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  • Somatsu Kenkaku

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    Somatsu Kenkaku

    Post by Somatsu Kenkaku on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:51 am


    Name: Somatsu Kenkaku

    Age: 12

    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 115 lbs.

    Ninja ID: N/A

    Village: Sawagakure

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: N/A

    Ninja Type: Offensive, Weapon Master

    Occupation: N/A


    The story starts 17 years ago, 3 years before Somatsu's birth, and a few days before Somatsu's parents met. Somatsu's father was a renowned weapon specialist from the Hidden Swamp Village, and one of the village's strongest Jounin. He was proud of his ability and never stopped training except for when a mission was assigned to him. This was one of those times, he had just received a request from the Sawakage to track down a Chuunin who had gone missing. She was about 20 years old and five feet, 4 inches tall, with dark hair and green eyes. She was entrusted with a critical message for another country and the village was worried that she had been captured or killed. Somatsu's father accepted the mission, knowing the importance of the message; he set out later that day in the same direction she had reportedly gone in. After traveling a few miles, he saw what appeared to be smoke rising just above the tree-line; he withdrew his weapons and rushed towards the source. When he arrived, he found the camp of a few mountain bandits, and to his surprise the woman tied to a rock. He carefully made his way around the camp, silently stabbing each bandit in the neck, before he freed the woman. She jumped up and hugged him, speaking with a rather frightened tone, " Th...thank you so much, these bandits captured me on my way to the Sun Country and I'm pretty sure they were going to steal everything I had, rape me, then kill me. I can't thank you enough. " Somatsu's father was caught off guard by the sudden show of affection, but he felt as if he was falling in love with the girl already, she was not much younger than he. He recovered his wits quickly and responded, " Um, no problem, it's my job, " he gave a terse look around to scan for more bandits and turned back to the woman, " We have to get out of here now, before anyone else shows up and sees what has happened here, " he picked her up and quickly ran back towards the village. When they were about half-way the woman asked to go the rest of the way without his help, and he obliged. They returned to the village a day later and she was instantly ushered to the hospital to check for any injuries. Somatsu's father went along to ensure she was okay, and to his relief she was; he had taken a liking to her over the few days they had traveled together and decided to ask her to go out with him when she was certain she was okay. To his pleasure she accepted and they began to go out on dates with each other. A year later, they were married and began to live together.

    2 years later, Somatsu's mother was pregnant, and in the middle of the winter, Somatsu was born. Everything was silent except for the cries of Somatsu. 2 weeks later, Somatsu and his mother returned to their home and he began his life in Sawagakure. Even at a young age, Somatsu was a competitive kid, amongst his generation he was the first to speak and the first to walk, and when he turned 5 he was the first to start his ninja training. He entered the academy at the age of 6, after a year of training on his own. He was very skilled in everything and anything involving weapons, a trait he inherited from his dad, but he lacked ability in other core areas, such as Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. His peers constantly insulted him for his inability to produce more than a single liable clone. He grew frustrated and got into many fights over his skill, each time besting his opponent with his Kenjutsu techniques. One fight however, did not turn out so well. The toughest kid in the academy had a reputation for crushing those who bit off more than they could chew. Somatsu had been training all alone, and had failed to produce a clone for about the 5th time. The bully had unfortunately seen him and began to mock out his ability, surrounding Somatsu with perfect clones of himself. He continued to tease until Somatsu couldn't handle it anymore, and struck out at all the clones. The bully managed to dodge Somatsu's kunai, and countered with a strike of his own. The attack caught Somatsu off-guard and left a large gash across his face, which eventually healed but still left a large scar, which he wears as a reminder of his promise. The bully laughed as Somatsu clutched his face, trying to stop the bleeding, " Your no match for me kid, your a failure as a ninja and you'll never beat me. " From that moment Somatsu vowed to become strong enough to defeat the bully, and upped the intensity of his training regime. Somatsu hopes to graduate from the academy soon and seek his revenge on the bully who insulted him.


    Personality: Somatsu is an incredibly hard-working kid when it comes to fighting. He believes that if he can't win, then he should not give up training until he can. He sets the bar for himself and others around him very high, as he also believes that if you can not last against him in a fight, you are worthless trash and a failure as a ninja. He is incredibly cold towards those he deems weak, and those stronger than him. Because of this, he has very few friends and constantly abandons friends who cannot keep up with his training in favor of stronger friends.


    -Unknown Mother
    -Unknown Father

    - N/A

    - N/A

    - N/A

    Long Range Combat, Genjutsu

    Short to Mid Range Combat, Tactics


    - N/A

    RP Sample: Somatsu walked into the training grounds of his home village, Sawagakure. The sun was high in the sky and even through the thick treetops it's light shone intensely. It was an average day in the village, the temperature peaking at about 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity in the air was intense, and the ground of the training area was completely mud. Somatsu made his way towards the back of the area, his shoes making a squishing noise in the soft mud with every step. He reached his destination within a few seconds, a small group of targets set up for aiming practice. Somatsu was trying to set a personal record and hit every target on the bulls-eye with a kunai in under 10 seconds. He took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds before exhaling loudly. As he did so, he pulled 10 kunai from his belt, and held one on each finger. He quickly activated the timer and with great speed flung each kunai at their intended targets, after 10 seconds the timer went off and Somatsu surveyed the results. He had only hit about seven of the 10 targets on the bulls-eye, with two of the misses fairly close, and the third quite a ways off. " Damn, I messed up again, " he said with anger as he retrieved his kunai from the targets to try again. He set up the timer yet again and with great focus, whipped each kunai at the targets at the same time, closing his eyes so he did not have to see the results. The kunai sailed through the air with barely a sound as each stabbed into their targets. The timer went off and Somatsu opened his eyes to look, each of the kunai had successfully hit the bulls-eye of the targets within the time limit. Somatsu grinned and thought to himself, next time I'll aim for 10 targets in under eight seconds heh, and walked away from the training grounds.
    Somatsu Kenkaku
    Somatsu Kenkaku

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    Re: Somatsu Kenkaku

    Post by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:15 am

    Approved welcome to the academy
    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i
    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

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