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  • Itoshi Nejime (w.i.p)

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    Itoshi Nejime (w.i.p)


    Name: Itoshi Nejime

    Age: 10

    Height: 5’1’’

    Weight: 87lb

    Ninja ID: N/A

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: Fire

    Ninja Type: Taijutsu

    Occupation: Student

    Itoshi was the only born in her family, her mother and father didn’t pay her to much mind and would rarely note her existence. As she grew up she was picked on a lot, that’s how she met him… it was a typical day Itoshi was about 6 and was sitting alone on a swing at the park, a small group of boys came and surrounded her. One of the boys pushed her off the swing she fell and looked up at the boys “L-leave me alone..!” the boys didn’t leave her alone though. They kicked and hit her as this happened she curled up into a small ball and cried silently. “Hey!” a voice yelled out to the gang of boys “Leave her alone!” a boy about the same age as Itoshi came running to aid her. He pushed the boys off of her and defended her, the boys shrugged and left. The boy helped her up and smiled at her “You ok?” she smiled and nodded her shyness taking over “Mhm.” the boy introduced himself as Nokoba Sukihara since then they have became inseparable. Day by day they got closer.
    Then one day when Itoshi was about 9 a horrible accident occurred, her mother and father where in the kitchen he father was yelling at her mother about something when he slapped her across the face her mother fell to the floor. Itoshi was peeking from the door, her mother stands and swings back, as she does this her father grabs her by her hair and slams her head on the counter. Her mother yells out in pain…her father being a hot headed drunk went to far… he took out one of his kunai and stabbed her repeatedly, she falls onto the ground and sees her child, looking at this horrific scene she mouths to her “Get away from here… flee… run away… he’s c-coming for you next… g-good bye…” and with her last words… her father slits her throat and lets the body drop… “ITOSHI!!!” he yells for her… she runs, runs to the only place she knows to Nokoba’s home. She pouns on the door Mrs. Sukihara answering the door “Why hello Itoshi…”


    Itoshi is a shy, sweet and very caring young girl. She mostly keeps to herself rarely speaking to anyone but her few friends. Itoshi has one friend who means the absolute world to her, his name is Nokoba Sukihara, she trusts him to the fullest and would kill for this boy. Itoshi maybe a sweet girl but she has a very bad temper, though it is very difficult to anger her. Once angered she is past reason, she will not calm down till she tires out, or if Nokoba calms her. She’s very bright for her age and is a quick learner. When people first meet Itoshi, she tries her best to hide her shyness and tries to be friendly and kind, usually pulling it off, she loves to laugh and smile and will usually have a small smile on her lips.


    Family: unknown

    Sensei: none

    Students: none

    Team: none

    Itoshi has a few Weaknesses, she’s absolutely terrified of losing Nokoba. She hates cold weather since it stops her from being able to create a small flame (since she‘s only an AS shes unable to create and control her element, she only has a basic handle on it.)

    She’s very smart and a quick learner shes also very quick… her strengths grow as she grows.

    Clan History:

    The Nejime clan came from a long ancestry of people deeply in tune with their soul and chakras. The clan came about their abilities during the time of innovation. The surrounding villages were at a constant pace, leaving the Nejime and their correspondents in the dust. For years, the path and technique of their current skills have been in the process of discovery until it was gained and then finely tuned.

    During a great panic within the nations, everyone began to become secretive, as did the Nejime. Soon the panic lead to an uprising as rumors and lies began to be spread across the lands. Not too much later, a war broke out. The nejime refused to take any part in the war but all this changed once they were targeted. Their skill and power were exposed for the first time among the nation and their village. Soon the war subsided and the nejime gained fame within the ranks. Years later, rumors were about and great truth had been exposed. It was found out that the village imposed as the enemy towards the nejime as a "self motivation" method. Great hatred grew into something unrecognizable and the Nejime’s respect and tolerance for the village was at a new low.

    The feeling of disrespect became unbearable and being under the rule of the ones who betrayed them was no longer an option. A group of nejime clan shinobi staged a coup d'etat to over throw the current rule of the village. The group, although victorious, lost few of their best renowned Nin, increasing the difficulty of the clan’s survival. The clan over came this feat and gained more power along the way, both in the ways of respect and fear.


    The Nejime clan are shinobi that are heavily in tune with their chakras and spirits. Their chakras are immensely high and strong, giving off a great potency. They all possess a demon weapon that is able to change into several forms of different weapons to add variation to combat. The Nejime have a unique fighting style. By using their chakras and their soul in tuned energies, they are able to create and effectively use purges of energy to hinder and paralyze the opponent and is even able to interrupt the brainwaves in a foes mind by cutting the electrical signals quickly, rendering them unable to think or act for an amount of time.

    With the energy that the Nejime clan possesses, the abilities of the clan in conjunction with their weapon are uncanny, being able to perform feats unlike any other. Every clan member can attune their soul and chakras to their weapon to increase their power to great measures by performing what is called a soul resonance. This can be done in a group of Nejime Nin in what is called a chain resonance and although more skill has the be inquired, the outcome is far worth the work.

    at a certain age, approximately around the ages of 12~14, the clan member's body undergoes a major change. the eyes of the member gains the ability to see the spiritual aspect of chakra and sound vibrations enabling an uncanny sight, being able to see within walls, the surroundings, nooks and crannies with great depth and detail without actually gaining a physical change other than a lighter eye color (dark brown to hazel, blue to blue-grey, etc.). However, the blood of the Nejime goes into a drastic change. The blood of the Nejime member goes black giving it the qualities of hyper-densification which allows specific areas to be hardened to provide great protection from physical harm and massive resistance which also provides a degree of healing. After the blood has left the body, through something like a cut, it still retains its ability to be controlled, meaning that the blood can be manipulated into varying shapes and forms.
    Itoshi Nejime

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