の術, Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu; English TV "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu")
    Type: C-rank, Offensive, Mid-range (5-10m)[1]
    Users: Shunsuke Uchiha
    The user breathes fire along a cord or any other type of long object. While the technique is shown in the anime to be even larger and more devastating than Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique (and being able to melt rock), in the manga it is shown to be nothing more than a small burst of flame running along a line of wire.
    Chakra/Damage: 12%/24% + 5% burn every post.

    Name: Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing Technique
    Rank: D
    Chakra- 2%
    Damage- Temporary Loss of Ability to Dodge
    Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will use the serpent hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

    Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release • Grand Fireball Skill]
    Rank: C
    Chakra- .4%
    Damage: 15%
    Effect: A skill that was first coined by the Uchiha Clan, now overtime has been found in the hands by various individuals. This jutsu gathering chakra expanding the chest and refining it to a higher level of chakra. Bringing the hand forth and breathing out that chakra, in which is blow out through the hand. Once leaving the hand it expands outward to a great fireball which covers an area with a radius of fifteen feet

    Bloodline: Uchiha – Fire Affinity, Yet to be know if Sharingan is in his genetics.

    RP Sample:
    -Two Twins Amidst the Battlefield-

    Explosions were a constant habit here now since the war had started and screams and sound of stabbing was heard as ninjas ravaged each other smoke with the smell of dead bodies and burnt grass traveled around the place like a cloud covering the place the Darkness-Valley shinobi had reached the village ravaging the entire environment before.

    Shunsuke frowned revealing the hawk eyes look as he took a look at his opponent a chuunin of the Darkness village next to Shunsuke was his twin Manda, both to the face of the chuunin looked like a hawk and a serpent and like a serpent strikes surprisingly while the hawk uses it's speed as a decoy for an attack.
    The hawk Uchiha quickly ran to the side and head towards the chuunin who had his focus on Shunsuke and suddenly the young Uchiha tossed out a wire which would surround and tangle in one place the chuunin, the darkness ninja smiled as he thought how foolish when he suddenly felt he as paralysed right besides him was the bloodthirsty Manda who had tapped with his two fingers the chuunin.

    The wire tangled in one place the ninja and Shunsuke did handseals as he sent out a flow of flames which grew into a huge wildfire and burnt into ash the screaming opponent, both twins smirked to each other but they were cut short of their happyness when two darkness ninja appeared.
    "Tai jutsu ?" Manda proposed.
    "Tai jutsu." Shunsuke confirmed and both twins shot out of their places so fast that they could be barely seen one's movement resembled those swift moves which a snake made and confused the opponent from where he would strike while the other appeared in a zig zag motion and as his feet were above the ground like he was flying. Manda hit his opponent straight with his head bumping him in the air while he awaited and jumped straigth at his opponent with his legs forward twisting over his neck as he broke the opponent's neck to the side and landed down happily as he wanted more blood to spill.

    Meanwhile Shunsuke had backflip kicked the opponent high in the air and jumped along with his opponent as he took out two kunai and stabbed them right at the ninja's neck and for a while he could be seen like levitating like a hawk with his prey caught and flying off until they both landed. One with broken neck the other with a cut throat.
    "heh nice." Shunsuke said.
    "Indeed..." Manda hissed as he grinned evily.

    "Brats! Killing my men?!!?" A yell was heard and a figure with an uniform appeared and with the symbol of the branch side kouseitan'i walked down towards them.."Prepare to die, Uchiha scum."
    This angered a lot the twins which charged recklessly but were kicked away like toys by the strong opponent who took out a katana out of his hip and swinged it in a dancing pattern and pointed it at the twins.
    "Your time has-" He said but was cut shortly by a sudden Satoshi appearing beneath him and shooting him in the sky.
    "Come..." Satoshi continued and unlickily for the branch side kouseitan'i from above was waiting for the ambush Sorrow as Satoshi appeared right infront of the paniced KOuseitan'i.
    "Sorrow...the Rasentensei..." Satoshi whispered as Sorrow nodded and together as they were free falling.
    "RASEN-" Satoshi yelled
    "Tensei.." Finished Sorrow.
    Satoshi had created a huge rasengan striking it at the opponent together with the shinra tensei as they sent the opponent deep underground probably with each bone broken and dead surely.
    "You should leave this place stronger ninjas have arrived go to the Kage office." Satoshi ordered them.
    "No, Sendo is fighting their leader and we are to keep no one entering the place after Sendo disposes of that scum" Shunsuke said overconfident of his cousin's abilities when after that said Manda and Shunsuke disappeared while time froze at that place...

    ((This is all bout the situation in Swamp during the Swamp-Darkness war o.o, not the best RP sample could've made a better one but I did Satoshi previously like 15 minutes ago...))

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    Re: Shunsuke Uchiha

    Post by Somatsu Kenkaku on Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:48 am

    Approved by Sendohiru Uchiha
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    Re: Shunsuke Uchiha

    Post by Guest on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:20 am

    Bumpeh added stuff of the new template o.o


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    Re: Shunsuke Uchiha

    Post by NG Admin on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:23 am

    RP Sample Grade:

    Length: Pretty good length if this was a story rp. I'd suggest trimming down for a more effective post. Longer posts tend to be intercepted very easily, especially if they have a lot of actions in them. 9/10

    Quality: Pretty good quality, but like i said keep the number of actions to a minimum. 9/10

    Description: Pretty good description, but its still not enough. You want the person reading this to visualize what your saying. Add more descriptive words in your post. It will make up for the lost length that you would have previously used for actions. 8/10

    POV: A third person POV is pretty good. You placed the RP sample in a sort of story mode that accentuated the third person POV so your good on that one. 10/10

    36/40 90% B+

    Good job. just work on the description and quality and you'll be good.

    *Approved at Genin ~ Emanyeru A. Kouseitan'i
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    Re: Shunsuke Uchiha

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