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  • Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i (aproved)

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    Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i (aproved)

    Post by Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i on Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:53 pm

    Name: Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i

    Gender: Female

    Village: Darkness (ruler of RSKE)

    Rank: Jounin

    Age(Body Age): 21

    Element: water

    No one really knows where she came from, all most people know is that she came to Shadow Knight Empire at age 4. With her was her mother (name unknown) father (name unknown) and he younger brother Ian Sendo who was only a few months old. A few months into the new house, Tenshi kills her mother and father, her reason was simple, they wanted to kill her and her brother because of their abilities, or curse Tenshi’s curse was known but her brothers was not certain . She had a snake demon trapped in her body.
    (The murders of the Sendo parents) :
    Tenshi’s mother and father had just been told that Tenshi their oldest child had a snake demon trapped in her body, they discussed it and decided to take her, and their other child’s life, since they where “damned”… one night Tenshi awoke to her bother (only a few months old) cries. She got out of her bed and went toward the cries. She peered thru a door that was only open a crack, there she saw her mother “bathing” her brother, she dunked his head in the water but let him up, only because she heard the door open. “Mother? What are you doing to Ian?” Tenshi asked, already knowing the answer. “ Oh um I was um giving him a bath” her mother said not able to make eye contact with Tenshi. “ I’ll do it mother, ill give him a bath. Tenshi took her brother to her room and laid him in her bed he fell asleep instantly. Tenshi went to her parent’s room, her father was already with her mother, she grabbed her father’s kunai (10 total) and went back to hr waiting parents. She hide them in her sleeves, her mother tried to touch her shoulder but Tenshi was already mad, her eyes changed from their dark rich chocolate color to a dark crimson color, gold lining the iris and pupil. Her mother walked toward Tenshi and slipped on a wet spot, falling on her knees in front of Tenshi, Tenshi walked behind her mother who was in a daze, Tenshi’s father knew what was on hid daughters mind. But before he could make a move, Tenshi trapped him in a bubble of water forced to watch the horrible event that was to come. Tenshi grabbed her mother by her hair and held a kunai to her neck, “ I promised to protect Ian from bad people, do you remember mommy?” her mother nodded “ Then you understand why?’’ her mother nodded once more not able to move her body to defend herself. “ Good-bye mother, I’ll miss you’’ with that Tenshi slit her mothers throat, she let her mothers body hit the ground. Two kunai appeared in her hands the thru then at her father, then she threw the other six shortly after. Two hit his shoulders, two hit his thighs, two hit his lower arms. The last one Tenshi threw at his chest, it went halfway in, only a few centimeters away from her fathers heart, her father never once cried out in pain, he spoke, blood coming out from the corners of his mouth “ My dearest angel, I don’t resent you doing this, me and your mother aren’t mad at you, take care of Ian like you said you would…’ he stops for a breath “ Please don’t regret this my dear child, you are a Sendo, an angel of death (her name meaning), I rather die by your hands than by the hands of my enemies. good-bye my child, I love you”. Tenshi was only a foot away from her father she smiled “Good-bye father” she pushed the kunai all the way in, killing her father, the bubble of clear water turned crimson. She manipulates the water to take her parents bodies out side of the house to the back, she goes into the woods and berries her parents under a willow tree and makes a small memorial. She goes back home and cleans the floors, cleaning her mothers blood. Her eyes turn back to their chocolate color. From then on, she took care of her self and her brother.

    Tenshi was a quiet child she only spoke when spoken to. She was a shy girl, smart, but very easy to anger, she worked on her anger problems. Her hobbies consisted of playing her violin (given to her by her mother who saw Tenshi’s talent), reading and training with her brother. At age 13 she met Emanyeru, she gave her life to spare her brothers, who had disrespected the Koustan’I name. Her she lived with Emanyeru as his maid, caring, aiding and helping him in any way possible. After a while, they began to speak and fell in love about a year into her stay at the palace. At age 16 she got pregnant with his child, Emanyeru was fine with this. But she now belonged to him completely; this of course was perfect with Tenshi. A few years later, they married and had the rest of their children.

    Family Members:
    Ian Sendo(brother)
    Emanyeru A. Koustan’I (husband)
    Obito Koustan’I (son)
    Kai Koustan’I (son)
    Akane Koustan’I (daughter)
    Kyoko Koustan’I (daughter)

    Teammates: none

    Sensei: N/A

    Spars: A crimson tank top with the Sendo insignia on the back, black shorts(thigh length, but stays with the body) and her black training shoes. Usually has her hair up.
    Regular days : a black, silver, white, or crimson kimono with the Kouseitan'i insignia on the back mid thigh length, left side from the hips down is slit, she wears black tights under and her best sandals.

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    Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i
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    Re: Tenshi Sendo Kouseitan'i (aproved)

    Post by Kai T. Kouseitan'i on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:07 pm

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    Kai T. Kouseitan'i
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