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  • Shiori Fujita

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    Shiori Fujita


    Name: Fujita, Shiori

    Age: 12

    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: Ninety three pounds

    Ninja ID: --

    Village: --

    Rank: Academy Student

    Element: Lightning, Wind

    Ninja Type: Offensive

    Occupation: --


    Shiori was born twelve years ago in the Darkness village. Her dad was a retired ANBU and her mom was a medical ninja. They were poor and could barley afford to take of themselves, let alone Shiori. But that didn't stop them from trying. This is probably where she got her determind-ness from. When she was very young, [ 1-6 years ] her parents were able to take care of her. When she was seven, they told her to "get lost" Which meant they wanted to be alone. That was just their harsh way of saying it. So, Shiori left the house and walked around the village for awhile. After awhile, she heard a scream coming from her house. She ran there to see what happened, but when she arrived there was nothing their to arrive to. Her house was completely destroyed. There was nothing she could do now. For awhile, she blamed herself for the accident, but then she realized.. If they never told her to get lost, she would have died with them. Was this done on purpose, to protect her? Perhaps. Does she still care? No. Now a twelve year old girl, she signed herself up for the ninja academy. Where she hopes to become a great ninja. Like her parents were.

    || ||

    Standing at a direct five feet and three inches, weighing in at ninety three pounds. She rather tall for her age, and weighs in at the perfect amount for her age. Her hair is rather short, it reaches down to the exact end of her neck. Her hair is silver, designed in a way that she has a bang that curves to the left. A strange characteristic that Shiori has is her eyes, which are a golden color. Moving to her clothing, she wears a white robe like shirt. She has blue cameo shorts, that she wears no matter the weather. Although, she is mostly out when the weather is nice. When it is not, her shirt stays the same, but she wears long blue cameo pants. Shiori has ninja sandals, very common for shinobi to wear. The color of her sandals are blue.

    Personality: Not the smartest apple on the tree, but by far the determined. She does not, and probably never will, understand the meaning of 'give-up'. Shiori is kind-hearted and caring for those around her. Usually, when she is around people that are mean to others she would say "Your so cruel." Or "That was mean..." Which is why she does not have evil intentions what so ever. But, she does strive for one thing. Power. Because of her lust for power, she is easily pursued into doing tasks she does not wish too.


    • Father - Deceased
    • Mother - Deceased

    Sensei: --

    Students: --

    Team: --

    • Easily pursued
    • Not so smart
    • Cockiness



    Bloodline: None

    RP Sample:

    [ A post I made on another site I'm registered on as 'Haran Naito' ]

    Haran Naito wrote:Haran stood in the middle of the hallway, a smirk upon her face. "If you kill me.. You'll lose all your information you need for the project.." She said. Her tone was serious and cold. The muzzle of a soldiers gun was at her throat, the trigger half-pulled, but not completely. Her friend had been taken away by the soldiers buddy and supposedly locked in a cell. The soldier spoke, ”You're knowledge isn't needed anymore, child. My boss--“ His sentence interrupted by a small explosion. Haran smirked. "Sounds like you're friend was just taken out.." She said to him. ”Shut up! You're in no position to be talking!” He yelled at her. Touchy.. She thought to herself. She formed a fist and punched the soldier in the jaw, causing him to fly back and pull the trigger on his way into a wall. Typical.. Haran thought to herself and she moved, making the bullet gash through her shoulder. Another soldier, probably the back-up, came and put Haran in a headlock and hold the muzzle of his gun to her head. ”If you tried to escape, we were told to shoot to kill.. That's an order, I'll gladly follow..“ He said, as he pulled the trigger to his handgun. The bullet shot through the girls head and the soldier let go of her, causing her body to hit the floor. The child was dead..


    Shiori Fujita

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    Shiori Fujita :: Comments

    Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Post on Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:50 pm by Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

    Approved welcome to the ninja academy

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