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  • The Uminooya Clan

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    The Uminooya Clan

    Clan Info

    Clan Name:Uminooya

    History/Legend of the Clan:The Clan was originally from The Ash Country, however as they began to lose power so did the clan’s reputation. The clan was one of the most feared in Ash country winning most Civil Wars and Such. As Ash country continued with the Civil war the weaker they got. The world was becoming more civilized instead of having pointless wars. So eventually most clans became extinct, however the Uminooya managed to survive. Doing this they decided just to live as Civilians in the ash country. However as the Villages began to unite into one academy the Uminooya felt this was their chance to be revived so they were going to send their Children there.

    Clan Powers and Summonings:The Uminooya clan take affects from a Genjutsu into real life. For they can use genjutsu with nothing put pure imagination, however when they do so they can enter the genjutsu. For example say if they created a genjutsu where they are both on a desert they would both be in the genjutsu standing. Most usually see this as a con but while they battle there the opponent will take mental Damage for any damage done in the Genjutsu. However the user on the other hand will take physical damage. However because it is an illusion the user can make random things out of thin air, but the user can release this genjutsu by cutting off all senses.

    Clan Village:Because of originating from Ash country they have no village, they usually wait until the draft and let their child be.

    Clan Member Appearence:N/A

    Clan's General Personality:N/A

    Open clan?Must have permission from me

    Clan Leader:Ash country elder.

    Clan MembersI am the only one rping

    Clan Bonuses
    The Clan gives no extra bonuses

    Off. Nin:

    Off. Gen:

    Off. Tai:

    Off. Ken:

    Def. Nin:

    Def. Gen:

    Def. Tai:

    Def. Ken:










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    Sankaku Uminooya
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    The Uminooya Clan :: Comments


    Post on Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:56 am by Jasui

    Is it like a normal genjutsu and the opponent can get out of it just by disrupting there chakra? Or is it more powerful.

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    Sankaku Uminooya

    Post on Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:51 pm by Sankaku Uminooya

    No they have to cut off all 5 senses and these genjutsu do mental damage.

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    Post on Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:14 am by Jasui

    Does the genjutsu take a deterimened ammount of chakra drain, and is the genjutsu differ between ranks?

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