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  • Kaguya Clan

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    Kaguya Clan

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:49 am

    Kaguya Clan

    History: The Kaguya were a foolish, psychotic clan with a lust for the battlefield and shed blood. Not enough to slaughter anyone they wished, the clan set their sights on the Kirigakure – their own village they hailed from. A mass genocide wiped out what was thought to be the entire clan, save for one child. However, over the many years to pass, the homicidal clan has been showing signs of arising yet again.
    Kekkai Genkai: This clan has the ability to manipulate their bone structure, called Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways). They can remove their bones at will to create weapons as strong as steel and also use their ability to spurn the creation of new bones.

    Yanagi no Mai - Dance of the Willows
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: E
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
    Type: Attack
    Chakra: 10
    Description: The first of five dance forms. Using their ability to manipulate their bone structure, the user will grow and extend a forearm bone through the palm of his or her hand to form a stabbing instrument. Using fluid and precise movements, they will then impale their opponents.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.

    Tsubaki no Mai - Dance of the Camellia
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: D
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
    Type: Attack
    Chakra: 20
    Description: The second of five dance forms. Using their unique ability to manipulate their own bone structure, the user will remove a long bone in the form of a sword from his or her shoulder. Because of the bloodline, the density of the bone can be increased many times so that it is as hard as steel. Using fluid and precise movements, they will then cut through any opponent within striking distance.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.

    Karamatsu no Mai - Dance of the Larch
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: C
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
    Type: Counter
    Chakra: 45
    Description: The third of five dance forms. The clan member will begin to extend multiple bones from their body, both from the rib cage and the radius and ulna. Because they are hard as steel, these bones can act as a strong defensive mechanism against incoming strikes. Due to this, they will also serve as an offensive attack to allow the user to move with little effort to impale their opponent.
    *Note: Can only counter attacks of a lesser rank.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.

    Teshi Sendan - Ten Finger Drilling Bullets
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: C
    Type: Attack
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
    Chakra: 45
    Description: Using the bloodline abilities unique Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways), the shinobi will use their fingers to fire their distal phalange bones as bullets. As the bones fly through the air, they will rotate and drill into their target once they make contact.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.

    Tessenka no Mai - Dance of the Clematis
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: B
    Type: Attack + Supplementary Modifier
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
    Chakra: 4 (for the vine), 45 (for the flower)
    Description: The Dance of the Clematis has two forms, the Vine and the Flower. It is also the fourth of five dances in the Shikotsu Myaku clan’s arsenal. In the first form, the user will remove his or her spinal column to create a flexible bone whip of sorts. Because of its flexibility, the bone is capable of constricting around an opponent before ripping them to pieces. The second dance is the Flower. Forming a massive, flowering spear from the palm of their hand, the user will envelope their arm in a pure formation of their own bone.
    *Note: This is essentially an E Rank supplementary modifier (once per battle), combined with a C rank attack. The parts can be done separately or in a single action.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.

    Sawarabi no Mai - Dance of the Young Ferns
    Art: Taijutsu
    Rank: A
    Type: Attack + Supplementary
    Range: Any
    Chakra: 210
    Description: The fifth and final dance form. Spawning an immense amount of tall spikes from their body, the user will create a massively dense forest of pure bone from their own body. While in this form, the user can enter and emerge from any chosen “Bone Tree” to strike their opponent from the desired location and angle of choice.
    Limit: Kaguya Clan.


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    Re: Kaguya Clan

    Post by NG Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:40 pm

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