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  • Odolwa Clan

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    Odolwa Clan

    Post by .Britt~Britt on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:13 pm

    History/Legend of the Clan :
    The Odolwa clan go back later than the foundation of Swamp itself. They were originally a nomadic clan that traveled from place to place following food, water buffalo. They thus are very Earth element oriented. They remained a tribal clan for quite some time coming up to the creation of Marsh. Under the first Sawakage they were promised a part in the formation of nation of water. So the once Nomadic society settled down within the walls of a new village known as Sawagakure.

    However, as a result of not following their food source and settling down they became more dependent on Sawa itself and it's cultures had to be overhauled. The Odolwa clan, stubborn to keep their culture and traditions, continued with their normal rituals and as they became closer to the militaristic aspects of Sawa, began turning their rituals into jutsu and using them as signatures. This pool of jutsu continued to grow as it was passed down through generations and became an important part of the Odolwa's way of protecting their way culture. In the current day, it is possible to see the Odolwa members by their unique symbols, colors (Amber and Blue) and the tattoo's from their many unique rituals. Though neutral, the Odolwa remain a friendly and loyal part of the Sawa community.

    Odolwa Shinobi were well known for their ability to survive and cope will in one on one situations. Before the graduation ritual of one on one combat was banned, nearly all Odolwa that were pitted against other Academy students and Genin were Victorious thanks to one of their secret jutsu. The specific jutsu was made forbidden by the third kage during the early days of his term, and has been eradicated from being passed from generation to generation. A version however, of that very jutsu is still taught, and also considered forbidden.

    In common day, the oldest and highest rank Odolwa carry the burden of managing the teaching of the jutsu and leading the clan. A single branch of the Odolwa has been enlisted with documenting all of the Jutsu made sense their merge with the villages and are treated like royalty with the highest respect in the clan. They never actually learn all of the jutsu, and are never allowed to become ninja. Finally, in the spirit of the samurai, apart of the original tattoo ritual equips each Odolwa with a seal to kill themselves, in the form of a jutsu. All shinobi are told about this seal, and instructed to activate it if captured to take the secrets of their tradition to the grave.

    Clan Powers and Summonings:

    Name:Mass summoning Technique (Taju Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
    Rank: B
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: This jutsu can only be used with In-animate objects. As an advance of the original summoning jutsu, with the extension of the Kekei Genkai, the Odolwa Clan Members can summon multiple objects at one time by a process known as compilation. In a normal summon, chakra is used and expelled in activating a new seal. With the summoning seal already present in the form of a universal tattoo on the users body, no chakra is wasted in the creation of the seal, and thus can be recycled to summon multiple times. Up to two 'large' objects can be summoned, and up to twenty(20) small objects. This jutsu can be used in place of the original summoning technique, as long as the summoning isn't at any point 'living'.

    Name: Release Burst (Kuchiyose dangan no Jutsu)
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Description: This supplementary effect allows for the user, whenever using a form of summoning jutsu, to activate the summon with kinetics force behind them. Thus, they are summoned and shot out like a projectile. The force is constant, however, so large objects may only travel a meter or two before slowing. However, small objects such as Kunai, and ninja star, can be released at about the same velocity of a normal throw. Unlike normal throws however, shuriken cannot be curved, and only move in linear paths.

    Name: Connection Seal Ritual (Saiken Kaibyaku no Jutsu)
    Rank: C
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: This Seal can only be successfully cast on a in-animate object. Via physical contact with ones palm to the surface of an object, one can 'brand' the object with an Odolwa seal. Like a fingerprint, each Odolwa seal's appearance differs. Once the Seal is set, it fades into the object, and is then unseen. The 'Ritual' is considered complete. One can then freely summon the object with some variation of summoning jutsu once. After that summon, the seal fades completely and must be re-applied be reapplied via touch before it is possible to summon again. If used on an object that originated from the opponent, it can only be summoned in this way for the remainder of the fight unless permission is granted from the opponent after the fight concludes. This way, no one object is permanently 'stolen'.

    Area Effect Circle Seals- Each of the Following jutsu require that the user bring their palm to a tattoo, where chakra in the palm makes a copy of the seal code, and then pressing this chakra to a flat surface, thus activating the seal. All seals are circular and form a radius around the center point, which is in most cases the caster. These seals are static. In other words, once set, they stay in one place. The seal can be placed on any surface, even if the surface is water or not exactly even ground. The effect of the seal itself, unless otherwise stated, takes place within the radius of the seal. The seal is visible to all as a white circle, edged with symbols of the Odolwa that are unique to each individual member. In a battle situation, each Circle Seal can only be cast once in a battle, and can only be broken by a seal realease, those with 'Fuuinjutsu' specialty with a jutsu of the same rank or manually by the caster himself unless otherwise stated. Each circle seal can be overlapped with another. If at any time a circle seal it overlapped with another with conflicting effects, the higher ranked seal takes priority. If the seals rank are the same, then both conflicting effects are nullified.

