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  • Awai Odolwa

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    Awai Odolwa

    Post by .Britt~Britt on Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:41 pm


    Name: Odolwa, Awai

    Age: 12

    Height: Five feet, nine inches (5'9")
    Weight: One hundred three pounds (103lbs)

    Ninja ID: 1213-BL15-895LP-121J6

    Village: Sawagakure

    Rank: Genin

    Element Water

    Occupation: -

    BIO [[Next Post]]

    Standing at a direct five feet and nine inches, weighing in at one hundred three pounds. She rather tall for her age, and weighs in at the perfect amount for her age. Her hair is rather short, it reaches down to the exact end of her neck. Her hair is silver, designed in a way that she has a bang that curves to the left. A strange characteristic that Awai has is her eyes, which are a golden color. Moving to her clothing, she wears a white robe like shirt. She has blue cameo shorts, that she wears no matter the weather. Although, she is mostly out when the weather is nice. When it is not, her shirt stays the same, but she wears long blue cameo pants. Awai has ninja sandals, very common for shinobi to wear. The color of her sandals are blue. She wears a yellow sword sheath over her shirt, with a common ninja katana.

    Nice and carefree. These are two words commonly used to describe Awai. Both of which are true. Usually, when she is around people that are mean to others she would say "Your so cruel." Or "That was mean..." Which is why she does not have evil intentions what so ever. She is to kind hearted and sweet to be evil. Unfortunately, she is easily pursued to doing things she does not which to do. Awai does not have a care in the world of what happens to her. She just wants the world to be a safe place to live in and have fun. Of course, she knows that it will probably never happen. In this world, its live or die. She would like to be on the side that lives, so she tries to stay out of trouble.


    Family: N/A

    Sensei: -

    Students: -

    Team: -

    1. Too much Ego
    2. Short tempered

    1. Muscle [Not yet unleashed]
    2. Speed
    3. Accuracy
    4. Smarts
    5. Skilled in Fuuinjutsu
    6. Skilled in Ninjutsu

    • Bunshin No Jutsu
    • Karawami No Jutsu
    • Henge No Jutsu
    • Shushin No Jutsu (Body Flicker)

    Bloodline: Odolwa Clan

    RP Sample:
    The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. This is what people commonly say when they wake up in the early morning. Of course, the day usually never stays the same as in the morning. It was around six am, and the sky was still dark with a hint of pink from rising sun. Awai was woken up by the sound of the birds chirping. The birds were early today. She got out of bed and got dressed. She walked to the kitchen, still half asleep. She fixed herself up some breakfast and strapped on her kunai holster and shurkin pouch and was out the door.

    Awai arrived fifteen minutes later at the training ground of the Swamp village. It was going to be the perfect day for some training. First, she did some target practice. After fifteen minutes, she threw twenty shuriken and fifteen of them were bulls eyes. She must of had luck on her side today, or that was what she thought. It could of been luck, or she was just advancing in targeting. Besides, it was easy to hit a non-moving target. IT had only been a short amount of time, and she was doing pretty well. For the next three hours, she continued target practice. She was still doing pretty well, but it eventually got boring.

    The day was going by fast, the sun was already about to set. She got home early and took off her sandals and rested on her bed. She opened up a window to let some cool air in her room and she closed her eyes. Another successful day of training. Now, the only thing left for her to do for the rest of the day was sleep. Sleep so she can wake up tomorrow and train once more. All in all, her day was good.

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    Re: Awai Odolwa

    Post by .Britt~Britt on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:01 pm

    Awai was born twelve years ago in the land of Marsh. Both of her parents were from a clan by the name of Odolwa. As just a young child, she showed great talent. Her parents wanted to be enrolled in the academy, but they had fear that she was too young. After a few more years, she was eleven. She already had amazing skill, but her parents decided to make her wait. She may have been logical smart, but did she have what it took to be a strong and smart shinobi? All the questions would be answered in the ninja academy...

    Ninja Academy;;
    Awai never missed or skipped a day of a school. The kids wondered why. She was already amazingly smart, why still go to academy? Awai wondered even herself. Whats done is done. When the day of the Genin examination came, Awai passed it with flying colors. A few of the kids were held back, but Awai didn't really care. They weren't her. From the start, her academy teachers knew she was a gifted child. But what about all her strength? She had tons of that, but why didn't she use it? Awai has always wondered that, but she could never find an answer, no matter how smart she was.

    Now a genin, Awai has confronted her parents about her strength. Finally, the told her. "You have to unleash it through anger, rage, ...depression..." That was what they told her. She had no idea what it meant at all. She will have to find out whil living as a shinobi.

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    Re: Awai Odolwa

    Post by Sorrow Fuuma on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:02 pm

    looks good approved unless said otherwise
    Sorrow Fuuma
    Sorrow Fuuma
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    Re: Awai Odolwa

    Post by .Britt~Britt on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:30 pm

    Added Description, Personality, and RP sample.


    Shiori Fujita

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    Re: Awai Odolwa

    Post by Kaito Daichi on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:42 pm

    Length: The length is good, but it doesn't matter how much you post if makes it sound like a lecture on advance physics with a teacher speaking in boring tones. 5/10

    Quality: The quality is good, just very dull. Give your surroundings and character some depth to them. 7/10

    Description: Your description is lacking. You are a person with feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Analogies, metaphors, and similes scattered through out a post gives it some depth, you might want to try that during your rp post. 4/10

    POV: Very good use of third person, 10/10

    26/40 = 65% Rank is Genin
    Kaito Daichi
    Kaito Daichi
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    Re: Awai Odolwa

    Post by Sponsored content

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