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  • Ami Kenshin

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    Ami Kenshin


    Name: Nishami Yukina Kenshin

    Age: 10

    Height: 4'10

    Weight: 70ibs

    Ninja ID:N/A


    Rank: Academy Student; Year 1

    Element: Water

    Ninja Type: Offensive

    [size=24]Character Information


    Ami was born and raised in the village of Valley in the Sun Country by her father. Her father was a swordsman who had a somewhat strange personality for a ninja, and was pretty much the opposite of strict on her. As she was given the freedom of doing whatever she wanted she developed a personality that was very open about her emotions, and due to her fathers influence she gained the belief that you if you wanted something to happen you should at least try for it, even if failure was obvious.

    It was later in her childhood that Ami decided to help out at the elderly home, under the belief that it was full of people who'd done more things than anyone else. The slow atmosphere that would normally bore a child, raised her spirits, as in her mind it seemed like she was faster than she had ever been before.

    As time passed she became an enjoyable listener of one of the older peoples many stories. Though because this person was probably one of the oldest residents of the home, within a year they were on their deathbed, their final act was to give the Catalyst Wing Seal, as the tradition of his clan stated that the seal must be passed on every time an older generation vanished. With a new ability at hand and many people to inspire her she registered for the academy.

    Ami is short and lightweight, usually wearing lightweight clothing to match, usually of the colours blue and pale yellow. She has green eyes and red hair, and keeps her twin boomerangs on her left side at all times that are practical, she keeps a seldom used rapier sheathed at her shoulder as a reminder of the many swordsmen who inspire her. Determined to stand out her yellow ninja bag keeps darts instead of Kunai, Shurkien or Senbon. Quite offten she'll be wearing a long scarf, regardless of whether its hot or cold.

    Personality: Ami believes herself to have an open personality, hiding only the emotions that scare her. She's energetic and enjoys challenges. She has a hard time understanding others, but strongly wishes to do so. Ami loves sour tasting things and despises sweet tasting things. She's very sentimental about her belongings, believing them to represent memories.


    Kenshin Himura-Father
    Yukina Kaori Kenshin-Mother


    Academy Teachers
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A
    4. N/A

    Jounin Sensei

    • N/A


    Squad Name
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A


    Name of Genin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader
    2. N/A
    3. N/A

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader
    2. N/A
    3. N/A


    Please put all Jutsu in link form for space reasons.

    Catalyst Wings

    RP Sample:

    She entered the maroon clad interior of the building. A defeated look in her squinted eyes. How could she have lost? Though try as she did no thought could counter, and this had sadly left Sparrow with no other choice. Her eyes scanned the horribly sticky atmosphere of "Crunchiez Pick" fast food restaurant as the stumpy boy next to her motioned for her to take a seat as he ordered the food.

    Ewwwwww, he's even ugly when he orders chicken! This bet sucks. About five hours ago Ami had gotten into a arguement with one of the village girls about "loner-outta-townie folke" not being able to get a date. This had ended with a bet, that had ended in a blind date, which had ended up in a fast food restaurant with a plump boy with bad skin. I like his hair though She thought boredly. Atleast he isn't all bad.

    A scream brought Ami's mind out of her daydream about messy hair. An angry voice was barking orders. The crowd got to their knees, hands behind their heads as the three thugs carrying a variety of weapons (A Katana, Nunchuks and a bow) All walked in looking menacingly at the short man behind the counter. Another command was ordered and the counter man whimpered and rushed trying to find the money to give them. But as the thugs were about to gain their winnings a high pitched piercing noise filled the air and the room turned to the door of the eatery.

    "What villains are these!? Shouted the short girl wearing a scarf around their eyes, posing finger pointing accusingly as she yelled at the three thieves, each of which raised a eyebrow at the tiny person pointing at a lamp. "This act will go on no longer!" And she charged towards the thugs pulling back her fist ready to punch.

    Though her attack may have been fierce Ami was all but helpless to the thugs push that sent her falling over on to the floor. As the opposing thug began to laugh Sparrow glared daggers through her scarf and rose on to one foot, her second going straight up between the mans legs and into an area that easily defeated the giant, who with a great "Argh!" fell backwards on to his tied up friends.

    As Ami blindly readied another attack a familiar voice broke her wannabe-hero act. "Well for your first date it could have gone better. But tell me next time you want to play super hero, that way I can get there before the trouble starts" Said Ami's father in a voice that resembled a chuckle as she pulled the scarf-mask off of Sparrows face. " And that way I get to play too... Ami."

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