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  • Neoroku done

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    Neoroku done


    Name: Neoroku Wingale Natsume

    Age: 13

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 145lbs

    Ninja ID: 4321-567B-QZ8D-9EFG

    Village: Empirreeeeeeeee

    Rank: Academy Student. year 2

    Element: Lightning

    Ninja Type: Ninjutsu Expert

    Offensive: 8

    Defensive: 6

    Medical: 5

    Support: 5

    Nin Expert: 10

    Etc. (Same with the other points of ninjadom)

    Occupation: Occupations will be given to gain money and experience: nothin yet

    ANBU: Must atleast be chuunin and pass the ANBU selection exams that your village is hosting.
    Earn: 2,000 per mission/ Missions: C-A

    ANBU Squad Leader: Must be in ANBU and be voted into the position by the other ANBU
    Earn: 2,500 per mission/Missions: B-A

    ANBU Black Ops: Must atleast be jounin and been in ANBU previously.
    Earn: Unknown, Depends on village/ A-S

    Hunter Nin: Must atleast be Jounin with atleast 3 kills under their belt
    Earn: Earnings Based on bounty

    Bounty Hunter: Must be atleast an A-Ranked Nin with atleast 5 kills under their belt
    Earn: Earnings Based on bounty

    Medic Nin: Must be atleast chuunin with some medical education
    Earn: 500 per healing

    Academy Teacher: Must atleast be chuunin with basic knowledge of all parts of being a ninja
    Earn: 1,000 per class

    Character Information


    Biography must be long enough to match the rank you want. ((from my other profile different sit))
    Neo is a part of the Hyuuga clan. He sword fights excessively with his brothers and on occasions loses. But other than that he loves to do missions. Neo can often be seen drawing or hanging out with friends. He on occasions trains his taijutsu being that he is so good at it his weakest skill is genjutsu. His old teachers think that he has to be their most advanced Genin in their time and should even be given the rank chuunin early.. In due fact to Neo being a Chuunin with such advanced skills his friends think he has intelligence stregth and power equal to that of a daimyo or shogun. Also coming of age he has high hopes on being a dojo or village leader. His parents are his stepping stones in his life. He also has a quote that has a major effect on others such as "a childs life is like a piece of paper every mark is permanent no matter how hard you try to get rid of it it stays forever. This is the life of Neo.

    Description: My avatar.. (laptop wont post jpg.)

    Personality: always a person of integrety and good deeds trying to help others if he can and he loves sword fighting. He is carefree around his friends but when it comes down to battle sentimental carefree moments are gone. He will protect his family and friends like any other person would if he fails at something he will work at it 110%. He aspires to become a great ninja and a role model for many others. Neo is silent and stealthy, but very powerful. Much unlike his peers he is elegant and contained. He is like a spiritual being. Neo is very skilled and proficient, and he always works hard and is focused to excel. Neo is a very social being. But prefers to work alone or with people he truly trust.


    Family: Brothers

    Sensei: Please list the academy teachers you've had and the jounin sensei's you've had:

    Academy Teachers


    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad
    Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Weaknesses: Please list at least 3 mental and physical weakness:

    Distracted easily
    Fought off dyslexia

    Very Agile
    Not a hard hitter

    Strengths: Please list at least 3 mental and physical strengths:

    psychological thinker
    agile thinking

    good runner
    bodyily speed (dodging)

    Jutsu: Will post when i receive my rank

    Please put all Jutsu in link form for space reasons.

    Genin: 5
    Chuunin: 20
    Jounin: 45
    Kage: limitless
    Sannin: Limitless
    Ninja God: Limitless

    Bloodline: Hyuuga

    RP Sample:
    From birth his parents were a ninja and a ssamurai they both fought until they found love they settled down in which roy was born later and followed a ninjas life.. His parents were caring of him and they always taught him right and whats best for him until they moved to Amegakure in which.. He turned out to be the child and teenager his parents had warned him about.. Smoking, Shooting , killing it was like his own little fuckin playground. From corner left and right he had gangbangers, Suppliers he was like a king Except a Ninja tring to live a Devious life

    Rp Sample: roy was faced with a showdown a fight against 20 samurai and 1 jounin.. He released his muscles as he went head on as he swiveled and swirved he slowly took them out. His fighting was playing around having fun then it began he was down to the jounin.. The jounin was weaker than he. But he let the jounin feel good about himself so he let the jounin get a few good hits in until roy decided enough is enough he went head on and then bang, Slam, Smash a dead jounin their was.. and a barely scathed Kage...

