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  • Shin Yajuugama

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    Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:42 am


    Name: Shin Yajuugama

    Age: 12

    Height: 1.60
    Weight: 31kg

    Ninja ID: Ex: 1534-567B-BZ5D-9AMS

    Village: [Resides in Ash Country]

    Rank: Genin

    Element: Fire

    Occupation: None

    Born two years later of his elder brother Hidoko in the Ash Rainforest was the boy Shin, he's childhood like his brother was spent in peace with the nature and the toads residing with his family he grew a strong spirit to never give up and would die saving his friends and family.

    The young boy unlike his older brother was simple minded even though in battle he was promising even though reckless (for now) he was strong and his ambition led him to train very quickly the arts of the clan and using the symbols on his back which were two sealed frogs he would always be in his Senjutsu mode unlike his wiser brother Shin tends to be reckless thus gaining the name of Shin the WrathChild or Shin the Reckless. Nonetheless he was able to show great talent and potential and his hard word was admirable, he grew up every day competing with Hidoko growing stronger and stronger day by day until his brother hit the age and rank to leave for his 2 years of training.

    2 years later Hidoko returned still training but from his wandering around the world training to see the village and mostly his brother but instead he was hit straigth up the face that his reckless brother who is known to be impatient rushed forward to the shrine of summoning at an earlier age then anyone else and disappeared with Gamahiro to train, Hidoko was scared for his brother to die because for such a fragile age for him to go train deeper in the arts of nature but as they say what will kill you will make you more strong, 1 year later on Hidoko's birthday where he hit the age of 14 the small reckless prodigy boy returned from his venture with Gamahiro and returned with Gamahiro and Gamatatsu, he presented a gift to his older brother - a friendly spar where Shin demonstrated his stength but still Hidoko was someone not to be underestimated and showed a talented strength. Both were happy to see each other and celeberated Shin's return and Hidoko's birthday.

    From that day on Shin swears that he would venture forth again when he hits the age of 13 or 14 this time with Gamatatsu only and both would achieve brains and power beyond anything else but also Shin swore that he would one day become a leader of the village and the Yajuugama and swore by cutting a long scar on his chest that he would die for this village and for his friends and family. Until he became 14 Shin strived for perfection by being taught by his elder brother who gave more time for his training with even the boss summon something usually one would envy but that wouldn't be Shin rather he seemed very happy for his brother and strived to become stronger then him one day.


    Family: Hidoko Yajuugama (older brother)

    Former Official -- Gamahiro
    Official -- Gamatatsu
    Unofficial -- Hidoko Yajuugama

    Students: None

    Team: Nobushi

    -- Reckless
    -- Simple Minded

    -- Enormous Chakra Pool
    -- Physical Properties
    -- Chakra Control
    -- Huge Ambition/Spirit

    Jutsu: Second post

    Bloodline: Yajuugama


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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:24 am

    Gamaseki Jinippuku - Toad Gate Divinity Scroll
    Type: Hiden, Supplementary
    Rank: -
    although not actually a jutsu, the Gamaseki Jinippuku is the main gate way for the large array that the yajuugama use to summon toads. the scroll possesses over a thousand names within the huge contract scroll and is for every yajuugama or chosen follower to sign. the user channels their chakra and summons in a roulette like system according to the amount they input. the higher the level of chakra, the stronger the summon.

    Kawazu Kumite - Frog Kata
    Type: Senjutsu, Offensive, Short range (0m~5m)
    Rank: -
    although not actually a jutsu The Frog Kata is a fighting style used by the yajuugama clan. In Frog Kata's, the natural energy used by the practitioner to create senjutsu chakra, also surrounds and encapsulates the user as an aura of natural energy. This aura of the senjutsu chakra acts as an extension of their body. By employing this aura of natural energy,the member can use this aura to extend the range, reach and force of their physical attacks. Punches that they throw that seemed to have missed actually hit and send the target flying back.

    Katon: Enfuro - Fire Release: Flame Flow
    Type: Senjutu, Offensive, Close to Mid (0m~10m)
    Rank: -
    Chk/Sta: 10%
    Damage: 22%
    The user focuses an amount of senjutsu chakra into a jet of flames that flow and collide, quickly spreading outward like large cloud like wall that continuously flows upon the surrounds, constantly burning.

    Senpo: Rasengan - Hermit Art: Rasengan
    Type: Senjutsu, Offensive, Close range (0m~5m)
    Rank: -
    Chk/Sta: 20%
    Damage: 47%
    by utilizing the senjutsu chakra and obtaining great chakra control, the user forms a ball of constant spiraling chakra that can envelope and crush an opponent while sending them flying. once the sphere is formed, it is self sustaining deleting the need to keep up a constant chakra flow for its existence.

    Gamayudan - Toad Oil Projectile
    Type: Hiden, Offensive, Supplementary, Close to Mid (0m~10m)
    Rank: C
    Chk/Sta: 4%
    Damage: non (highly flammable) +30 to all fire damage
    After gathering oil in his mouth, the user can spit the oil at his opponent. The consistency of the oil can then hinder the movement of some materials, such as paper.

    Senpo: Kawazu Naki - Hermit art: Frog Call
    Type: Senjutsu, Offensive, All ranges
    Rank: -
    Chk/Sta: 5%
    Damage: Paralysis (1 post)
    After focusing Senjutsu chakra to their throats, the user will emit large, loud, and powerful paralyzing sound waves to momentarily stun their foes.

    Gamagakure no jutsu - Hiding in a Toad Technique
    Type: Hiden, Supplementary
    Rank: C
    Chk/Sta: 6%
    using their space/time transportation ability, the user travels inside a toad and then emerge at a location. This hidden means of transportation makes it an excellent jutsu for infiltration, as a mere toad can go where a highly renowned ninja can not.

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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Kaito Daichi on Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:16 pm

    Your rasengan needs around 30% chakra drain and Flame throw needs around 12% to 14% chakra drain
    Kaito Daichi
    Kaito Daichi
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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:52 am



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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:02 am

    Flame Flow needs to be 10% if its going to be at 22% damage


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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:07 am



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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:08 am

    Approved by Kaito *rubber stamps the character sheet*


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    Re: Shin Yajuugama

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