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    Shikyo Clan Empty Shikyo Clan

    Clan Name: Shikyo

    History/Legend of the Clan: The first uchiha, Gene Uchiha had a girlfriend, named Twea. It was thought she was the mother of the uchiha clan, but this isnt completely true. She had a bloodline called sendo. When they had their first child they noticed he had sharingan at birth, it turned out this was due to two bloodlines changing each other so they would fit without killing the host. They named her Mai Shikyo. Their reasons for the last name are still unknown.

    Gene had secretly planned to have a child for years, even though it was just to make a clan full of powerful Shinobi. While this was going on the First Great Shinobi War was also going on. He had a child with Twea's sister and she didnt have as high as a fire affinity as Mai but it proved to be genetic anyway, which made the uchiha clan.

    His child was ten when Mai was born. He was completely jealous of Mai. He once tried to kill her using a training excercise as an excuse, but she accidentally killed him. However Gene and Twea knew he had tried to kill her so They didnt really care. The child's name was Draco.

    One day bandits attacked their town and destroyed it, how Gene and Twea died. However Mai survived, and while she was only six the bandits took pity on her and raised her to be their own. The bandits eventually became old and peaceful. Mai however had just vanished from the clan. She met a young man who wasnt effected by fire, heat, or lightning. They fell in love and married.

    They had two childern who grew up as orphans because their parents were fighting in the second shinobi war. When word came that the war was over everyone was sad that their greatest friends and heros had died, but they did not mope around, since they knew Mai wouldnt be pleased if she knew they moped instead of moving on.

    Their childern's name were Isial and Roran, both males and known guinesses. They began working together to find their parents, who they beleived were still alive. When they found the bodies they were shocked to know that their eyes were harvested by Mizugakure for research, until the bloodline massacare happened which wiped out the evidence. Roran became ANBU captian and was known as The Platinum Fire as any fire he used was a strange platinum color. And Isail became the Nidiame Raikage. He was known as Crimson Lightning.

    On a Mission to Konohagakure Roran was killed because he suposedly tried stealing Hinata Hyuuga. The truth was he was protecting her from an angry branch member from killing her. He hadnt known but he had another brother, Sarai, who had a child years before, Kurokon Shikyo, and a year after him was Kaigen Shikyo.

    As it turned out an Eighty year old Draco had caused this, and also gave a disease to Isail. He had been hte leader of the uchiha clan until madara stepped up and killed him easily.

    Isail died by a disease that actually ate away his organs, the same one as Kimmimaro had. Sarai Shikyo sealed Hachibi into Kaigen, and Gobi into Kurokon, however it is appearent Kurokon lost gobi through unknown means, and somehow survived and still retained its genjutsu and elemental abilities. Kurokon and Kaigen were seperated for an unknown ammount of years, but when they met again Kurokon was eighteen and Kaigen was seventeen.

    It is currently Unknown if any Shikyos other than Kaigen and Kurokon remain alive, however it seems Kaigen has somehow gotten mangekyou sharingan and Kurokon has gotten Eternal mangekyou Sharingan, proving themselves at the strongest Shikyo yet.

    Clan Powers and Summonings: They have the wolf summoning. The leader of the clan is always the wolf contract holder and sometimes wolf sage.
    Name: jutsu thief
    this jutsu steals the affinity of the victim along with the jutsu and half of their chakra, but knocks the user out for an hour making them vulnerable to attack then, this jutsu has a side effect when used on bijuu containers, the bijuu containers will not die of over use of the bijuu's power, and the user of this jutsu will get alot of chakra from the bijuu as well and also will get the powers of some of the bijuu, like the ability to control sand, but it would not be nearly as powerful, or like naruto's outragouse healing ability, as if it was used on gobi the user would gain all five elements like gobi has.

    Name: Meteor summon
    a meteor like object falls where the user wishes ranges from 1ft-30ft wide and tall, takes twenty seconds til meteor responds

    Name:Lightning Dragon
    This is a jutsu only by the shikyo's clan member.By having a large amount of chakra the user will do a large amount of handsighs and then raise there hands in the air and then clouds will appear and then a large dragon's nose will be visable then it'll come completly out and attack who the user wants.

    Name:Fire Sword
    This is a Jutsu only used by the Shikyo's clan member.This is a kenjutsu used by the clan members.The user will have to have a sword.They will add chakra to there hand and swirl it to a degree to it being on fire and it will become visable and around the sword.The attack will be 3x as stronger and if the sword touchs something for 3 seconds will set it aflame.

    Name:Fire Tunnel
    This is a Jutsu only used by the Shikyo's clan member.The user will open there mouth and exhale a huge tunnel of fire.And the more the fire comes out the more chakra is getting drained from the user.This is jutsu my look like its nothing but the power of the tunnel could easily break through metal.

    Name: Inferno
    This is a Jutsu only used by the Shikyo's clan member.The user will hold a handseal and then breath fire the more fire comes out the more your chakra drains.it spreads and makes everyting began to burn.

    Name: Sendobi
    This is a Jutsu only used by the Shikyo's clan member.the user makes a ball of fire which is similar to rasengan but it is red and doesnt spin, it is VERY dense chakra made into fire that can cut through one foot of steel and it is suprisingly easy to master.once one does he cna replace fire with another element, commonly lightning.

    Name:Fire Sheild
    This is a Jutsu only used by the Shikyo's clan member,the user uses his kekkei genkai to make a solid shield out of fire, but this jutsu cannot last longer than ten minutes, not because of the chakra it takes but because its impossible to hold a solid form of fire for longer than that

    Name: Shikyo's Bi Taijutsu
    The shikyo used their bloodline to make their taijutsu much more effective. This style is where any hit or kick is added fire to it. This is also been known to use lightning in this style as well. The best way to avoid this is to run like hell, as hte user is slower at running but faster at strikes when using this style. This is also known as Orochibi style or snake fire.
    The shikyo clan can control fire and lightning completely, they are also known to be completey immune to these and heat, however this causes weaknesses against Wind water and ice. They also have been known to have a sharingan sometimes. However their sharingan cannot be turned off. The only way they can get mangekyou sharingan is to replace their own eyes with someone that has mangekyou, giving them eternal mangekyou. It is known that amatersu wouldnt work against a shikyo, this is because the bodies of shikyos are made to with stand infinite heat. However their is a way to ruin this power, by placing them in solid Ice and melting them slowly. (MUST MAKE CUSTOM MS JUTSU NO CANNON) They usually have bodies basicly built for taijutsu. Also They are immune to weak genjutsu even as gennin. Unfortuneatly they will need a teacher that is Shikyo to be able to do anything with their powers.

    Clan Village: Time

    Clan Member Appearence: spiky hair with two colors to it, such as streaks, half white and other half black, etc.

    Clan's General Personality: Happy go lucky, slightly perverted, usually smart

    Open clan? no

    Clan Leader: Kurokon Shikyo
    Kurokon Shikyo
    Kurokon Shikyo

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    Shikyo Clan :: Comments

    Kurokon Shikyo

    Post on Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:42 pm by Kurokon Shikyo


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    Post on Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:09 pm by Jasui


    First off the biography is deeply flawed considering that the first shinobi war was way after the Sage of The Six Paths son was granted with the sharingan. Also overall the biography needs revising.

    Secondly, the jutsus dont have the correct jutsu template.

    Thirdly, having sharingan, being resistant to heat, and controlling fire and lightening, et cetera, is completely too strong, and needs to be towned down a lot.

    Fourthly, I consider you look at approved clans to get a better understanding of a clan template.

    Good Luck,

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