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  • Tonbogiri no Yari: Surudoi Tsumeheki

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    Tonbogiri no Yari: Surudoi Tsumeheki

    Post by Guest on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:33 pm

    Name of Weapon or Item: Tonbogiri no Yari: Surudoi Tsumeheki (Dragonfly Cutting: Sharp Piercing Claws

    Location: Back as a small stick due it's size can be manipulate so it can compromise space.

    Description: A long spear that looks normal from the outside but it is rather very special, it's long handle is made out of petrified wood so it won't be broken and it also serves as a perfect insolator against lightning attacks, the edge of the spear is made of very hard iron which is also sharped a lot, the metal serves for one of the best conductors in the world and it can be curved at any time like a claw and different shapes but it can also extend further to 20 feet depending or rank if jounin it's limit is still unknown but legend says that the Daimyo which had this spear once extended his spear from the tower of his castle so far and pierced the general of the invading army which was at the back of the thousand man army. The edge is also known to drain a small amount of chakra each time it hits or even gets VERY close to the opponent. A warrior's weapon indeed for now Shunsuke can extend it to 20 feet or 25 feet. When the edge pierces something it releases microscopic sharp particles of iron that look like needles which when in a human body would harm that place so much and deny blood clothing giving tremendous pain within. When poured chakra in it this truly can become very deadly and more powerful but it requires very good chakra control

    Damage: 30%+5% every post if hit (40%+10% every hit if a good amount of chakra is poured) Chakra drain if near 3%~Chakra drain if hit 9%

    History: The Tonbogiri is one of three legendary spears created by the famed swordsmith Masazane after creating it he would announce that this is the spear of the king of the sky and it will be given from hawk to hawk every generation to another. The first wielder is the great and noble general Honda Takanami he was one of the strongest and most noble of them all generals legend says about him crushing down his opponents by calling birds to drop rocks on his enemy it is also said that he one a battle with 100 men against 1000 men without getting any of his army wings pushed back as Honda Takanami acsended to become a daimyo later on he took on a rather more peaceful spirit and soon enough when hearing rumours the great Hawk had his "wings" cut thiefs and murderes ventured forth to try and snatch the envied by the gods spear but all failed until the daimyo died then the raids of thiefs continued more and more until the right hand man of the dead daimyo betrayed Honda and went to take his spear as that was to be accomplished a young ninja called for a mission to help against the wretched bandits appeared in the sacred room of the dead samurai and clashed into battle against the betrayer the fight was fierce and the blade of Shunsuke was cut into half showing the strength of the spear itself seeing that Shunsuke thought it was his doom but suddenly like a mirracle from the back of the spear another edge struck and pierces right at the heart of the betrayer and curved like a claw taking the betrayer's heart with that the glimmering light of the miracle disappeared and the betrayer's body turned to dust Shunsuke seemed very thankful tthe spear and put it back into his place and was about to leave when a voice echoed in the room and ordered Shunsuke to take the spear with him, without any hesitation Shunsuke thanked the voice as the voice thanked Shunsuke also for defending the pride of the general and the spear so he took it as a gift.
    Once upon a time when Shunsuke had the spear later on he camped in one of the bogs of the Marsh country where he put away the spear next to his side and a dragonfly landed on it as it landed it was cut into half which was the myth folks spoke that the spear took it's name the Tonbogiri, Dragonfly Cutting and that myth was a fact and the pure truth and as Shunsuke kept being amazed by the spear he trained a lot with it and unlocked all it's secrets swearing that he would not die until he found the next hawk...but there was one secret he didn't know...the so called Hawk ability of the spear...



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    Re: Tonbogiri no Yari: Surudoi Tsumeheki

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:33 am



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