    When Roy was a little boy he loved to pick berries for his friends and famil when he was going to the academy. Being that he loves things that are ancient or interesting or flamboyant he always brought them in for show and tell. But if we go further in time its around the time of the hyuuga clan anointing. Around this time it was Cut and Roy that were paired up with (a girl name coming soon xD) ..... They were all sent on a S-ranked mission since they were all experianced genin. They kage of their village had tricked them into fighting a demon. But before they left he made them chuunin.

    The shichibi but he was inside of another person consealed in them cut and roy went alone. They had their byakugans activated armed and ready for the worst since this was a S-rank mission. As the were jumping from tree to tree cut and roy came upon a lake that was perfect drinking water. Cut told roy he had to admit something that he has the kyuubi 9-tailed beast concealed in him and roy was blindsided by this now knowing that his friend was a host for a demon he had to admit to cut that he was just a bit envious and that someday he would get his own jinchuuriki and he and cut could have a fight to see whos better like old times in the academy and the chuunin exams. Cut and roy finished getting their water filling their cantines as they take off again to the village hidden under the waterfall.

    As they made great progress they come to a water fall and a lake.. "Now we swim!" Roy and cut both look into the water with their byakugans and can clearly see the village hidden under the waterfall. As they both hold their breath and jump into the water they come out near land. A lady named fuu disdainfully attacks them "Your not going to take shichibi from my shichibi away from me shes not worthy of you" Roy gets blinded sided by cut slams his sword into fuus leg cutting a tendon so she wouldnt be able the run or basically walk with her left leg. Roy and cut at the same time say " We are the Hyuuga's Cut and Roy we are here for the Shichibi!" Roy then blindsides the shichibi when it goes into its 5 tail form he makes handsigns "Fire style fire bullet jutsu" Then at that exact time when it hit Cut did the hyuuga technique 361 palms freezing the demons chakra.

    Roy then used the hyuuga blinding and paralyzing technique stopping 2 of fuus senses.They then bring the Shichibi out of waterfall and back to their kage and then the demon is extracted and put into rouy just in time for roy and cut being made the hyuuga leaders. Present day roy is jumping from tree to tree as he and the shichibi are talkign about sports and how much they have in common and how the shichibi is happy to be out of fuus body......

    Roy earned the respect of his friend quickly when he took up the art Deception and Magic. He would practice use it to his advantage against other people that were weak minded, learning what he could whenever he could. In the early years he was away of the darkness and of the light, he only knew of what he wanted and when he wanted it. When he wasn’t practicing Magery he would be learning the details to the Hyuuga clan, he knew that if he could be at the level of a high clan leader or so he would come across one of his elders and learn even more. It had been six years since he was born now, and soon he would be enrolled in the Yami Academy. His mother begged her husband and the clan not to let him be enrolled, only because she didnt want him to become a ninja and to stay a samurai like she. No matter her wishes, no matter how much she pleaded her husband would take Roy to the Yami Village it was there where they would stay while he was enrolled.

    Within the first year of his enrollment in the Academy Roy would come to realize what cold intentions the Darkness has for him. He had been learning in the ways to defend those who are defenseless but within thought these ways are also the same ways to destroy those that stood before you. Roy was unsure of what to believe of this finding of his, so he would go to ask his bestfriend. His father a leader of the Hyuuga would explain to him that not all things are as they seem, one is taught something in one way only to be used in a different way. Only he could decide what would happen in the outcome of his own training. Roy was taught that he held his own fate in his hands, something that he would soon abuse the ability to control. Learning quickly he would come to realize that the elements weren’t really his advantage or montage, he was far greater with ninjutsu than genjutsu. He had also come to realize that taijutsu wasn’t his style either. While training in these arts, still in his first year he would come to know a girl, her name Shakira. He wouldn’t talk to her much for that year, for he never really had the courage in him to talk to others, let alone females.

    Within the next year though, He would finally confront her in which, Everything went well and they started dating until the Hyuuga clan planned a coup D'eat to avenge the uchiha clan of the Leaf in which Roy was forced to move away from the woman of his dreams and leave in which 10 years later he returned stronger than ever as he challenged the Kage and won..

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    Neoroku wingale natsume
    Neoroku wingale natsume

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    Neoroku done :: Comments

    Neoroku wingale natsume

    Post on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:38 pm by Neoroku wingale natsume

    Eman i finished my montage ^^

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    Kaito Daichi

    Post on Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:03 am by Kaito Daichi

    There are no genin or chuunin

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    Neoroku wingale natsume

    Post on Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:35 am by Neoroku wingale natsume

    Okay so then academy student?

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    Post on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:46 pm by Jasui

    You start off as an academy student, there are 3 years at the academy, 1-2-3. If you are going to be 13 you may be a year 3 though I suggest you start off at year 2 so that you could learn more. Anyway good luck. That was just to clarify. Also for description please put your picture in the description.

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