    Name: Safe Guard of the Senses (Shinjitsu Purotekushon no Jutsu)
    Rank: C-B
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: The 'Safe Guard of the Senses' seal's purpose is to protect the user from poisons or genjutsu that effect the sense. While the user is within the radius of the seal, their five sense will not be effected despite any neurological or psychological effects cast on them by an opponent's genjutsu. Chunnin are safe from 'C' rank and down genjutsu, and Jounin are safe from 'B' rank and down. This seal's effect cannot however restore sense that were lost due to some physical damage. In other words, if ones eye is damaged, the seal will not somehow make them see.
    In 'C-rank' form, the radius is restricted to two meters from the user.
    In 'B-rank' form, the radius of the circle is increased to 10meters, making it much more accommodating for the user.

    Name:Summoning Rejection Technique (Agensuto Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
    Rank: C-A
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: The 'Summoning Rejection Technique' seal's purpose is to eliminate the immediate threat of Summoned Animals. The seal once cast will not only keep one from using the summoning jutsu within the radius, but all living thing's that were summoned will be 'unsummoned' the instant they enter the area of the circle. By 'unsummoned' it is meant that the connection keeping the animal tethered to the summoner is temporarily broken, sending them back to where-ever they were summoned from.
    In 'C-rank' form, the radius of the circle is limited to 10meters and can only 'unsummon' C-ranked and down summons.
    In 'B-rank' form, the radius of the circle is limited to 10meters and can only 'unsummon' B-ranked and down summons.
    In 'A-rank' form, the radius of the circle is increased to 20meters and can 'unsummon' A-ranked and down summons.

    Name: Element Rejection Technique (Soshi Chouin Maru no Jutsu)
    Rank: C-A
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: The 'Element Rejection Technique' seal's purpose is to eliminate the immediate threat of elemental jutsu. Once the element is declared, within the radius of the circle, it becomes impossible to create elemental chakra of that element, and nullifies control of the element. Thus, jutsu of that element cannot be used within the radius of the circle, and if jutsu is cast outside of the radius of the circle, they will lose their ability and structure upon entering the area of the circle.
    In 'C-rank' and 'B-rank' form, the radius of the circle is limited to 10meters and can only stop nullify jutsu of it's rank respectivley.
    In 'A-rank' form, the radius is increased to 20meters and can stop 'A' rank and down jutsu.
    A shinobi can only nullify the casting of a jutsu of his own rank or lower. ( E.X. Chunnin seal cannot prevent Jounin elemental jutsu)
    In the case of S-ranked jutsu, NONE of the effects apply. Elemental jutsu of S-rank can be used, even started within the seal without effects of the jutsu being altered.

    Name: Hollow Technique Seal (Kuudou Jutsu no Fuuinsho)
    Rank: A
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: The 'Hollow Technique Seal' seal's purpose is to completely eliminate the use of jutsu within the radius of the circle. The Circle is 25meters in radius, and while inside the radius of the circle, chakra control become null and all jutsu, with the exception of taijutsu and physical combat, is impossible. This includes Shinobi, Summons, Puppets, AND the caster of the seal himself. However, the use and structure of jutsu cast outside of the Seal is not limited. Elemental jutsu, Genjutsu, etc., can be cast outside of the seal and their effects will be normal. Supplementary effects, however, cast prior to the setting of the seal, and outside of the seal after setting become nullified while within the seal. (Ex., a jutsu increases the opponent's speed, while inside the seal, their speed will be normal, however if they step out of the seal, their increased speed will be increased restored.) The seal's effect will last for three posts before fading. The seal can then/must be cast again to re-enstate it's effects.

    Name: Dragon Coliseum Jutsu
    Rank: S
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: This is one of the most powerful of the Odolwa jutsu and one of the only Circle Seals that require hand signs. The user will form five hand signs and hold their hand to the required seal, before pressing their hand to the ground. A circle, 30meters in radius will be cast about the area, and from it's edge will raise a wall of intense 'light' As if a force field, extending up for about thirty feet and coming to a roof. If there are two shinobi within the walls of the circle seal, no more, no less, the seal will hold. If not, it will fade at an instant. The two shinobi are then trapped within the walls of the jutsu until one of them either passes out or dies. The 'light' walls are solid, in that it is possible to touch them. Anything that touches the walls of the circle are slowly sapped of chakra , and the impact of all ninjutsu will be absorbed, with the exception of an 'S-rank' jutsu. ( it must be stated in the post that the 'walls' surrounding the circle have this effect, so that the opponent is aware not to try anything foolish on false pretenses.)

    Clan Village: Sawagakure

    Clan Leader: N/A

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    Re: Odolwa Clan

    Post by NG Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:00 pm

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