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  • Hisashi Isamu [Finished]

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    Hisashi Isamu [Finished]

    Post by Guest on Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:53 pm


    Name: Hisashi Isamu - 久勇

    Age: Appears 30, real age unknown

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 175 lbs.

    Ninja ID: N/A

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Civilian

    Element None

    Occupation: Wanderer

    Hisashi Isamu is somewhat of a legend among civilians in many countries, and his past is shrouded in mystery. The first known sighting of him was in the Grain country, at about eight o'clock at night. The sun was hanging low in the sky, casting a brilliant glow of colors across the sky. Youkaiko town looked as it always had, in this particular sector, the road was extremely beaten, dust flying through the streets every time the wind blew, small patches of grass desperately trying to cling to life in such a barren part of town. Houses lie in states of blatant disrepair, long abandoned doors busted on the hinges, almost falling off, what little paint that remained cracked and falling off, and not a single window was left un-shattered. This was where the extremely poor lived, and where the bandits lived as well. It was a Monday, a lady was walking on the street carrying a bag of food she had worked desperately to buy for her family. Unfortunately, such streets were dangerous at night, she was jumped by a trio of bandits.
    " Give us all the food and nobody get's hurt. "
    " Yeah what he said. "
    The first two spoke while the third remained quiet. It wasn't really a choice, he just never learned how to speak. He was quite large, over six feet tall, and his muscles were huge. He had been born with an inability to form and produce sounds, his parents had gotten rid of him, left him for dead but he was saved and brought in by a rag-tag group of kids. The other two were from that group, they in fact were the ones who raised him, if you can really call it raising him. They basically trained him to be their slave, he would go in and muscle enemies down or use brute force to steal things. The lady panicked and started to run, dropping her bag on the ground beforehand. The bandits smiled and started to walk up towards the bag, but stopped suddenly when they felt an extremely cold blast of wind through the streets accompanying a deep voice.
    " You three must feel so strong terrorizing a defenseless lady, despicable. "
    The three bandits were now the ones panicking, looking at a figure who had just appeared on a nearby rooftop out of nowhere. His back was to the moon, so he looked like a large black silhouette. The bandits struggled for words, and started running.
    " Whoever you's is, We're gettin outta here. "
    " W-wait up boss! "
    No matter how fast they ran, they couldn't escape. The man appeared in front of them and gripped his sword's handle, barely pulling it from the sheath before seemingly placing it back in. This made the bandits extremely cocky, the guy was a chicken after all.
    " What, you's too scared to cut us down? "
    " Yeah chicken........ GYYYAAAHHH. "
    The second bandit had just burst open, blood spilling out everywhere. The first bandit spread his eyes in shock, when had the man cut his subordinate. Just then the third bandit burst open in a similar way, blood soaking into the ground, seeping into every crack. The first bandit turned and ran the other way but after about 20 yards, a large gash appeared in his back and he fell over, bleeding as well. The man walked past the three and picked up the bag before speaking.
    " Scum like you don't deserve to walk this Earth. "
    The man continued walking until he found the lady, curled up with her family in a run down house. He smiled and gave her the bag back. She eyed the bag in surprise as the stranger put it down.
    " Th-thank you sir, I-I was afraid my family would starve. "
    " No problem ma'am. "
    Then the man walked out of the house. The lady tried to chase him down, but he had mysteriously vanished. A few weeks later, she started hearing stories similar to her's, a man had appeared from no where and saved someone else from something else. The stories didn't end and after a while rumors spread as well. Many people thought he was some sort of god of justice, sent to cleanse the world of criminals, others say he was just a wandering swordsmen, and still others say he is as ancient as the continent itself, an immortal swordsmen. These are just rumors, but most rumors have some ring of truth to them.

    Description: Hisashi Isamu appears to be 30 years old, very muscular, has long jet-black hair, and an average height and weight. He wears a large hat with a white ribbon tied to it, which flows out in two tails from the back of the hat. He carries an average-looking katana save for the hair hanging from it on a string, which is believed to be from the first beast he had ever killed, saved for good luck. He carries around a backpack which rides at his lower back. The cloak he wears is woven from a cloth that can not be found anywhere on the continent and the designs are fairly elaborate, though worn out from it's use.

    Personality: Hisashi Isamu is very calm. He rarely angers unless he witnesses an extreme injustice. He hates to kill for selfish reasons and believes that a sword is meant to help, not to hurt. He is however, very defensive of those who have been attacked for no reason or wrongfully imprisoned. If he believes them innocent he will hurt or kill the attacker or break them out of jail and let them come along with him on his travels for a short while. He rarely appears unless there is trouble and his entire past is very mysterious.


    Family: None

    Sensei: N/A

    Students: N/A

    Team: N/A

    Weaknesses: Reluctant to kill, Long fights

    Strengths: Kenjutsu, Extreme Calm


    Bloodline: N/A

    RP Sample: Hisashi Isamu walked through the countryside, taking time to observe the wonderful day. The wide-open field was a lovely shade of green. There were very few trees around, but the ones that were there were filled with life. Hisashi could hear the songs of several birds nested amongst the branches and leaves. The only issue was the severe heat, the sun was directly over-head bearing down on everything. Hisashi made his way on a dirt-road. He could tell it wasn't traveled often as it was overgrown and almost completely dominated by the grass. He could see a town far of in the distance, everything was calm. That is, until a sudden scream pierced through the air, startling all the animals and making them scurry back into their homes. Hisashi grabbed his sword and sprinted top speed towards the source. It didn't take him long to reach the outskirts of the village. When he arrived he accessed the scene. There was a young girl who had been locked out of the city gates, probably by some mean guards. As if that wasn't bad enough, she was surrounding by snarling wolves who by the looks of things, were quite rabid. Hisashi had to act quickly so he ran up and jumped in front of the girl, turning towards the wolves and unsheathing his sword for a wide arced slash through the air before placing it back in the sheath. A few seconds passed and suddenly the wolves exploded with blood, Hisashi protecting the girl from getting any on her. He smiled and stepped back, letting the girl recover from the event.
    " Are you all right? "
    " Th-those mean guards locked me out of the village by playing a trick on me, and I was pounding on t-the door when the wolves came and started growling at me. B-but you saved me, thanks mister. "
    " Don't mention it. "
    Hisashi smiled and turned to the gate, slashing in a quick X which broke the gate open, leaving an opening for the girl to get in. The guards, it appeared, had run off elsewhere. The girl walked into the gate and turned to thank Hisashi again, but he had already vanished from sight. The girl shrugged and skipped her way back home to tell her parents about what happened and hopefully get those guards arrested. Back at the meadow, Hisashi lay on his back on a tree branch, looking up through gaps in the leaves. It felt good to help out.


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    Re: Hisashi Isamu [Finished]

    Post by Kaito Daichi on Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:07 pm

    Approved and can an admin move him into the Civilians?
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