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  • Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i

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    Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i

    Post by Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:09 pm


    Name: Getsuo Ranpu Kouseitan'i

    Age: 10

    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 98 lbs

    Ninja ID: 1223-0SAJ-99KA-LLA2

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: Wind

    Ninja Type: Wep Expert

    Occupation: N/A

    Giggles were heard in the courtyard in the rear of the Kouseitan'i Clan House as Getsuo and his brother, Satoshi played tag with their smaller friends from the pre-k academy. Their mother sat in a small alcove not to far away with the family maid as she watched over the young children, slightly frowning however displeased that her older son, Emanyeru, were not out with them. Getsuo however paid no attention to his mother's displeased features as he continued running after another child, a girl with pinkish red hair that curled towards the end.

    They both giggled playfully as he tagged her just before rounding the corner to the other end of the main yard. The girl, who was instantly caught off guard, tripped over a tree root and stumbled with Getsuo following close behind. When they both stopped rolling however they continued to laugh playfully as Satoshi and the girls older brother walked up to them, "What happened?" Asked Satoshi as he looked at both of them giggling in the grass. Getsuo smiled and he stood up noticing that his pants were a little dirty and helped up the other girl, "We tripped and fell little brother, dont worry".

    Satoshi nodded understanding that they were both fine before running off before he was tagged again. The girl's brother checked in on her making sure she was okay as well before running off. Getsuo grinned and ran off as well just as the girl huffed and chased after all three boys, "Thats not fair!", she cried out as the boys teased her until their mother called them in for lunch.

    Getsuo and his brother Satoshi sat down at the lunch table, his friends heading home. "Getsuo-baby."
    Getsuo looked up at his mother, and arched an eyebrow.
    "Yeah, Mom?" Getsuo responded. She handed him a letter, and smiled wholeheartedly. It was note, that said his brother and himself were invited to the Grand World Academy. He smiled and rushed to his room, packing his things.

    The next day, the two headed toward the docks, awaiting the ferry to take them to the island where the academy was. Upon his depature, he was giving a bow and arrow by his father. Now, he begins his life as an academy student.

    Description: Getsuo is very short, standing at about five feet, and weighing in about ninety eight pounds. He has very little muscle, so he can be considered "flesh and bones". He sports a black and white long sleeved shirt, and tan khaki pants. He wears blue goggles around his forehead, holding up his sandy blond bangs and usually putting them on when fighting. He also sports the usually blue ninja sandals, and white and black gloves, along with an arrow case on his back, able to hold 50 arrows.

    Personality: Getsuo is very immature, often cracking jokes and acting goofy. He also has a natural sense of justice, often coming out when something is unjust. He is known for keeping long time grudges against bad guys, often recalling something someone did even if it was years ago. He also seems to be perverted, but overall, he is a pretty nice guy.


    Family: Timoshii Kouseitan'i (Father)
    Emanyeru Kouseitan'i (Brother)

    Sensei: N/A

    Students: N/A

    Team: N/A

    Weaknesses: He is very clumsy, often slipping when running or dropping or breaking someone. He also is very immature at times, not knowing when not or when to crack a joke.

    Strengths: Getsuo is excellent with weapons, especially showing profiency with bow and arrows. He also has near-perfect accuracy, able to strike an apple off someone's head from over seven metres away. Although he may not look like it, he is very fast, often keeping up with even the fastest his rank, and he shows that he very smart, his I.Q being 120. He is also able to apply his wind element to his weapons, increasing their cutting speed. He is also proficient in Taijutsu.



    RP Sample:Raishin was surprised that his opponent was able to match his speed and jumped back after his attack connected. His eyes widen as raiton chakra charged bullet came flying out of the bullet, connecting with his thigh. He flinched and smirked. Over his 12 years, he has build up an immunity to lightning based attacks, so that attack really did nothing to him. He smirked and drew two kunai from his ninja tool pouch, located on a strap situated around his waist."Heh heh..You better not try lightning techniques against me..they don't work.." He muttered, scanning his opponent, trying to find any openings. He found one. He knew that this guy needed his two pistols to attack, and without them, to Raishin's knowledge, he was useless. He supercharged the metal disc with lightning before launching them, the two shuriken flying toward the pistols in attempt to knock them out of his grasp.

    Immediately after throwing the two shuriken, he charged at Kasui once more, drawing his arm back. Once he got close enough, his body illuminated with chakra and with lightning-like speed, he threw his elbow forward, aiming to knock Kasui in the jaw.

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    Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i
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    Re: Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i

    Post by Kaito Daichi on Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:12 pm

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