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  • Jingu Bang: The Great Monkey Staff

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    Jingu Bang: The Great Monkey Staff

    Name: Jingu Bang: The Great Monkey Staff


    The Jingu Bang is the fabled staff of Sun Wukong, a powerful monkey deity of the Monkey Kingdom. It was recently passed on to the young shinobi Yamazaru Teishu because of his own ties between Sun Wukong. The staff is just around two meters long; slightly shorter than Teishu himself. It is made out of a flawless and beautiful rosewood, a wood that's color is a deep, warm brownish-red. On either end is a golden cap, each about one foot in length. It is a simple, yet elegant weapon, fit only for the mighty Sun Wukong. In this state, however, it is in its sealed state. Should Teishu wish to unlock it's greater powers, he must find a means to unseal not only its true form, but the skills locked away as well. The last time anyone has seen the weapon in its released state was the last battle Sun Wukong participated in, and since then, it has never been released. Hopefully with more experience Teishu will be able to figure out the secrets of the mighty weapon. Only time, however, will tell.

    Do to its unique origin, the staff has a few abilities that the young shinobi Yamazaru Teishu has not yet unlocked. However, what he does know is that the staff is able to channel chakra exceptionally well. In its most basic form, if one were to channel chakra through the weapon by the means of Chakra Keichuu no Jutsu :: [Chakra Concentration Technique], the strikes would simply become stronger and somewhat sharper. But when one infuses elemental manipulation into the mix, the capabilities of the weapon vary greatly. For example, because of Teishu's chakra nature, he is able to channel his own wind based chakra into the weapon. In doing so, his stabbing and slashing strikes become infinitely sharper, much like the Kenjutsu technique Hien :: [Flying Swallow]. He is also able to strengthen his wind based techniques much like the sand shinobi Temari does with her fan. The final capability of this equipment is one of super natural properties, due to its origin in the Monkey Kingdom. Because it was the fabled weapon of the great warrior of the Monkey Kingdom, Sun Wukong, the staff is seems to be incredibly durable. The great Sun Wukong needed a weapon that could stand not only the test of battle, but the test of time. It was only fitting that he create a staff that did not deteriorate, chip, or splinter throughout the years. Now it is in Teishu's hands, and its powers are now his.


    Every great warrior needs a great weapon, and this is just what the Jingu Bang was for Sun Wukong: a legendary weapon for a legendary warrior. It stood the test of time and war, serving the mighty Sun Wukong in many a battle. It's tongue has lapped at the fire of battle, and has tasted the blood of many an enemy. It's golden ends have broken through the mightiest defenses; it's rosewood shaft looking like a flurry of flame when in the hands of the mighty warrior. It took full responsibility for the destruction of many an enemy of the Monkey Kingdom. It was a shining beacon for all warriors of the Monkey Kingdom's army, and a new fighting spirit seemed to surge through the ranks as soon as they saw the beautiful red wood and shining gold. It seemed that the armies of the Monkey Kingdom could not falter when under the direction of Sun Wukong and his mighty Jingu Bang, and even in his absence, the Jingu Bang brought a great vigor to the army as a sign of victory. Though, its power has been dormant for far too long, and with the recent revival of its use by the young Swamp Shinobi Yamazaru Teishu, it has become a new beacon of power for the Monkey Kingdom.

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