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Weapon Creation EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 5:50 pm by Kai T. Kouseitan'i

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» Kousei Clan
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Weapon Creation EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 11:36 am by shotty11

» Sankaku Uminooya
Weapon Creation EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 11:01 pm by Ami

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    Weapon Creation

    • Weapon Creation

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    • 20090729
      Weapon Info

      Name of Weapon or Item:

      Location: Where the weapon or item is located on the person.

      Description: Any special characteristics of the weapon or item along with it's abilities.

      History: A brief paragraph that explains how the item or weapon came to be and how you obtained it.

      Appearance: Describe what the weapon or item looks like. A picture is acceptable.

      by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 221
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    • 20100107
      Name of Weapon or Item:Kattakana (鮫肌; Literally meaning "fire-sword"

      Location: they are part of shions fire nature inside him. and only materialize when shion makes them do so

      Description: Description:Kattakana is 2 large swords that not only cut they have the ability to reduced things to ashes.The sword can turn into pure fire when shion uses the fire style amplifying the chakra.These swords have the flames of hell built into them.and will burn anyone who touches except he who wears the mark.
      Effect:When Equipped +30 Attack drain swords...

      by shotty11 - Comments: 0 - Views: 711
    • 20100102
      Weapon Info

      Name of Weapon or Item: Shigure Kintoki

      Location: Inside a blue bag, which mostly hung over a shoulder.

      Description: A plain and simple shinai, given to Shaka by his mother, Lilith, said to show it's true worth to the wielders of his mother's legendary Kendo style.

      History: Passed down through any of the kendo masters of a certain, un-named sword style which is, sometimes, mentioned as the "ultimate and undefeatable...

      by Kamui Shaka - Comments: 0 - Views: 294
    • 20100102
      Weapon Info

      Name of Weapon or Item: Dual Boomerangs

      Location: Left and right hips.

      Description: The boomerangs double as close range knives.

      History: Traditionally, boomerangs were made with the junction between the trunk of a tree and a major root, giving the required curvature of about 95-110 degrees. After this was done the two blades were fastened to each.


      Weapon Creation Img002copy

      by Ami - Comments: 0 - Views: 166
    • 20100101
      Weapon Info

      Name of Weapon or Item: Unnamed

      Location: The location of these weapons are on the hands of Reido.

      Description: The gauntlets are made of metal and have round circles for each joint. However the secret thing is on each finger tips are mini chainsaws which can be activated at will.

      History: This weapon was passed down by his father.


      by Reido Ryoushi - Comments: 1 - Views: 184
    • 20100101
      u]Name:[/u] ~ Raijin ~
      Rank: C - S (It's rank increases as I progress in the ranks, meaning that it gets stronger when I get stronger. We are basically "One".)
      Abilities: The Raijin, is a blade that uses the Raiton element as a special ability. It can generate electric fields and currents and can also use Kai's Raiton chakra to create even stronger electric fields. The metal of the blade grows in length as Kai ranks up. It can also encase itself in a full coat of lightning and increase in length and cut through just about anything,excluding other enemy weapons....

      by Kai T. Kouseitan'i - Comments: 0 - Views: 164
    • 20091123

      by Juan - Comments: 0 - Views: 175
    • 20091121
      Name of Weapon or Item: Kitsume - Fox Fang

      Location: This weapon is strapped to Getsuo's back.

      Description: This is a normal bow arrow, nothing really special about it.

      Damage -20 per Arrow (-50 special arrow)

      History: When Getsuo was to embark on the ferry to travel the Grand World Academy, his father gave him this weapon, knowing Getsuo always had something for Bow and Arrows.

      Appearance: A curved steel rod with elastic ninja wire tied to...

      by Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i - Comments: 0 - Views: 208
    • 20091005
      Name: Jingu Bang: The Great Monkey Staff


      Weapon Creation Sun_Wukong__s_Jingu_Bang_3D_by_f-1

      The Jingu Bang is the fabled staff of Sun Wukong, a powerful monkey deity of the Monkey Kingdom. It was recently passed on to the young shinobi Yamazaru Teishu because of his own ties between Sun Wukong. The staff is just around two meters long; slightly shorter than Teishu...

      by Guest - Comments: 1 - Views: 184
    • 20090916
      Name of Weapon or Item: Vigorian Flail

      Location: On my hip attached to a red strap.

      Description: None

      Damage: 15%-35% 5% drain every ten hits.

      History: This was bought by Gaki

      Appearance: Weapon Creation Vigflailfu4

      Name of Weapon or Item:"Led pencils"

      Location:In my right pouch

      Description: These are known to be quite sneaky weapons for bombs. It is a piece of lead that can blow up an entire building. This was created by Gaki for times he was...

      by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 137
    • 20090913
      Name of Weapon or Item:Outai Shinzui - Lone Spirit

      Location: Hisashi carries the Katana in a sheath which is attached to his side. When in combat however, he usually holds the sheath in his left hand, preferring to use it to keep the sheath perfectly still while quickly drawing and placing his sword back in it.

      Description: Outai Shinzui is in every way a normal Katana. The only special feature about it is the fur attached to the handle by a piece of string. Many believe that it has the ability to send out waves of near invisible...

      by Guest - Comments: 3 - Views: 171
    • 20090822
      Name of Weapon or Item: The Advent of Thunder "Raigō"

      Location: Both wrists

      Description: the primary function is to enhance the effectiveness of lightning based attacks. The user can charge the blades with electricity and filter lightning jutsu through them with ease.
      as long as the ninja has wide enough knowledge about the jutsu their using they do not require to preforme the nesasary hand signs while combining them with the the blades.

      Damage 1-45% (Normal Hit)


      by Guest - Comments: 1 - Views: 194
    • 20090826
      Name of Weapon or Item: Shibaku zan

      Location: Straped on the back

      Description: Shibaku is a regular katana with black handle and golden metel with red jap leters they say The master who holds this may have victory.It haves the power to Glow and Cut you and slowly that cut will gro the only wy to stop that is to make the sword to stop glowing.

      Damage: 19%

      History: Inatzu was traveling in the valley when he met this old man that was under a little rock cleaning a sword inatzu looked at the man and asked him what he was cleaning the old man looked up at...

      by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 195
    • 20090821
      Name of Weapon or Item: The Tensai Blade

      Location: On Raidon's Back

      Description: A katana that Raidon uses in batlle. Raidon can channel his lightning chakara through it to make it a more lethal lightning blade.

      Damage: 5% if regualr / 7% if chakara is being channeled

      History: This blade has been in the Saiyaku clan family for generations. If unused, it is kept in the clan's armory with the rest of the clan's weapons.


      by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 1017
    • 20090806
      Name of Weapon or Item:Senoki

      Location: On his back.

      Description: The ability of this sword encases the whole area in a flood damaging the opponent and submerging us both underwater but enabling me to breathe under the water for a very long time and able to swim as fast as a dolphin and send sound waves under the water to locate my enemy or ally.Can also summon the Sea Serpent Dragon call "Neo Drakenis" to aid user or friend but must in water at all times.The blade also has sealed jutsu from past Xzenos that made them and contributed it.

      Xzeno Seal 1:...

      by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 231

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