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  • ...Chiyuki Inouye...

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    ...Chiyuki Inouye...

    Post by Guest on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:04 pm


    Name: Chiyuki Inouye

    Age: 16

    Height: 5' 5''
    Weight: 125

    Ninja ID: 3444-754C-HE1L-8SKY

    Village: Time

    Rank: Genin

    Element: Lightning

    Equipment: Double-bladed Staff


    BIO (Summerized. The whole thing is still being written, though it's almost done.) Chiyuki was born into a small-time gambling family. Though she was an only child, she wasn't treated as such, she was treated as though she were in a family of 15 and she was the oldest-she did everything. All the housekeeping, and still had to find time to go to school. By the time she was 6, both her mother and father started quarreling, and her father often hit her mother. It started off just with her mother, but then they decided to take it out on Chiyuki. Most times, they would beat her at any hour, and to an extent were she wouldn't be able to move for days. Chiyuki was raised to take it. She soon became quiet and shy around any adults. By the age of 10, she had trained so hard in her stamina and her taijutsu, she was too fast for even her cousins and she always got away. Until...That day she turned 18. Her father had started up again, and went to strike her. As she hopped up and started to flit away, he slammed the door shut. She hit the door with a loud thud, and her father beat her into unconsciousness. The next thing she knew, she was in a hospital and she had been there for a few weeks. She had a fractured skull, and many ribs broken, and she was told by a doctor she had three large scars. One from her collar bone to her thigh, and the other two jagged over her back. She had minor scars all over her arms and legs, and one barely noticeable under her left eye. She didn't speak for a while, and three weeks later she left the hospital and found out her father ended up killing her mother, and then himself. She decided not to go back, and instead opted to join Time, if they would let her.

    Description: Chiyuki is super skinny from head to toe with almost perfect curves. With medium length gold hair, it seems to just glitter in the wind. She has light blue eyes and small, thin lips, and has a very sweet voice. She wears a sleeveless, strapless top, colored yellow, with blue ribbon forming a bow at the breast. She wears short shorts, a light gray-white color, and in the belt loops lie her headband. Both of her legs are wrapped with medical bandages, and both have gear pouches on them. She wears normal ninja boots. She is often seen with her pet hawk, Hawk and her wolf, Rayne. Distinguishing features are: two crossed scars on her back, and one on her front about a centimeter in width trailing from her collar bone to her left leg's thigh. She has many scars all over her body, though most are almost unnoticeable.

    Personality: Chiyuki is reserved and shy. Seldom does she get upset, and rarely gets angry. She can get nervous at a drop of a hat, and will be the first to say sorry. The abuse she suffered in her childhood did not effect her brain like it does to most. Chiyuki is still a very bright, and sweet girl. A difference can be seen when she spars though. She can get violence and merciless if she is in a fight she knows she can't run from. You can tell when her eyes are wide and piercing and she appears to be less timid. These changes in her personality can be very slight, or immense. Other than that, she is a sweet, very kind and always trying her best. She hates quarreling, or any other type of drama. She’s a bit clumsy, and straight forward, but that’s the thing that makes her Chiyuki. If one thing is for sure, she loves animals. She’s very good at talking and handling them. It’s one of her specialties.


    Family: Mother - Dead, Father - Dead

    Sensei: None

    Students: None

    Team: None

    Weaknesses: Loud things, Being Confined, and Interrogation.

    Strengths: Anything Physical and Problem Solving.


    - Metamorphic Rock [Henseigan]
    The user can take any rock they can get their hands onto and change it's shape into almost anything. They can widen it, they can lengthen it, and they can even sharpen the edges. | Academy

    - Statue Clone Skill [Doton; Zoubunshin no Jutsu]
    The user gathers a large amount of stone and creates a bunshin out of it. The Bunshin is slightly larger than the user to protect more and is very enduring but it is incapable of any movement. | Genin

    - Earth Element; Mud River [Doton; Doryu Taiga]
    In this common earth jutsu, the user converts part of the floor\ground that he and his opponent are standing on into a sliding river of mud and earth. The opponent quickly loses his or her standing and starts sliding wherever the mud river will take him or her. | Advanced Genin

    - Knight of Dust [Chiri no Kishi]
    A technique where the user gathers dust and dirt particles and makes them into armor. The user brings forth the particles to their skin then adheres them to their skin and infuses them with chackra making a thin layer of weakened armor. Because of the extra weight gained through this process the user's speed suffers some but not to any great extent. | Advanced Genin

    - Stone Sword Skill [Iwaken no Jutsu]
    By placing their hand on the ground and infusing it with chackra the user is able to pull out a sword made of stone. Because of the low level of the technique the sword will be slightly duller and heavier than its metal counterpart. It is good for use as a blunt weapon though.


    RP Sample: Chiyuki's body seemed to looked lightened as she lurched forward, her legs almost a blur as she jumped toward her training dummy. "...You...Will not live...To hurt....Anylonger!" her voice sounded strained as a flash back flitted through her head.

    "Say you're sorry!" her father bellowed, striking Chiyuki across the face with his bottle of sake as she passed his gambling room. She let out a shriek as the bottle broke open and he hit her again.

    "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SO SORRY!" She screamed, sobbing, trying to grasp what she had done wrong before realizing her father was drunk. The smell choked her and made her writhe as her blood and cuts mixed with sake. He smashed her against the head again, with a unknown object, and her world went black.

    With blind tears, hand signs flew as blurred gestures. "Henseigan!" She shouted, sliding to a stop and jerking a huge rock up, she formed a mental picture of a shape close to a Spiked Ball. The rock shifted its form as her thoughts wielded and she crushed the dummy. Her eyes had tears cascading, and the rock shifted back and she fell to her knees and held herself, her fingers tracing the scars on her chest.

    Moment's later, she ceased her sobs and stood up. "I....Can't keep remembering the past...Or I will hurt someone....Someday...."

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    Re: ...Chiyuki Inouye...

    Post by Kai T. Kouseitan'i on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:39 pm

    Looks good.Your not going to put any element?

    Oh,lower your age please.We don't want any 18 year old Genin. xD

    I'll approve after.
    Kai T. Kouseitan'i

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    Re: ...Chiyuki Inouye...

    Post by Guest on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:17 pm



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    Re: ...Chiyuki Inouye...

    Post by Kaito Daichi on Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:31 pm

    Length: I rather enjoyed the character depth and length 10/10

    Quality: Except for a few grammar and spelling errors, everything else was pretty good 8/10

    Description: Wonderful descriptions, except as I said before a few grammar and spelling errors it really described what your character wen through. 9/10

    POV: The third person was wonderfully used, and you knew what you wanted from it. 10/10

    37/40 Rank genin
    Kaito Daichi
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    Re: ...Chiyuki Inouye...

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