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  • Reido Ryoushi......

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    Reido Ryoushi......

    Post by Reido Ryoushi on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:45 am


    Name:Reido Ryoushi

    Age: 10

    Height: 146.8 cm
    Weight:45.5 km

    Ninja ID: 1234-567A-BC8D-9IWA

    Village: Sawagakure

    Rank: Academy Student


    Ninja Type:Off. Taijutsu

    BIO At an early age Reido was considered a taijutsu prodigy.He always tried to reanact what he saw from movies and enjoyed them. However with him being the first ninja in his family instead of a bounty hunter. His father was quite disappointed for a while do to the fact that his last name was hunter so it was self explanatory. However they named him Zero Hunter because of his ancestor Zero Hunter who was thought to be a failure at hunting so they named him so. However as tme grew instead of hunting for animals they became hitman and bounty hunters.

    After a few year Reido was taught he must use a weapon if he was ever to furfil the family name. However he refused to learn until he had leaned some taijutsu and kenjutsu from the academy, then he would learn family attacks. His father became even more disappointed it was ashame that his son was the one who dis obeyed them. Not only did it make him look bad it also made it look as if he was not ready to raise a son. However his father realized it was movies and not being isolated that had done this. His family had always been simple minded and thought that f they werent like them they were corrupted and brainwashed. Because of this Reido grew colder and colder but on the outside he did no show it. He kept it in his thoughts tamed and domesticated.

    Due to this thought that his father found out of his Father attempted suicide, however made it seem as if it was an accident. He knew Reido had a bright future in his own unique way but he couldn't stay and watch it side by side. He had to end the pain now and forever. However he did not know how his mother would manage to do without the Father. She would be in charge of the money and such she has a large chance of getting money hungry.

    That was exactly what happened with in a year she had gotten money hungry and Reido did not wish to continue to see all this disaster. Becoming much colder he began to plot for something great, greater then anyone in his clan did or will do. But first he had to go to the academy and learn to become a ninja.

    Description: Some notable features of Reido is he wears bandages covering his left eye and mose of his hair. Not only that he has wear long piurple sleeves covering his arms and hands which have been seen to very few people. With many scars on his neck which is covered by a scarf, which is black and purple, however what fully covers the neck is the bandages. Wearin black and purple pants that have spots of a cow and stop at his ankle there is not much more to explain.

    Personality: Reido is usually goofy and always doing posing and trying to look cool. However deep down in his mind he is plotting and thinking of some kind of decipation. It is unsure why Reido thought like this and why he covered it u with this personality.


    Family: Unnamed Father (Deceased) Unnamed Mother (alive)
    Students: N/A

    Team: N/A

    Weaknesses: Easily Angered. Fuuton

    Strengths: Kenjutsu

    Jutsu: N/A


    RP Sample:Reido stared at the ninja smirking. For he had made the wrong move. He managed to attack him with a Fuma Shuriken now all he had to do was finish it. Reido jumped towards the opponent his right leg at a seventy degree angle, while his left at a hundred degree angle. While he had a kunai slipped under his over sized sleeves. As the ninja tried to block Reido smirked like a leaf he leaped the other way and felt as if he was floating and it looked as he was also.
    Reido Ryoushi
    Reido Ryoushi

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    Re: Reido Ryoushi......

    Post by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i on Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:09 am

    Approved welcome to the ninja academy
    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i
    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

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