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  • Sankaku Uminooya

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    Sankaku Uminooya


    Name: Sankaku Uminooya

    Age: 10


    Weight: 85

    Ninja ID: N/A]

    Village: N/A

    Rank: Academy Student Year 1

    Element: N/A

    Ninja Type: Gen. Expert

    Occupation: N/A

    Character Information


    At the age of Four Sankaku’s parents died and he was moved into a foster home in the Ash Country. Far away from most of the Countries he was rather isolated from the rest of the world. However not really knowing how bad his parents death would affect him he continued his life as an average person in a foster home.

    For years this did not affect him because he did not know at such a toung age what kekkai genkai he held or that his parents where ninja. After being told this and he was going to go to the academy at the age of ten he was excited. He would be able to do things and become a strong shinobi. However he did not know how much effort and how long it would take to attain all this so he started to look up information on his clan.

    His parents had luckily left scrolls back for him, as if they planned on dieing and it stated what his clan was capable of doing and the weaknesses. Only a few years left until he went to the academy he was excited he would be learning new things and meeting new people. However he never showed his emotion for it was just his way of being him

    Description: His usual clothing is a green cloak with a logo, unknown to many people. With his unique colored white/silverfish hair and blue eyes, most people consider him different. He wears a yellow scarf with a star in a circle, he never actually got why it was there but he didn’t mind it. Not much to him other then his ninja sandals that is about all to Sankaku.

    Personality: Sankaku is a rather untouched and lonely person. Because of his parents situation he never really had his personality checked or known to other. Most knew him as the shy quite person he was but inside he was dieing for adventure and power.


    Family: Father (Deceased) Mother


    Academy Teachers

    1. etc.

    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader


    • Clone
    • Replacement
    • Transformation

    RP Sample:

    Looking up at the sky as the clouds move lazily, while the silent wind slowly moves them along, Saiseki sees an enemy he had killing, being very peaceful however the opponent angered him, which changed him into a hell-bent fighter. Saiseki was angered easily but the opponent crossed that line. Realizing the opponent wasn't dead and was begging for mercy Saiseki sent one vicious blow to the heart, using his taijutsu technique, Iron Hand. He realized that he may of over did it but he did not care. Saiseki took the corpse as he threw it into the wilderness.

    Saiseki continued walking through the forest seeing the sights and sounds. As birds chirping, bunnies hopping and the weather warm he began to wonder what the point of killing this ninja was, sure he pissed him off and such, but it wasn't in his nature to kill for no reason, although him pissing him off turned him into a hell-bent fighter. However he did try to control himself, but he just couldn't stop himself.

    As he continued to walk he saw a river and realized he better get out of the Iwagakure territory before he was spotted. Throwing the corpse into the river Saiseki jumped into the air as he started to jump from tree to tree. As he saw a shinobi and a kunoichi gang up on him. As they both threw a kunai at him he jumped back and as the two kunai hit each other falling. Going to a branch under the current branch he was one now Saiseki realized he had been spotted so he had no choice but to finish those two off, after all he was by the nearest exit. grabbing his stone sai on his back he continued to jump toward them as was now under them. Jumping behind the kunoichi he stabbed her right in the heart as he threw the corpse at the shinobi quickly grabbing his katana impaling the shinobi. As he quickly got towards the exit he left the village.
    Sankaku Uminooya
    Sankaku Uminooya

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    Sankaku Uminooya :: Comments


    Post on Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:01 pm by Ami

    I don't really understand the rp sample. Would it be too much to ask for another one?

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