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  • Jutsu Ranks and the Ranks wanting to know them

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    Jutsu Ranks and the Ranks wanting to know them

    Post by Sorrow Fuuma on Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:07 am

    in the shinobi world, a shinobi has their rank in which they have chosen. although the rank fits the nin 78% of the time, some shinobi's ranks do not fit their power level as a genin can just hold the title of a "genin" but fight with the strength of a chuunin or jounin. but this can also be seen in vice-versa. a jounin can have the rank of "jounin" but possess the fight ability of a chuunin.

    with that said, restriction are important yes, but what of the shinobi that possess more skill than their rank states what is all granted?

    i think rank should be determined by normal means but power should vary between user to user, meaning, the rank shouldn't restrict that individual's said power and skill but only restrict the NUMBER of jutsu. personally i think any ranked ninja could learn a jutsu of a high letter (S, A, B, C) it just takes a mid-high caliber of training. learning a move like Chidori while still genin shouldn't be restricted to higher shinobi but maybe just take a higher, harder, and longer time to train and obtain. a genin learning a A rank move wouldn't be impossible but that genin would have to train excessively, having to learn greater chakra control. a genin would have to train both physically and mentally to gain and possess more chakra in order to be able to train and obtain a B rank jutsu, although, a chuunin would have to train less extensively to obtain a B rank jutsu on the count of they were genin that actually train to OBTAIN their position.

    chuunin possessing a A rank jutsu isn't out of the norm. some chuunin are chuunin because they havent been appointed jounin by their kage. so just because they have the rank of chuunin doesnt mean they're necessarily weaker than jounin. it COULD just very well mean that their talents and skills haven't been recognized. chuunin could very well create a A rank jutsu if that said user possesses the chakra and the chakra control to do so. saying every chuunin cant learn a A rank jutsu is just insane O_o

    Chuunins and Genins often have jutsus that are on level but on rare occasions they possess S rank jutsu. s rank doesnt always necessarily mean that it is some awe-inspiring jutsu and would be impossible for them to learn. S rank also means that the latter is secret and unique to a single user. i believe this to be true although 90% of the time S ranks are great damaging jutsu of great incomprehensible power. but some are just very unique to the user's abilities and skill and are S rank because of the degree of the jutsu. Kinjutsu may be between C-S rank but stand within the kinjutsu category because of the manor of the jutsu, being either inhuman or self damaging.
    Sorrow Fuuma
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    Re: Jutsu Ranks and the Ranks wanting to know them

    Post by Dimitrix Sirozaki on Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:47 pm

    well I do agree completly with that in the series there are some powerlfull low rank shinobis but let's consider thisca moments this a they got to that power by training in wich the person got the jutsu BUT this site that I know if strict in the lvl of a shinobi with their jutsus and I think it should be kept that way because if we allow this imagine a gennin with s,A rank jutsus that highly unlikely and will be terribly oped to the extreme as for higher ranks it depends in their power of chackra and training
    Dimitrix Sirozaki
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