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  • Reido Ryoushi

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    Reido Ryoushi Empty Reido Ryoushi


    Name: Reido Ryoushi

    Age: 11

    Height: 5'0

    Weight: 100

    Ninja ID:

    Village: Swamp

    Rank: Academy Student; Year 1


    Ninja Type: Weapon Nin

    Occupation: N/A

    Character Information


    At an early age Reido was considered ‘special’ and different for the clan that left him scrolls and abandoned him. However born as an orphan and always had pity Reido never really needed to do much physical things by himself. At long as he showed intelligence and kept his grades up. Doing so he would probably never have to do anything by himself. However he knew he had to become self-dependant soon or it would come back to haunt him, as he would be thought as a failure and left alone. So it was a matter of good life or being hated. Either way there was a cons. So he had decided to start the Academy early, knowing that what he was to start and be a success in was genjutsu, he just had to it was automatic. However he had to find out how to unlock his doujutsu, it did not just pop out of nowhere. So he went to the scrolls and found the way to unlock the doujutsu was to escape a genjutsu himself.

    However they said he had to wait another year because he was not eligible at his age. Shaking it off Reido decided he would simply wait another year and then go, but as time grew he became more dependable until one day he couldn’t take it and signed up for the academy after a long conversation.

    Description: With milk chocolate skin and blond hair. Reido is sometimes called a hybrid; however he easily ignored knowing he is strong in his own way. However with a light greenish cloak not very often will the length of his hair be seen. He is more of the type to hide his body and such. While under that is what seems to be an under armor while his pants are gray and black, as he wears bandages and then light greenish shoes with a black stripe.

    Personality: Reido is rather battle-loving, enjoying to fight with others. However, At other times he likes to joke around with his comrades and such. Rarely will you ever see Reido completely serious

    As some years progressed he found out that this clan of his was a fake, his real clan abilities he did not have, however he did possess great skill in the puppetry so he decided he would see how far that would take him, knowing that As a Puppet master he would not be good in taijutsu, or any close range, he worked to make a human puppet to use as armor, such as Sasori used with Hiruko. However he would have to make his own and special. He would have to make the weakness the most dangerous place to go with no backup. But first he had to find this person of his.

    Requesting being able to travel with a sensei to go fulfill this objective the kage approved with no second thought. However he felt he would not regret this decision he made. As they traveled they met many people, but none that were enemies. However one day they met a man who had a special use of techniques. He was able to use hot tar, which sapped away chakra. Liking this technique he decided this would be his first puppet to use. However he had to make some edits to him.

    After injuring him severely Reido decided he was going to start his puppetry, this would be the one who protected him from close range, as well as sap chakra away with the hot tar. Not only that with the ninja tools he added it would be great. However the one thing he was unsure about was the weakness, where would he put it. After completing his master piece he decided he would put the weakness in the most dangerous spot, which would be hard to destroy anyway.

    However as years progressed more and more he realized Genjutsu was calling out to him the whole time, saying he would be the one who would invent That Doujutsu he would not let someone do it. Enjoying this he discovered he began to train for genjutsu, and puppetry. This lie he thought had ruined his life, actually helped it however he did not know to what extent.

    After years and years of training Reido collected a few more puppets as well while his genjutsu progressed, he also began to notice that the genjutsu a mysterious man taught him was beginning to kill opponents with no touch of them physically, beginning to get suspicious as if was he clan really true, or was it the style of genjutsu.

    As he went to the man who had taught him this genjutsu, he said he hadn’t given him any power that he had got it by himself, when killing the first ninja he made into a puppet. That way he had unlocked the key to genjutsu, he claimed that was his brother and in order to get that genjutsu they had to kill one another, and Reido managed to survive thus far winning.

    However because he hadn't started the Academy officially he became cold and paranoid, not trusting a single thing, believing that everything in life was an allusion Reido was sent off to the academy.

    However the worst thing happened to him, he was attempted to robbed and jumped, losing all his puppets and such, not even remembering his jutsu he was forced to go back to the academy. It was a shame to him losing everything all of a sudden



    Sensei: Please list the academy teachers you've had and the jounin sensei's you've had:

    Academy Teachers

    1. etc.

    Jounin Sensei

    Students: Please list all of your students by squad:

    Squad Name

    Team: Your genin team and ALL of your chuunin teams:

    Name of Genin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Name of Chuunin Squad
    1. Squad Leader, Leave blank if you were Squad Leader

    Weaknesses: Please list at least 3 mental and physical weakness:

      Use to thing being handed to him
    1. Over estimates opponents
    2. Afraid of large amounts of heights

      Rather weak
    1. Tries to block an attack rather then evading and such

    Strengths: Please list at least 3 mental and physical strengths:


    1. Stays calm
    2. Plots his attacks

    1. Great with ninja tools
    2. Weaponry
    3. Taijutsu

    Jutsu: (


    RP Sample:

    Looking up at the sky as the clouds move lazily, while the silent wind slowly moves them along, Saiseki sees an enemy he had killing, being very peaceful however the opponent angered him, which changed him into a hellbent fighter. Saiseki was angered easily but the opponent crossed that line. Realizing the opponent wasn't dead and was begging for mercy Saiseki sent one vicious blow to the heart, using his taijutsu technique, Iron Hand. He realized that he may of over did it but he did not care. Saiseki took the corpse as he threw it into the wilderness.

    Saiseki continued walking through the forest seeing the sights and sounds. As birds chirping, bunnies hopping and the weather warm he began to wonder what was the point of killing this ninja, sure he pissed him off and such, but it wasn't in his nature to kill for no reason, although him pissing him off turned him into a hellbent fighter. However he did try to control himself, but he just couldn't stop himself.

    As he continued to walk he saw a river and realized he better get out of the Iwagakure territory before he was spotted. Throwing the corpse into the river Saiseki jumped into the air as he started to jump from tree to tree. As he saw a shinobi and a kunoichi gang up on him. As they both threw a kunai at him he jumped back and as the two kunai hit each other falling. Going to a branch under the current branch he was one now Saiseki realized he had been spotted so he had no choice but to finish those two off, after all he was by the nearest exit. grabbing his stone sai on his back he continued to jump toward them as was now under them. Jumping behind the kunoichi he stabbed her right in the heart as he threw the corpse at the shinobi quickly grabbing his katana impaling the shinobi. As he quickly got towards the exit he left the village.

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    Need strengths

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