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  • Gaki the Takigakure descendant

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    Gaki the Takigakure descendant

    Post by Guest on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:56 am



    Age: 8

    Height: 153.2

    Ninja ID: 1234-567A-BC8D-9EFG

    Village: None

    Rank: e rank missing ninja


    Occupation: Thief

    BIO At an early age Gaki was told of Weaponry happy and excited he wanted to learn. At that age Gaki was very happy but Gaki was thought never to show emotions on a daily basis. That was the way of Takigakure. Soon enough Gaki became cruel and cold. After he accomplished this he was taught weaponry. Doing this at an early age Gaki had potential to be able to make his own weapons. However little did Gaki know that he would be representing Takigakure in a competition along with the other old villages. Gaki had a feeling he would win because of the discipline of the Takigakure shinobi.

    Description: Gaki usually wears a hat that the five main kages wear. Along with a shirt and a little yellow jacket and bandages on his hands. With a bracelets on his hand. Gaki also carries a large scroll that hols about five hundred kunais. Gaki also wears a skirtish things with a yellow strips tied to keep it on. However he wears black ninja pants under it. With his black ninja sandals.

    Personality: Gaki is said to be more of a Kakuzu. He always wants money and seeks it for a living. Gaki has focused his life to getting money. However he also cares about the extinct village Takigakure. He focused his life to making people remember it's greatness.


    Family: Kakuzu (deceased) Unknown Father (deceased) Unknown Mother (deceased)

    Sensei: N/A

    Students: N/A

    Team: N/A

    Weaknesses: genjutsu annoyance.

    Strengths: Close Range weaponry


    Name:Ninja tool puppetry
    Type:Special ability
    Description:Gaki was able to make his own ninja tools and have them summon whatever he wants. Doing this gave him a great advantage. Even if he wanted to surprise the opponent with other kunais and such. Gaki however uses this for sneak attacks with his special chakra.
    Chakra Drain:
    Stamina Drain:
    Health Drain:Matters the weapons
    Status Ailments:

    Name:Magnitism Chakra
    Description:Gaki focuses his chakra to the item touching or not touching it thanks to his special ability and it will come to him as if it was a magnet.
    Chakra Drain:2%
    Stamina Drain:
    Health Drain:Depends on item.
    Status Ailments:

    Bloodline:Gaki's bloodline allows him to turn his skin into metal. Not only that he can transform the metal on his skin into anything he wants.

    RP Sample:Gaki tilts his head as his eyes are visible. "You know they say when you see my eyes your destined to die.." Gaki says as he grabs his hat and throws it in the air. His forehead that shows a huge scar and Gaki's straight short hair shows. "I think I'm gonna end this now." Gaki runs at the opponent with great speed and takes out his four bladed kunai and stabs the opponent. "It's over." Gaki smirks as his hat falls and picks it and puts it on.


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    Re: Gaki the Takigakure descendant

    Post by Guest on Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:11 am

    This is Shikamori/Sendohiru, Too lazy to switch accounts for this..

    Length: Well..... your Rp is three lines.... and there's not much description there to justify it's lack of length. 5/10

    Quality: Yeah, lacking here. That last line in the rp is worded wrong, and there's a word missing as well, as it is, you can't decipher it. There's zero description of the environment in the sample as well, so you have basically completely failed in this category. I mean I could probably get something better from 8. 3/10

    Description: Mmmhmm, this category should be lack thereof, because then you would get a perfect grade, but as it is I can't give you anything higher than a 2, since you didn't bother describing anything. 2/10

    POV: At least you used third person, that's really the only good thing about this entire thing. 8/10

    Total: 18/40 = F
    You can be E-Rank criminal, which in essence means you basically have no skills whatsoever and no village would take you seriously lol.


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